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The Transformers: Conscious Convertible Clothing

By Zara Williams

What if I told you that you could spend the same money you’d dole out on an outfit…and get two for one? Not thanks to some miraculous sale, but thanks to the magic of convertible clothing.

Garments with this kind of ingenious design allow you to create several different looks using one single piece, reducing not only the cash you’re dropping, but also the amount of clothing you’re purchasing. Pretty smart, right? Just think of the space you’ll save, and how much easier it will be to pack light for a weekend away. And what about after-work events? A transformable prom dress is the perfect solution to help you switch your style in seconds.

Of course, multifunctional items are inherently more sustainable since they require fewer resources to make than their separate counterparts. Check this out, for example: according to the WWF, it takes 2,700 litres to produce the average cotton shirt. So if you buy a white shirt that reverses into a black one, that means you’ve used far less water (and spent less money!)  than if you’d bought two!

Intrigued? Check out our favourite Conscious Convertible Clothing Brands, below.

1. Akris

Akris is renowned for luxury fashion  that combines innovation with style  to create sleek, contemporary pieces appealing to the motivated, modern woman. Albert Kriemler, who has spearheaded design at Akris for the last 30 years, is passionate about  the need to create simple fashion for the complex and stressful world we live in.  He makes dresses that are so delicate and beautifully cut, you’d never guess they’re sometimes a 2-in-1!

See the latest collection here.

akris-navy-anemone-reversible-cotton-zip-dress-blue-product-0-942206138-normal akris-navyoff-white-reversible-sleeveless-zip-front-sheath-dress-blue-product-1-102956255-normal



2. Synergy Clothing

So, you’re out at your boyfriend’s parent’s place for dinner. Then the BF takes you out clubbing. But you’re wearing the ‘parental visitation’ dress…never fear. Synergy’s Spring Summer 2016 collection features timeless and adaptable pieces, like the infinity dress pictured. You can wear it with your shoulders fully covered, and then…grrr! Unleash the inner tiger by tying back the straps and show some skin! Synergy doesn’t just make versatile clothing: they’re also, of course, ethical and eco-friendly, using only certified organic cottons and other sustainable materials in their collections.

See the collection here




3. (Re)vision Society

(Re)vision Society is a super-creative studio that produces cool, conscious and convertible clothing and accessories from waste materials found in London’s menswear factories. Their handcrafted pieces have been produced with a limited impact on our precious planet and help to reduce the volume of unused fabric usually sent to landfill. The Versatile Coat is a simple yet stylish, timeless piece that has been beautifully tailored for an sophisticated look.

Their detachable coat sleeves were designed to offer versatility in both aesthetic and functionality, allowing it to be worn all throughout the year. The coat also comes with a detachable belt and hidden belt passage to cinch you in at the waist on days you want to flaunt your feminine silhouette.

Check out the brand for more multifunctional items.

project 4 versatile coat with model sitting on chair

model wearing project4 versatile coat with belt front view

4. Lovia Collection

Sure, we all try to shove our laptops into our handbags at some point. The result? Usually an inelegant corner peeping through a half zipped closure. Or fabric straining from the plethora of belongings stuffed into an inappropriate carrier. Lovia Collection knows what we’re like, and has created the effortlessly chic Aura clutch bag, which also conveniently doubles as a laptop case.

And did we mention that Lovia strives to be a transparent and sustainable company by making all of their products traceable and by using more environmentally-friendly fabrics? The Aura clutch is made from recycled leather sourced from the Linda factory in Estonia. Here the workers are supported with a wage often double the average in the region, as well as training for high-quality craftsmanship.

Get yours here.



5. Jia Collection

Get in touch with your inner designer! The Jia Collection makes focused on functional, effective and efficient fashion that allows creative minds to create many pieces from one. A cape transforms into a scarf…or a sweater…or a shawl…it all depends on you! Jia hopes to make your life both lighter and easier by providing contemporary pieces that can be worn in a number of ways. For Jia, it’s all about style, comfort and versatility, and so every single item they sell is multifunctional. Their reversible dresses are perfect for mid-week sleepovers, allowing you to reduce the size of your overnight bag as you can simply switch the side on show for a whole new look.

Find out more here.


6. Biondi Boutique

You know when you’re on holiday and you wear the same bikini day in, day out? It’s easy to get bored of it. Or, have you ever found a swimsuit that fits so well, you buy two? Well, Bondi Boutique ensure you’ll never need to buy two of the same style, or get bored of your swimwear. They offer a selection of luxury swimsuits for every body type, from curvier frames to athletic body shapes. With lots of adjustable and reversible options to choose from, you can pack a lot lighter this summer holiday. We particularly love the reversible bandage one piece is a sleek swimsuit with one side in a solid shade, and the reverse side in a metallic copper sheen on black – perfect for switching from day (bathing suit) into night (just pair the shinier side of the one piece with some palazzo pants, and voila!)

Get yours here.




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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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