Ethical Accessory Brands Perfect For Instagram

These ethical accessory brands are bold and beautiful enough to truly shine on Instagram. But they look awesome irl too!

By Katy Caric

The accessories you choose can change a look completely – the best example I can think of is how a pair of shoes can transform a simple, all-black outfit into something truly outstanding, but I also fondly recall a former co-worker whose outfits always stood out thanks to the huge, artistic necklaces she used to wear.

Many of us spend more on ethical accessory brands than clothing, and no wonder: you never outgrow accessories, meaning they can remain a part of our wardrobes for decades; they tend to stay in fashion longer than articles of clothing; and they look damn good on Instagram, too! 

Ethical Accessory Brands Perfect For Instagram

Ethical Accessory Brands

Cult Gaia Ark Bags

If you have an Instagram account, chances are you’ve seen a Cult Gaia ark bag or two. It has been the most affordable (and the probably most ethical) ‘it’ bag in recent memory. Designed and produced in L.A. from sustainable bamboo, Cult Gaia’s bags are off-beat, Japanese inspired, minimalist classics.

Image: Brown’s

Ethical Accessory Brands

Veja Shoes

Popular vegan brand Veja’s goal is to make environmentally friendly vegan shoes that not only look trendy, but make a positive impact on the planet. All of their chic, vegan-friendly footwear is made from wild Brazilian rubber and either organic or recycled cotton, and each piece is put together in ethical factories. too.

Ethical Accessory Brands

Bold Jewellery By Pippa Small

From chunky statement pieces to tiny, delicate pieces, British based designer Pippa Small makes it all. She collaborates with artisans across all corners of the globe, from Yangon to Kabul, to help artisan communities revive their traditional craft-making techniques and preserve dying arts.

Her bold use of raw stones makes her work particularly gorgeous on Instagram. These are pieces that truly stand out, for their use of colour, artistry and design.

Image:  Tierney Gearon for Pippa Small Jewellery

Ethical Accessory BrandsPippa Small

Melissa Joy Manning Rings

Once a hippy favourite, Melissa Joy Manning’s jewellery is now on every luxe fashionista’s want list – particularly her chunky rings. Manning’s work features recycled metals and traceable stones, and she has a plethora of green certifications for her processes.

But Manning is much more than just a designer and jeweler – she’s also is an educator and a mentor. She co-founded the CFDA Sustainability Committee, which is a sustainability-centered resource hub designed to provide open access resources and information specific to fashion design x business sustainable strategies. Manning is an active mentor to the designers participating in the initiative.

Ethical Accessory Brands

Kayu Bags

The very reasonably priced bags of popular brand Kayu are designed in Bali and are handmade ethically in cooperation with artisan collectives around the world. Simple, natural, vegan-friendly materials (mainly straw) are locally sourced by said artisans, which reduces their carbon footprint.

Trend tip? Get yours monogrammed! It’s done ethically by recently arrived immigrants in California, giving their incomes a boost. And they look pretty special on your IG feed, too.

Kayu BagsEthical Accessory Brands

Ethical Accessories By Saskia Diez

Everything created by ethical jewellery and accessories designer Saskia Dietz is made locally near her studio in Germany. Recycled metals, traceable gemstones and natural materials like wood and upcycled fabrics are used by her and her artisans to create everything from handbags and hair scrunchies.

With such flare and variety, no wonder this is one of my personal favourite ethical accessory brands!

Saskia Dietz

Sensi Studio Hats

Love ethical accessory brands with an ethnic touch? South American brand Sensi Studio focuses their work on creating the ultimate artisanal Ecuadorian accessory – the traditional toquilla straw hat. It’s handmade using an ancient weaving technique that is being revived and maintained by the label in not only hats, but tops, dresses, bags and other accessories, too.

Perfect for keeping the sun off your face, Sensi Studio hats also make a major statement. Isn’t your IG feed just crying out for one of these?

Sensi Studio Ethical Accessory Brands

Elvis & Kresse Bags

This innovative label got their start by recycling waste fire hoses into super cool bags for men and women. Recently, they’ve started making ethical accessories from leather scraps leftover from the production processes of other labels, including Burberry. Which just adds to their high fashion cred, right?

Elvis & Kresse

Votch Watches

Forget checking the time on your phone; the chicest way to see whether you’re late for work is to gaze at the gorgeousness of a vegan watch! And no one make them better than Votch. They’re fully dedicated to making cruelty-free styles than run on quartz based mechanics.

Their simple, Scandinavian aesthetics and excellent ethics make them a brand we’re proud to show off on our Instagram feeds!

Votch Watches

Which of these ethical accessory brands do you love the most? If you end up wearing any of these brands, tag us on Instagram and we’ll give you 20% in our shop!

Main image: Saskia Dietz.

Katy Carik

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