The Transformers: Sustainable Convertible Clothing

These gorgeous sustainable convertible clothing & accessories brands not only help you save money and suitcase space, but resources, too!

By Zara Williams

What if I told you that you could spend the same money you’d dole out on an outfit…and get two for one? Not thanks to some miraculous sale, but thanks to the magic of convertible clothing.

Garments with this kind of ingenious design allow you to create several different looks using one single piece, reducing not only the cash you’re dropping, but also the amount of textile useage you’re purchasing. Pretty smart, right? Just think of the space you’ll save, and how much easier it will be to pack light for a weekend away. And what about after-work events? A transformable dress is the perfect solution to help you switch your style in seconds.

Of course, multifunctional items are inherently more sustainable since they require fewer resources to make than their separate counterparts. Check this out, for example: according to the WWF, it takes 2,700 litres to produce the average cotton shirt. So if you buy a white shirt that reverses into a black one, that means you’ve used far less water (and spent less money!)  than if you’d bought two!

Intrigued? Check out our favourite sustainable convertible clothing and accessories brands, below.

Sustainable Convertible Clothing & Accessories We Love

1. Patagonia 

Given their sustainability, you might not be surprised to learn that Patagonia makes all kinds of sustainable convertible clothing, from jackets to jumpsuits. But one of our fave items is their reversible one piece bathing suits.

They’re perfectly designed, and come with a wide variety of colours, cuts and patterns. It’s one of the most sustainable items you can have for holidays, too. You only need to take one suit to have two entirely different beach looks!

reversible bikini


I personally always stress a bit when choosing a winter jacket. I mean, it’s one of the priciest things in my closet, and I usually buy one every few years. So I want to be sure the style, colour and fit are just right…

But ASOS has created a reversible jacket that takes a bit of the stress off.

It’s a classic puffer jacket, in a nice, long size, ensuring your legs don’t freeze in the colder weather. And I love that it’s fully reversible! When you get sick to death of wearing black all season, just flip it over for a cheerful colourpop.

And btw, yes, we know: ASOS is a fast fashion brand. But they ARE trying to make a difference in many different ways, including making sustainable convertible clothing, so, hats off!

sustainable convertible clothing

3. Jia Collection

Get in touch with your inner designer! The Jia Collection makes sustainable convertible clothing that allows creative minds to create many pieces from one.

A cape transforms into a scarf…or a sweater…or a shawl…it all depends on you! Jia hopes to make your life both lighter and easier by providing contemporary pieces that can be worn in a number of ways. For Jia, it’s all about style, comfort and versatility, and so every single item they sell is multifunctional. Their reversible dresses are perfect for mid-week sleepovers, allowing you to reduce the size of your overnight bag as you can simply switch the side on show for a whole new look.

sustainable convertible clothing

4. The Morph Bag

We love the Morph Bag for so many reasons!

One, this Eluxe Awards winner is 100% vegan. Zero animals have been killed to make these bags.

Two, they’re designed to be perennially stylish. Simple, geometric totes, crossbody bags and clutches comprise the main offerings of this brand. They come in neutral hues that match every wardrobe, too.

And finally: the totes are reversible, meaning you get two high-quality accessory looks for the price of one.

5. Nic & Zoe

What if I told you this sweet cotton knit cardigan could be worn not one, but four ways? You can leave the front draped open, for one. Or, choose to knot or twist the hem ties together on cooler days. You can also crisscross the front panels to wrap around your waist, or lift the triangular hem up and anchor it to the side buttons for a unique look.

This is one piece of sustainable convertible clothing you’ll never get tired of wearing, that’s for sure!

sustainable convertible clothing

6. Veerah Shoes

Shoes are one of the hardest things to make convertible. I mean, they can’t really be reversible, can they? But they can be dressed up – or down.

Thanks to the clever designs and accessories made by Veerah Shoes, these vegan pumps can be transformed for special occasions.

Start out with a simple pair of pumps, then decide what you want to add. This could be sexy ankle straps, flashy brooches, fancy fringes and more.

And the best part? This brand uses eco friendly vegan materials to create their footwear, like apple and cactus leathers.


This clever New York based brand not only mainly uses deadstock fabrics for its designs, but also creates one of our new fave sustainable convertible clothing items. It’s a beautiful blouse and lightweight jacket, all in one!

The fabric is perfect for spring and autumn days when you’re not quite sure how the weather will be. Hot? Wear it open over a bra top. Mild? Zip it up and use it as a blouse. Getting chillier? Don a tee and throw this stunner on over it as a jacket. There are lots of beautiful colours and patterns to choose from, too!

sustainable convertible clothing

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