The Best Ethical Hats For Summer

The best way to keep the sun off your face? With the best ethical hats for summer, of course!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Summertime is one of my favourite, but most problematic times of the year. I love the sun, but I really don’t like getting a tan. In fact, I desperately try to protect my complexion from its rays.

Sure, I’ve tried several sunscreens, from 50 SPF to even 110 SPF. But I’ve found that the most effective (and stylish!) option is to have a physical shield, like sunglasses or ethical hats for summer weather.

Hats are always a welcome accessory on the beach, but some styles don’t really suit city outfits. But here, I’ve tried to include a mix of sustainable, ethical and vegan summer hats for every situation.

What’s your favourite?

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The Best Ethical Hats For Summer

Best Ethical Hats For Summer

1. Artisanal Mexican Hat

Do you like your hats to be super ethical? This Mexican hat by Pajara Pinta is for you!

The brand aims to preserve time-honored artisanal traditions from local artisans around the world with their work. For example? This unique hat was developed with female artisans from both Nariño, Colombia and Oaxaca, Mexico.

Those who make these hats are paid over fair wages, and to keep things sustainable, these hats are made-to-order only.

Best for: Supporting indigenous artisans.

Price: $200

The Best Ethical Hats For Summer

2. Grosgrain Band Hat

If you’re looking for ethical hats for summer that can be rolled up in your suitcase, this is the one for you! The pale-pink and white grosgrain ribbon that’s detailed with the brand’s signature ‘M’ stamp, truly gives it a touch of finesse. And Maison Michel makes all their hats by hand.

Why not match the look with a straw bag?

Best for: Travelling

Price: $670

best straw hats

3. Sustainable Straw Hat

Is there anything more perfect for summer than a straw bucket hat? This one is made from just that: pure straw. And it looks great with everything from a bikini to a jacket and jeans. Who says you have to spend a lot to be ethical – and gorgeous?

Best for: This is one of the best ethical hats for summer for those on a budget

Price: Around $20

crochet bucket hat

4. Desa Visor

If you want to wear a stunningly sculptural creation, the Desa will fit the bill. This is one of our favourite ethical hats for summer! It’s an artistically exaggerated visor composed of spiralling natural woven shapes in five concentric circles around the banding. A daring piece where design and function meet!

Great for the beach, sure. But this hat is fancy enough to wear to Wimbledon or weddings.

Best for: Wearing to events. And serious fashionistas!

Price: Around $155

best straw hats for summer

5. Reclaimed Vintage Cap

Not all of us are fans of the straw hat. Some prefer the classic American baseball cap, and why not? They’re super practical, easy to pack, and work for outdoor workouts, too.

This one is made of reclaimed materials, and its natural ecru colour suits just about every skin tone!

Best for: Outdoor sports

Price: $11.50 – bargain!

Best Ethical Hats For Summer

6. Straw Visor

Tennis, anyone? The visor is a classic summer hat for not only tennis, but for any sport. The open head means you can sweat up a storm while airing your crown. And of course, the visor itself provides enough shade to prevent sunburn while you’re walking, running, or smashing your best serve, ever. We love the fact that this one, below, is made from….paper!

Best for: Sports, of course

Price: Around $15

straw visor

7. Rollable Paper Straw Hat

Don’t you hate how when you’re going on holiday, your hat get squashed? It’s a perennial problem. But not if you own this style! This ethical hat for summer has been made entirely from paper straw.

And the best part? You can just roll it up and throw it in your bag, wherever you are. And it will still look fab!

Best for: Those who travel a lot.

Price: Around $245

rollable straw hat

8. Straw Cowgirl Hat

This is a classic summer look! We think straw cowgirl hats look best embellished. So feel free to add a cloth band or scarf to the brim to make yours really unique.

Best for: Instagramming! Also, for Boho babes who holiday in places like Ibiza or Bali

Price: $20

straw cowgirl hat

9. Organic Cotton Bucket Hat

Whether you’re feeling a bit of nostalgia for the raves of the ’90’s, or you need practical headgear for outdoor activities, this organic cotton bucket hat will fit the bill!

Best for: Camping or raving

Price: $33

Organic Cotton Bucket Hat

10. Grosgrain Trimmed Sun Hat

Ethical designer Gigi Burris’ ‘Claiborne’ sunhat is handmade from natural straw using centuries-old artisanal techniques. We love how this provides full shade to protect your face from the effects of the sun! Worried a strong breeze might sweep it into the sea? No problem! Fasten the ribbon into a bow under your chin to keep it in place.

Best for: Glam beach holidays

Price: $390

The Best Ethical Hats For Summer

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