Eco Friendly Australian Fashion Brands To Know

These eco friendly Australian fashion brands sometimes make us wish we lived down under…

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

It’s no wonder that Australia is one of the world centres for eco-fashion. Stunning beaches, crystal clear waters and unique flora and fauna act as an incredible source of inspiration for fashion designers in the region.

From luscious lingerie to eco-couture, there are dozens of clothing labels here that demonstrate how protecting nature is a priority for those living Down Under.

In fact, there are so many labels, we had a hard time picking just a handful! Here below, you’ll find a few of our favourite eco friendly Australian luxury fashion brands. We chose these for the uniqueness of their design, their overall feeling of luxury and of course, their dedication to sustainable materials and ethical production.

Sustainable Australian Fashion Brands We Love

kit x willow

1. KitX by Willow

Aussie designer KitX by Willow marries her love of creation with her passion for nature by creating collections that she herself makes. She uses only natural materials like hemp, wool, organic cotton and silk. She also uses upcycled and recycled fabrics as well.

This pioneer in the world of eco friendly Australian fashion is proud of her ethos, and wears it on her sleeve. As KitX herself says, she aims to: ‘make women look and feel beautiful, without harming our planet, so everyone can win.

Best for: Gorgeously designed dresses at great prices, considered the level of luxury of these pieces

Eco Friendly Australian Fashion Brands

2. Madonna Bain Intimates

At no time is it more important for clothing to fit comfortably than bedtime. Soft silks, cloud-light organic cottons and snug jerseys all help us sleep like babies. And look like babes! This is exactly the philosophy behind Madonna Bain.

The Madonna Bain Intimates are constructed solely from the plushest eco-textiles the world has to offer. Plus, this eco friendly Australian label is practically pretty enough to wear from bed to the beach!

Best for: Everyday lingerie you – and he – will love.

Eco Friendly Australian Fashion Brands

3. Limedrop

Based in Melbourne, Limedrop’s spirited designers are mainly inspired by the freedom produced by travel. The brand digitally produces abstract prints and roomy designs on statement pieces that we would call ‘modern urban classics’.

All of Limedrop‘s clothing is manufactured under highly controlled, sustainable labour practices using only ethically produced materials. This Australian company proves that you can undertake stricter ecological practices without the consumer having to pay much more for sustainable clothing.

Best for: Slow fashion, non-trend based basics that the average person can afford.

Limedrop fashion

4. Hopeless Lingerie

If Madonna Bain is Australia’s sweetly sustainable sleepwear lingerie brand, then Hopeless Lingerie is its sizzling hot sister! This Eco Friendly Aussie brand uses bamboo, silk, lace and in fact, any material the client so desires. So, if you want, say, a bra made from nylon, how does that make Hopeless one of our eco friendly Australian fashion brands?

Well, it’s because they make each piece by hand, on order. That means zero leftover stock. No waste.

Best for: Darkly sexy lingerie. With collections like ‘All of them Witches’ and ‘Bloody Valentine’, you can bet that Hopeless makes each design with maximum naughtiness in mind!

Hopeless lingerie

5. Rachael Cassar

Rachael Cassar’s design-led, eco-friendly collections have been shown on prestigious catwalks around the globe and have gained acclaim by A-list celebrities such as Rhianna and Kristen Stewart.

The eco friendly Australian brand uses around 90% recycled or upcycled materials, which contribute to creating completely unique and breathtaking clothing.

Rachael Cassar’s clothing defined by its femininity, strength, and luxury, with a little seduction thrown in too.

Best for: This is one of the best eco friendly Australian fashion brands for high end design with a touch of punk.

Eco Friendly Australian Fashion

6. Ginger & Smart

This is one of the few high-end eco-friendly Australian fashion brands that meets the strict guidelines set out by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Ginger & Smart are dedicated to providing well heeled women classics for all occasions. The brand has a penchant for digital printing, adding a bit of eco-friendly colour to their textiles. Each piece is expertly constructed from sustainable materials like deadstock fabrics with quality and finesse, reflecting the personality and refinement of the typical Ginger & Smart client.

Best for: Exquisitely designed formalwear

Ginger & Smart Ginger & Smart


7. Green Embassy

The last of our eco friendly Australian fashion brands is Green Embassy.

This Aussie brand has based their latest collection on the beauty of exotic flowers and plants. Green Embassy uses natural materials, such as silk or organic cotton, for all of its dresses. The main reason? This sustainable Australian label’s goal has always been to protect the fragility of the world’s ecosystems.

The brand expresses this via abstract eco-prints. These include hibiscus, bougainvillea, ferns, and orchids on peace silk. They’re all dyed with pomegranates, forest berries, beetroot, red cabbage and turmeric.

Can’t get much eco-friendlier than that!

Best for: Frocks for grand events and weddings

Eco Friendly Australian Fashion Brands


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  1. I love all of these luxury fashion brands and I wouldn’t know where to start picking a favorite! ? I love the colorful prints of Ginger & Smart and the sweet, sexy lingerie Madonna Bain Intimates!

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