The Best Vegan Bag Brands for Summer

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These chic vegan bag brands for summer are actually pretty perfect for any season!

By Noa Ben Moshe

We’re all looking for chic vegan bag brands for summer! Handbags are the perfect accessory to the perfect outfit. They can carry all your seasonal stuff, like a good organic SPF and some stylish wooden sunglasses, and no matter how bloated you feel, they’ll never lose their fit!

What defines a great vegan bag for summer this year? Well, colour, for one. Black is just so…wintery! We want something colourful for the season; anything from soft pink to nearly-neon, so long as it’s not dreary.

Another factor is brand. Some insist on carrying traditional prestige brands like Chanel or Fendi. But true fashionistas know that there are loads of new vegan bag brands that are making the grade with even the snootiest fashion connoisseurs. Stella McCartney started the designer vegan bag trend, but many more have followed – and some are named below!

Finally, there’s the fabric. Forget about plastic or worse, PVC – there are tons of eco-friendly options that vegan bag brands are using, especially in summer: think light and airy organic cotton, raffia, straw and colourful ECONYL.

In fact, cruelty-free fashion has never been so stylish. Whether you’re looking for a clutch for a wedding, need the right tote for a beach holiday, or are just looking to upgrade your work bag, you’ll love these vegan bag brands we’ve found to complement your summer wardrobe.

Image below: Cult Gaia

The Best Vegan Bag Brands for Summer

cult gaia bag

1. Matt & Nat

Living by the simplistic motto “Live beautifully,” Matt & Nat determine this to mean appreciating the humanity, creativity and positivity found it all of us. The brand is strongly inspired by the textures and hues found in nature, and it was a natural progression to stay committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in any of their designs.

Over the years, Matt & Nat have experimented with different forms of recycled material, including nylon, cardboard, rubber and cork, and since 2007, the company have been committed to using linings  made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. Recently, even recycled bicycle tires have found their way into their collection.

Matt & Nat is very slowly expanding around the world and can now be found in boutiques across Canada, the United States, the UK, Japan, Germany and Australia, as well as online, of course.

Price range: From $140

Chic Vegan Bag Brands for Summer Chic Vegan Bag Brands for Summer

2. Kayu

Kayu is a Californian based label founded by Jamie Lim, who grew up in South East Asia surrounded by artisanal crafts. Lim began to notice that the traditional arts she was surrounded by as a child were slowly disappearing, and through a desire to preserve and cultivate these traditional techniques, Kayu was born.

Today, Kayu works with artisans in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, and provides jobs to those that need them the most. Kayu products aren’t created in soulless factories where items are mass-produced. Instead, Kayu works in smaller groups with mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. This intergenerational touch brings a real family vibe to the brand.

Of course, Kayu is entirely sustainable and vegan friendly, two words we love to hear. All of their creations are made with natural materials like straw, shell and wood. As Kayu’s creations are rendered entirely by hand, you’ll find their products come in limited batches, making them all the more rare and unique.

Price range: From $98

Chic Vegan Bag Brands for Summer

3. Cult Gaia

Prepare to fall in love! Cult Gaia’s bamboo, rattan, cloth, wood straw and acrylic bags are favourites with influencers and celebrities alike – Beyonce and Rihanna are but two A-listers who have been seen sporting these easy, breezy accessories. The brand’s biggest seller by far is the Ark bag, whose perfect, clean minimalist arc shape and neutral tone matches any outfit.

Price range: From $98

Chic Vegan Bag Brands for Summer cult gaia bag

4. Stella McCartney

Of all the vegan bag brands, the one you probably know the best is Stella McCartney, and with good reason. Thanks to her mother, the late Linda McCartney, Stella has been a lifelong vegetarian and works to bring fashionable style to the industry without any use of leather or fur in her designs.

Stella’s collections are always innovative and fresh, and we love her unique ability to create luxury fashion that remains super-conscious. Her latest collection is more eco-friendly than ever! It features light, elegant vegan bags that feature materials like organic cotton rattan, and ECONYL, essentially recycled plastic.

