7 Tips For How To Decorate A Tiny Home

Live in a small space? We have some great tips for how to decorate a tiny home, be it a house or apartment!

By Rose Burke

There can be little doubt that tiny homes are a trend that’s not going anywhere. This is especially true when the hugely expensive housing market in most cities means that buying a home is out of the question for most young people. Well, most people, in fact!

Tiny homes are not only more economically viable for most, but they’re also an eco-friendly option, since they use far less energy and require far less decoration than a larger house. But learning how to decorate a tiny home can be quite tricky.

When you’re decorating a tiny house, your goal should always be to avoid clutter and make your space appear larger. Doing this will help to create a more comfortable environment for you to live in, while still giving you an affordable housing option. Whether you’ve just moved into your brand new tiny house or you’re looking to do a bit of renovating, these 7 tips for how to decorate a tiny home can significantly brighten up your place.

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7 Tips For How To Decorate A Tiny Home

1. Hang Mirrors

It may be the oldest trick in the book, but hanging mirrors to the walls of your tiny home is the fastest way to create the illusion of more space. Larger mirrors – or even mirrors that cover an entire wall – work best, but when you have limited room or budget, you might have to get creative. You can choose to hang large mirrors on the backs of all of your doors, swap your cabinet doors with reflective surfaces, and even add a few pieces of mirrored furniture to your living room.

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2. Draw the Eye to the Ceiling

One of the best ways to open up a room is to draw the eye to its ceiling. This task can be done in a number of ways and can be as simple as adding a touch of paint. I love how the beams in this ceiling, below, really force the eye up and make it look higher.

Light colours make the room seem taller and thus larger, but if you want to make a bit of investment that will really pay off, try adding a skylight. This will not only brighten your entire house during the day, but will give you a lovely view of the stars at night!

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3. Get Hooked

Who needs cupboards if you have hooks?

Hooks have a way of not only adding a unique aspect to our decor, but they can also be a great space saver in a tiny house. More than just a place to hang your coat and clothes, they can completely transform a kitchen by giving your mugs, pots, pans, and utensils a permanent place to live.

They can also be used to attach baskets to your walls for additional storage, to hang your bike or some extra chairs on the walls, and so much more.

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4. Add Colour Accents

Colour accents are a great way to open up a small space if they’re all appropriately placed. They should draw the eye around the room rather than to just one corner or section. You can do this with throw pillows, carpets, end tables, artwork, and picture frames. As long as they’re all in the same color family, you’ll be able to ensure that the eye travels around the room rather than hones in one area.

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5. Use Floating Lamps

Instead of using floor lamps, place your lighting on the walls or the ceiling. This tip will not only save you some floor space, but it will help to draw the eye around the room. Especially when combined with colour accents, this decor technique can make your tiny house feel infinitely larger than it actually is. Just be sure that the fixtures are flat or away from areas of circulation – otherwise you’re losing space or bumping your head a lot!

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6. Buy 2-in-1 Furniture Whenever Possible

Instead of buying a bed and dresser, opt for a bed with drawers in the frame. Rather than buying a kitchen table and separate shelving, purchase or make a table that has drawers built in under the tabletop. And if you have stairs, ensure they’re hollow and that the tops of each step lift up, to allow storage inside, like this stairway, below.

You’ll save tons of space and possibly a bit of money, too.

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7. Stick With One Colour Scheme

Don’t mix colours and textures or the eye becomes confused and the room looks chaotic. Instead, pick a colour scheme. For example, white with colour accents, or shades of blue with light wood, or just a mix of neutrals like stone, sand and grey, any of which lends harmony to the space and makes it feel larger.

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  1. Alicia Hursley

    Not going to lie, I really struggle to just stick to one color theme…Some of it is that I’m a big believer in recycling and thrifting so I tend to just get what I can. But shifting into a tiny home has taught me to be more minimal and not just buy the first thing I see at a thrift store that I like haha Your tips are definitely going to come in handy as I try to decorate my new space. I love how every pic has an area rug of some sort in it. I love rugs and I want to go get some for my home but I’m not exactly sure how to use them yet. I would love any tips you have for decorating a tiny home with area rugs. I already have a rug cleaning guy on stand by for when I actually pick them up so needless to say I’m a bit antsy haha Thanks so much for sharing.

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