Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

These fun upcycling decor ideas for your home are easy to do, and turn trash into treasure!

By Diane Small

As the saying goes: one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. And never is that truer than when it comes to recycling.

Once thought to be the realm of ‘creative’ or ‘artistic’ types, it seems that creating home decor from recycled objects is not only easy for most people to do, but it’s becoming chic enough for businesses to sell. At luxury prices, even!

But of course, you don’t need visit pop up shops in Paris or even the local flea market to find something seriously chic for your house. You can simply follow the steps below to make recycled home decor ideas yourself!

1. Look for objects that aren’t really functional anymore, but are still beautiful

When you have something that you find lovely, but can no longer use, put your mind to work. Is there any way of transforming that object into something useful again? A good example is in our main image (credit: Those bottles were easily given a new life with a bit of string and chalkboard paint. They made for beautiful vases, because they were pretty objects to begin with!

2. Equip yourself well

While some of these recycled DIY decor ideas are super easy and require nothing more than a lick of paint, others may need actual tools, like a drill, brackets and screwdriver. Make sure you have everything you need before you embark on one of these projects.

3. Watch tutorials

Not sure how to do something? YouTube is full of tutorials. Check them out, depending on your needs.

4. Use your imagination

A bike becomes a basin. A bathtub is transformed into a sofa. The furniture and decor recycling options are endless! Upcycling is all about embracing the journey and having a unique vision when creating recycled DIY decor ideas.

Still stuck for ideas? I hope these recycled DIY decor ideas inspire you!

Image credit below here.

20 Upcycled DIY Home Decor Ideas

1. Doily Table Runner

Doilies are pretty much dead, as far as decor goes. Popular in the Victorian era, these crocheted or knitted items made from cotton or linen were used for serving food and protecting furniture. While they are pretty to look at (they remind me of snowflakes!), they don’t seem to have much of a function in our modern world. Unless, that is, you upcycle them into a doily table runner!

It’s one of the easiest upcycling decor ideas to do. Just find as many pretty, antique doilies as you can. They should be of all different shapes and sizes. Lay them out in a pattern you like, and pin them together before sewing them loosely together in the design of your choice. The length should be a few centimetres longer than the table you’d like to lay them down on.

If you find organic or linen doilies, you can also dye them any colour you like with typical clothing dye. If you find more modern doilies made from polyester, they’re not going to take the dye well.


recycled DIY decor ideas

2. Matching Bathroom Set

Let’s face it: when you buy a separate soap dish, toothpaste holder, cup and other bathroom items, it’s not always pretty. They look haphazard and even a little bit cheap. But the good news is: it’s easy to update old and mismatched containers into a chic set, simply with a bit of spray paint! I think matte black is the most elegant option, but you can choose any shade you like.

In the example pic below from, they’ve unified mismatched bathroom items with black. Then, they’ve added some metallic copper paint on the soap pump apparatus. Finally, they painted the base plate for the set with a textured spray. The result? A seriously luxurious bathroom set!

Easy, right?

recycled DIY decor ideas

3. Farm Ladder Table

Looking for a sweet, fuss-free side table? Want upcycled home decor ideas with a bit of shabby chic? Try this out!

A vintage ladder in the closet can be painted or left natural, and provides the perfect side table for your sofa. It could also be the ideal bedside table, or just a plant stand. You decide!


Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

4. Utilities Holder

A cheese grater gets a new life as a kitchen utilities holder. This is really easy to do. Just use two nails to hook the grater onto, and cut a piece of wood to wedge into the grater at the bottom.

If your cheese grater is a bit rusty, or you’re not a fan of its current colour, add a lick of spray paint in the shade of your choice. Done!

Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

5. Bicycle Sink Stand

Are you a big fan of biking? Put an old fashioned one to good use! Bikes can be used in ways you never imagined; just look at this sink stand!

This requires some good DIY skills. You will need some tools for this, like a drill, brackets and possibly a screwdriver, as well as some planks to serve as the stand. Oh, and possibly some plumbing tools. But the results are worth it!


upcycled bike

6. Tennis Racket Mirrors

This is one of the most fun upcycling home decor ideas for sports lovers!

All you need to do is find some broken tennis rackets. Cut out the strings, and have an expert cut mirrors to fit, and paste them in. Viola!

Tip: Old wooden rackets work best. And you can paint them any colour you like!


Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

7. Slogan Tee Pillows

Maybe that slogan tee was really funny or cute a few years ago. But since then, you’ve moved on to a more ‘adult’ wardrobe. You’ve slept in the tee before, using it as PJs, but now you’re not really sure what to do with it…The solution? Make adorable pillows out of it!

All you need to do to make this simple fashion-based craft are some old slogan tees, a sewing machine, a measuring tape, and a small pillow. Or even better: fill them up with shredded rags from your other old clothes that are simply unusable in any way.

recycled tee shirt pillows

8. Toy Truck Planters

Boys may outgrow their toys, but it’s easy to turn their old toy trucks into planters! The bigger the old truck the better. All you need for this is some sandy soil and a bit of water to get you started.