Prices from: $225

Chic Vegan Bag Brands for SummerChic Vegan Bag Brands for Summer

5. Muzungu Sisters

When best friends Tatiana Santo Domingo and Dana Alikhani decided to merge their passion for travelling with fashion, Muzungu Sisters was born.

For over a decade now, the ethical fashion label has focused on bringing artisan-made clothing and accessories to the world. Their bags, kaftans, tops, dresses and accessories come from small communities of artisans from over 16 countries spread across four continents.

Rather appropriately, ‘Muzungu’ means ‘traveller’ in Swahili. Purchasing these straw and cotton bags will not only help support the craftsmen and women who make them, but will make you feel like you’ve been all around the world. Even if you’ve only been able to afford ‘staycations’ up to now!

Prices from: $180

6. Mother Erth

This is one of the most eco-friendly of all the vegan bag brands for summer!

Old magazines, labels and upcycled plastics get a new life through Mother Erth’s bags. Each clutch, tote and purse is handmade by artisan moms, empowered to lift their families out of poverty. They use traditional double weaves to make incredibly strong handbags.

We think that vegan bag brands for summer should be bright and cheerful, and Mother Erth’s definitely are!

Whether your style is more bohemian babe than city girl, or if you’re just looking for a funky new festival bag, we think you’ll fall for these beautifully woven bags.

Price range: From $35

best vegan bag brands for summereco friendly vegan handbags

7. LuLus

In a world where we’re surrounded by same-ish corporate shops, it’s great to know that those looking for leather alternatives are being given lots of options. Brought to life by a mother and daughter’s shared dream, LuLu’s is an online fashion shop that carries quite a few amazing vegan bag brands for summer.

They’re always switching up their style by bringing in various different designers, and they only buy limited stock, ensuring that if you buy a vegan bag from Lulu’s this summer, you surely won’t bump into someone carrying the same one, ever. And the best part is that everything Lulu’s carries is super luxe looking, yet super-affordable, too.

Prices from: $45


vegan bag brands for summer

8. Gunas

Way back in 2008, designer Sugandh G. Agrawal quit her seven year corporate career and launched her own high fashion label. And as a fellow animal lover, Sugandh wanted to bring a range of fully cruelty-free fashion to New York. The result is Gunas, a pioneering brand in vegan fashion.

Sugandh spent a year researching the best fabrics, the best leather alternatives, and the most ethical manufacturing processes. When she was ready, she finally created  her vegan bag brand. Whether you’re a glamorous diva, an angel at heart, or have a rebellious attitude, Gunas has a style for you. With these beautiful designs packed full of beautiful materials and bursting with colour, there really is no reason to opt out of vegan fashion!

The sea-inspired tones in the Melrose design are perfect for someone who loves to stand out. This bag is perfect for commuting back and forth to work, as it’s big enough to hold all those essential handbag items.

Prices from: $250

All images: Gunas via Pinterest

gunas vegan bag

9. LaBante London

After years of fruitlessly searching for luxury handbags that were also cruelty free, the founder of LaBante London, Vanita, decided to found her own company. She was determined to fill a gap she knew would grow in popularity in the fashion market.

Today, each bag that LaBante produces is not only vegan, but is also environmentally friendly, and ethically produced, too. As Vanita says: “We want to give consumers the experience of luxury, of the finest craftsmanship, of a timeless aesthetic, while respecting the world we live in.” What we love best about this elegant brand is despite the fact that they’re extremely well made, from the highest quality materials, they’re still highly affordable!

Prices from: Around $100

10. Doshi Vegan Bags

We all have to work, even in the summer. So thank heavens for Doshi!

Doshi is a vegan bag brand aimed at ethically conscious individuals – both men and women. From sleek, professional briefcases and trendy handbags to fashionable, travel oriented backpacks, Doshi has your daily carriage needs covered. Since they’re made for organisation, their high quality, cruelty-free collections are favourites with professionals around the world. In fact, they’re quite well known for their vegan briefcases!

Bonus: the brand’s intention is to be as eco-friendly as possible, so they now offer styles made from cork, and even paper!

Prices from: $79


Noa Ben-Moshe
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