Vegan Straw Bags For Every Summer Situation

These sweet vegan straw bags are an eternally chic summer style that will be in your wardrobe for decades!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Styles may come and go. But one trend that never seems to fail when the weather heats up is that of vegan straw bags.

And no wonder! They’re simple, they’re chic, and they’re made from biodegradable materials, so all good. Sporting one of these hanging from the crook of my elbow always makes me feel a bit like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

Of course, they come in all shapes and sizes. And they suit all kinds of situations, from cocktails on roof terraces and exotic beach holidays to veggie shopping at the market.

The only thing is: it’s surprisingly tough to find one without a leather strap or leather detailing. Which is a bummer for we vegans craving to rock this style!

I had to dig around a bit, but I managed to find some of the cutest all-vegan straw bags for summer. Whether you’re after a beachy tote, a chic clutch, or the highly Instagrammable ‘Naima’, here below, you’ll definitely find one of the best vegan straw bags for you.

The Best Vegan Straw Bags For Summer

1. The Naima Bag

Cult Gaia’s ‘Ark’ bag soared to stardom as soon as it launched, thanks to the popularity it gained with social media influencers. Ever since, the brand has kept evolving its handbags into innovative, organic shapes.

One of our favourite vegan straw bags for summer is their Naima Tote. It’s hand woven from natural grass fibers and features a straw base with feet. A brass chain trims the open silhouette finishing off as the handle.

Perfect for holidays at the most elegant resorts!

Price: $699

The Naima Bag

2. The Jacksons Ciao

Planning a summer holiday to an Italian beach? This is the perfect tote! ‘Ciao’ of course means both ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. But the Jacksons don’t stop with that message: you can choose from all kinds of cheeky, embroidered words on their jute bags, from ‘Merci’ and ‘Just Married’ to ‘Smile’.

There’s also a an adorable cartoon poodle or French bulldog bag for all the animal lovers out there.

Price: $90

Vegan Basket Bags For Summer

3. Taja Mini Bag

The epitome of sun-soaked style, this mini bag, made from black rattan, can be dressed up or down. Whether you’re complimenting your weekend wardrobe with stylish ease or adding just a touch of texture to your most elevated look, this ornately woven basket is essential for the sunniest of seasons.

It’s just big enough for your ‘going out’ essentials: phone, lippy, keys, cards. Why not tie a scarf around the handle to give it a more personalised touch?

Price: $161

the best vegan straw bags for summer

4. Stelar Satchel

Who says the best straw vegan bags are always totes? This sweet satchel proves otherwise! And its eco-credentials are impeccable.

Working directly with artisans in Bali to create unique, hand-woven and hand-crafted accessories that have history and meaning, Stelar is re-imagining indigenous skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. The intention of the brand is to create long-term positive impact and sustainable livelihoods within the communities that most rely upon them.

Price: $225

stelar satchel

5. Morocco Straw

This simple, clean lined and classically chic Morocco Straw Basket Bag is the ultimate summer accessory! It can serve in multiple circumstances. For example? The hand woven purse looks elegant with any summer dress in the city. But it could also be a beach bag. Or even a shopping tote!

It comes with short handles and an inside drawstring bag with one pocket.

Price: $30

Vegan Basket Bags For Summer

6. Kayu Clutch

This is one of my favourite vegan straw bags for summer. Adorable! Going on a romantic holiday? This clutch is the perfect accessory! It was ethically made in the Philippines by Kayu, and sends a rather succinct message of elegance. Whether you choose it in cream, navy or black, the rock clasp closure accents the bag beautifully.

Price: $80

kayu clutch bags

7. Veneta Bag

I think this is my favourite of all the vegan basket bags for summer! Made of natural raffia with a navy striped detail, it’s slightly oversized, carrying everything from sunblock to sandals.

I would have thought this was just a ‘beach bag’. But when I saw someone in the street pairing a similar bag with an office outfit, my mind completely changed. This will be my go-to summer bag for all occasions!

Price: $171

the best vegan straw bags for summer

8. Glamorous Straw Bag

This patchwork vegan bag boasts an eclectic mix of vintage influences and individual style. The brand’s carefully sourced fabrics and prints channel a fun and youthful vibe into a fashion forward collection.

And best of all? At just $43, this is one of those straw bags for summer anyone can afford!

Price: $43

patchwork summer tote

9. Vegan Straw Clutch

Looking for the perfect straw vegan clutch bag? Look no further!

This envelope shaped number will go with everything in your closet, from little black dresses and heeled sandals, to jeans and sneakers. And since it’s under $20, that makes it one of the most affordable straw bags on our list!

Price: $19.50

vegan clutch

10. Elle Tote

No matter where you’re going this summer, the Elle Tote wants to come with you! It’s ideal for the city, beach, or market.

Women workers in cooperatives in South East Asia hand-make these bags using indigenous techniques passed down through generations. Each purchase not only aids the women in gaining a living wage, but also preserves artisanal traditions.

Price: $150

straw summer handbag

Which is your favourite straw vegan bag here? Let us know in the comments, below!

Main image: Aranaz

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  1. I am crazy about no.15! It’s always ‘summer’ here in the Middle East so we can always rock these looks! 🙂

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