3 Sustainable Luxury Ibiza Villas For Social Distancing

Looking to socially distance a bit this holiday? Try one of these sustainable luxury Ibiza villas!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

There can be little doubt that in Europe, anyway, Ibiza is the number one destination for fun by the sea. It’s an island full of possibilities, where visitors can do so much! That includes setting sail with a significant other, or friends or family. Or, it could be shopping in the chic boutiques here. And of course, there’s just taking a great book and relaxing by some of the cleanest waters on the continent.

Although this island is also internationally famous for its hectic night parties, many are choosing to shy away from these wild vibes due to the current health crisis. Instead, visitors prefer to soak in the natural beauty of Ibiza, which is evident as soon as you leave the towns.

As you circumnavigate every hidden cala (beach), marina and cove, you’ll discover crystalline waters, swaying trees and bursts of colourful flowers. The ‘White Isle’ also dazzles with its delicious food and a west coast where some of the world’s most magnificent sunsets can be witnessed.

What few guests know is that this island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for biodiversity and culture. This means you’re spoiled for choice on things to do (besides partying), from snorkelling and discovering underwater fauna and flora, to visiting magnificent natural parks and ancient ruins.

Safe And Distanced

To help preserve this wild beauty, why not choose to stay in a luxury villa? It’s more eco-friendly than staying in a hotel for a few reasons. Firstly, laundry isn’t done every day, saving on water and water pollution. Secondly, there are no single use amenities, like throwaway slippers and soaps. Thirdly, there’s less food waste, as you cook your own meals and eat what and how much you like.

And if you stay with an eco-minded, sharing-economy company like Mi Casa Tu Casa, it can be even more eco-friendly! They work closely with Ibiza Preservation, a non-profit environmental organisation that has helped Mi Casa Tu Casa design more sustainable properties. Specifically, they’ve advised the  the installation of osmosis filters in the kitchens to provide drinking water, the provision of strong reusable shopping bags and the removal of single use plastic bottles of shampoo and shower gel, for example.

Moreover, they have encouraged guests to buy local organic produce by providing a list of places for grocery shopping. Last but not least, the company has gradually started to implement solar energy panels and heat pumps, as well as to reduce consumption through domestic machine upgrades and daylight sensors for external lighting.

But perhaps most importantly for many of us these days, staying in one of these sustainable luxury Ibiza villas means more ‘social distancing.’ There’s no doubt that those who fear getting Covid and who are reluctant to leave for a holiday right now would rather stay in a villa with friends and family, than a hotel with strangers.

Ready to pack your bags? Here are a few examples of some of the best sustainable luxury Ibiza villas for your next holiday.

Image credit below: itaka.pl

3 Sustainable Luxury Ibiza Villas For Social Distancing

1. Can Tomas, San Jose Hills

This three bedroom villa is ideal for some peaceful seclusion, as it is just a few kilometres from San Jose, Can Tomas. It is nestled in a mesmerising valley, with views over ancient olive and almond groves reaching out to the Cap Negret headland. It comes with a 12 metre pool, surrounded by elegant rattan chairs, which are ideal for sunbathing.

There’s plenty of room for you and several of your friends, or if you decide to go with the family, you can easily keep an eye on the kids splashing around while you read, sunbathe, or plan your fresh, organic Balearic meals.

Services include a gardener and cleaner twice a week, but you can also hire a yoga teacher, masseuse, childcare provider, chef and driver, if you like.

Price: From around $3000 per week. 

2. Can D’Alt, South Ibiza 

This chic hill-top villa features jaw-dropping views. It comes with four perfectly equipped bedrooms and truly stands above everything. The name actually gives that away — Can D’Alt, means high house in Catalan. The decor is neutrally minimalist, but modern, and everything you could possibly need is provided here, from shampoo and towels to all cooking necessities.

Beach bums will be glad to be close to the stupendous beaches of Cala Jondal and Playa d’en Bossa. Yogis will be delighted to discover that just behind the villa, there’s a large shaded hardwood deck for yoga and other types of workouts.

There’s also a salt water pool here, meaning you won’t destroy your skin with chlorine! The Sonos music system and TV loaded with English channels mean you will never get bored.

That being said, if you decide you need to be a bit more social, this villa is just a few minutes from Ibiza Town’s marina, where you can enjoy a bit of nightclubbing or shopping.

If you have something quieter in mind, it’s easy to hop on a boat and visit neighbouring isle of Formentera to check out the historic town’s boutiques and restaurants.

Price: From around $4500 per week.

Image credit #2 below: itaka.pl

3. Sa Torre, West Coast 

If you’re travelling with a crowd, this six bedroom villa will be just what you were looking for. Swimming in its 25 metre pool, exploring the beautiful gardens and dining al fresco under a flowered terrace will be the best way to bond with your fellow travellers residing in this corner of paradise.

Sa Torre is only a five-minute drive from Cala Tarida and the spacious villa will offer plenty of distractions: there’s a complimentary boat charter, so you can easily explore the turquoise waters of Ibiza, and there’s even a cinema and games room for movie and games nights!

Since there’s both underfloor heating and a heated pool here, this is the perfect villa for the cooler months, which in my opinion, are actually the best time to visit the island since it’s less crowded.

Price: From around $8000 per week. 

Sustainable Luxury Ibiza Villas Sustainable Luxury Ibiza Villas Sustainable Luxury Ibiza Villas For Social Distancing Sustainable Luxury Ibiza Villas Sustainable Luxury Ibiza Villas For Social Distancing

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