Upcycled Bathroom Storage Ideas We Love

Bathroom need an upgrade, but on a budget? Try these upcycled bathroom storage ideas!

By Chere Di Boscio

Bathroom storage is an issue for most of us. Whether it’s cosmetics, towels or grooming products, it seems we always either need more space – or need to make our storing of those items more attractive.

You can find plenty of stylish ideas and fashionable furniture online, or you can spend a small fortune on a carpenter, who can come in to your space and create cabinets that fit your bathroom perfectly, from new materials like wood and marble. Or…you can DIY it in the most creative ways imaginable!

You don’t need to have any particular skills to make these upcycled bathroom storage ideas come to life in your own home. A marker, a few nails and a hammer is probably the most you’ll require. Oh, and some creativity, of course!

Ready to renovate your bathroom on the cheap? Check out these 10 upcycled bathroom storage ideas below, and get inspired!

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Upcycled Bathroom Storage Ideas We Love

Upcycled Bathroom Storage Ideas

Image above: Country Living Magazine

1. Repurposed Straw Baskets

This is a really easy one to DIY. Not only are straw baskets cheap and biodegradable, they’re also easy to affix to walls! All you need is a hammer and a few nails. Depending on the size of your basket, these can be used to store everything from your hand towels to toothpaste.

Upcycled Bathroom Storage Ideas

2. Repurposed Candy Jars

Add some French flair to your bathroom by repurposing food storage jars! You can use pretty much any kind of jar you’d put food in: Mason jars, plastic containers, or as pictured below, traditional candy jars. These are by far the sweetest choice, in my opinion! They’ve got elegant lines, gorgeous tops, and are easy to clean, too.

3. Towel Racks – In A New Way

Normally, you’d hang towels on a rack from their metal bars. But if you want to add a different touch to your bathroom decor, why not turn those racks up vertically? You can store even more towels this way. All you need to do is roll them neatly and stack them up! Just ensure you’ve got matching towels to keep this look clean and chic.

Upcycled Bathroom Storage Ideas

4. Upcycled Wood Drawer

Maybe you’ve got an old dresser that just can’t be salvaged. Or perhaps you’ve found an old drawer in a junk pile that’s actually quite pretty – shame it’s useless, though, right? Wrong! It’s easy to turn an old drawer into a shelf. The more compartments in the drawer, the better. Just add some eyes to the back of the unit and screw some hooks into the wall. Attach the unit, and voila! Store small, lightweight items like toilet paper and hand towels.

Upcycled Bathroom Storage Ideas

5. Upcycled Crates With Mason Jars

Mason jars are just so useful. You can use them to serve drinks in at parties, to store food in, or of course, to store bathroom stuff in. They come in all different shapes and sizes, which means you can switch them up for a diverse look, or keep them all the same for a more unified style. Drop anything inside, from cotton balls to nail polish, or use a jar as a toothbrush cup!

Oh, and let’s not neglect these crates. You can find them for free at most farmer’s markets. All you need to do is sand them down (and if you like, give them a coat of paint). Stack them up, and you’ve got a chic (and usually, free!) piece of furniture!

6. Upcycled Bike Basket

If you discover one of these in the rubbish, salvage it! Old school wire bike baskets are amazing for so many storage purposes. Use it as a magazine rack, toilet paper holder, or attach it to the wall to store anything you like. Here, it makes the perfect home for a bunch of towels, but you could even add some plants to this baby!

7. Upcycled Crates

As I said, like Mason jars, upcycled crates are incredibly useful and multifunctional. This unit below has been sanded and painted, with wheels added to the bottom. The crates have been nailed together to create one larger piece of furniture, which can store towels, plants, candles, products…just about anything you’d need in your bathroom.

Upcycled Bathroom Storage Ideas

8. DIY Labelled Containers

I love the look of the repurposed candy jars, above. They’re so pretty, they make a statement on their own. But if you can’t get your hands on something so classically elegant, and only have some rather blah plastic storage containers, give them a makeover! Just grab a permanent black market, and download your favourite font. Copy the style of the lettering on to the sides of each container, and you’ve instantly made your bathroom a bit nicer – and more organised!

9. Upcycled Window Box

Window boxes aren’t just for, well, windows! Oh no. These make for useful bathroom storage, too. Just as with baskets, they can easily be affixed to walls, though depending on the size and weight, you may need to use brackets. They can fit in any dry items, like cotton balls or grooming products perfectly. Just don’t put anything wet in here, like soap or toothbrushes, or you may rot the wood.

10. Old Dressers

I love this idea SO much! Transform a beat up old dresser into a shabby chic bathroom cabinet! You’ll need to replace the top with a piece of fitted wood, with holes cut out for the sinks and taps. And you may need to call a pro to do that (and to add the sinks and taps, of course). But…just look at that result! Shabby chic at its finest! And so much storage, too.

Image: Funkyjunkinteriors

Upcycled Bathroom Storage Ideas

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Chere Di Boscio

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