These look great either indoors or outdoors, and if you ask me, the best plants to add are succulents or small cacti! Plus, this is one of the easiest upcycling decor ideas to do. Even kids can give it a go!

recycled DIY decor ideas

9. Recycled Bottle Lamps

If you love drinking wine from lovely bottles, this is one of the best upcycled home decor ideas for you!

Put an existing pendant lamp in the middle of an empty bottle, and tie the bottles with black wire around the neck. Measure the wires so that some bottles hang lower than others, and then attach them to the ceiling by tying them around a hook.

The more bottles, the better, and these will soften the light from your existing pendant lamp nicely.


Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

10. Recycled Tub Sofa

This craft is easier to do than it looks! All you need is a charming old bathtub, a power saw, sander and paint, to transform an old tub into a new Breakfast at Tiffany’s style sofa!

The biggest trick is finding a cushion that fits, but if you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can easily make your own with some foam and fabric.

Image: Etsy

Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

11. Rustic Strainer Lamp

Unfortunately, most of us use plastic strainers to get the water out of our pasta. But old metallic spaghetti strainers have a lot of charm, and make a rustic pendant lamp!

All you need to do is drill a hole on top, place the pendant wire inside, screw in the bulb, and voila!

Image: Buzzfeed

recycled DIY decor ideas

12. Upcycled Filing Cabinet Desk

In the digital age, the filing cabinet has gone the way of the dinosaur. But they make a very strong and practical base for a desktop! Cabinets with 2 or 3 drawers work best – if you want to adjust the height, just place blocks of wood between the tabletop and the cabinets.


Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

13. Guitar Shelf

An old guitar gets new life thanks to a bit of creativity! You’ll just need a fine-toothed saw, some glass shelves made to measure, and some wooden widgets to get make this shelf come to life.

Note that the glass shelves will be a bit delicate, so using them to house small candles or decorative objects is more suitable than stacking them with big plants and books, for example.

Definitely one of the best upcycled home decor ideas for music lovers!

Image credit:

Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

14. Cheese Grater Jewellery Holder

Upcycle a cheese grater once again! But this time, to store your jewellery. Earrings fit in the holes perfectly, while bracelets and necklaces can be kept knot-free by securing them neatly to the handle. Just spray paint the grater in a shade to match your bedroom, and you’re done!


recycled DIY decor ideas

15. Dinosaur Toothbrush Holders

This is an upcycling decor ideas kids will love! These dinosaur toothbrush holders are simply adorbs.

Just drill a hole in old toys to make a roaringly quirky holder that will add some fun to your bathroom.

Tip: If you love this idea but don’t have any kids, just spray paint the toys gold or silver for an adult take on this craft!


Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

16. Globe Lamps

Put old globes in half to create a rather educational pendant lamp! You’ll need a fine toothed saw to cut the ends off old school globes. Grab a drill to make a hole in the top so you can add a pendant lamp bulb and wire. Easy peasy!


Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

17. Shot Glass Succulent Display

We have the creative folks at Reclaim Design to thank for these recycled DIY decor ideas! Simply find a long piece of wood and sand and varnish it to your taste. Drill holes that will fit shot glasses (or test tubes, in the case below). Add the glass containers, and fill them with either cut flowers, or planted succulents for a touch of greenery in your home.

18. Basket Drawers

Need more storage? This is one of the best upcycling home decor ideas for you! Simply make wicker baskets into ‘drawers’ in an empty cabinet or open table.

This is a great idea for hallways, where you can store all your gloves, hats and umbrellas, or for your bathroom, where your cosmetics and toiletries will fit in perfectly.


Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

19. Recycled Spool Book Rack

This is one of the recycled DIY decor ideas that requires a bit of work, but it’s worth it! An old electrical wire spool is put to good use by sanding and painting it.

Measure 4 or 5 inch sections, then drill holes for wood poles to act as book holders. It’s one of the best upcycling decor ideas for your home, as it serves a two-fold purpose. One, as a table, and two, as a book rack!


Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home

20. Upcycled Denim Tool Holder

Love to paint, do DIY crafts or sew? This tool holder, made from upcycled jeans, is a fab idea! Unlike the usual tool box, this holder allows you to easily see and use your tools. Just use whatever destroyed denim you have on hand.

Sew two legs together to make a wider base, or rip up one leg and hem each side for a narrower one. Need more pockets? Just create them from the material you have left over, and sew them on to your base.

Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home
Diane Small

4 thoughts on “Fun Upcycling Decor Ideas For Your Home”

  1. I AGREE WITH – DUSTING ISSUES. However, I have figured out a simple solution. I use my small air compressor and in less than 3 or 4 minutes, done.
    Works well on ceiling fans, too.

  2. Carol E Arthur

    Some of these ideas, while charming, would present a cleaning/dusting nightmare. I’m especially thinking of the bicycle vanity base and the spool “bookcase.” The bathroom set seems impractical too. If you have to buy three or four cans of spray paint, why not just buy a new set for around the same or slightly more money?

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