Why Handmade Jewelry Matters

It’s increasingly rare, but we love i. Here are five great reasons why why handmade jewelry matters

By Chere Di Boscio

When you think handmade jewelry, images of woven string friendship bracelets or rough crystals on a string may come to mind. But the truth is, much fine jewelry is made this way too.

In fact, artisanal fine jewelry is exploding in popularity right now. Artisans are making bespoke pieces in sheds and workshops all over the world, providing customers with one-of-a-kind pieces that are only beautiful, but (if it’s made from solid gold or silver), is an excellent investment in these uncertain times, too.

The skills required to work with metal take years to learn, and require talent. So it’s no wonder that more jewelry is being made by machines. These days, though, many people are choosing classic mens wedding bands and other kinds of jewelry that have a more artisanal touch. Because handmade jewelry is different. It has qualities that cannot be replicated in factories. It’s special. It’s artisanal.

In short, handmade jewelry matters – for lots of reasons. Here are a few.

Why Handmade Jewelry Matters

why handmade jewelry matters

1. The Exclusivity

Traditional jewelers believe that the way to sell more products is to make them as symmetrical as possible. Consequently, the jewelry industry uses precision-guided machinery to create the cookie-cutter style items you most frequently find in shops. Aesthetically, they can achieve extremely precise results…but there’s something a bit clinical about it. It all looks – and feels – too perfect. Mass-produced. 

So the first reason why handmade jewelry matters is the fact that it’s entirely different. They barely make use of any machines at all. Instead, you can actually see the handiwork that has gone into each unit, with the full talent of the creator on display. Each item is unique. And so, each item is more exclusive. 

why handmade jewelry matters

2. The Affordability

Handmade jewellery has another advantage: it tends to be a lot more affordable than its mass-produced siblings. It may seem odd, given the fact that it takes more time and effort to create handmade jewelry, but the truth is such manufacturers often have considerably lower overheads, meaning that they don’t need to pass those costs onto the customer. 

Mass jewelry makers, on the other hand, have huge expenses. These include everything from factory overheads to marketing professionals, IT staff and administrators. These costs soon add up, making the price of some store-bought items exceptionally high.

With hand crafted items, you immediately sidestep these issues.

Usually, it is a lone jeweler working quietly in a workshop to create beautiful pieces to order. Because they’re solo, they don’t face the same kind of expenses as their mainstream commercial competitors. And that allows them to get their prices down dramatically.

why handmade jewelry matters

3. Custom Made Beauty

Another reason why handmade jewelry matters is its sentimentality.

Jewellery should always carry a highly personal meaning. Whether it’s your grandmother’s ring that you wear on a chain, or a special piece made just for you, it should offer more than simply being a pretty accessory.

You can easily commission an artisan jeweler to create something infused with meaning, designed specially for your style and needs. Not only will you have a unique design, but the heart and soul of the craftsman will be in the item, too.

This concept of deep, intimate personal meaning is particularly seen in the cremation jewelry market. It’s incredible that today, you can remember a loved one in this completely unique manner; you can keep them close to you, always. And you won’t find that kind of sentiment in anything mass produced, obviously! 

Jewelry artisans can also transform an old piece of jewelry or its components into something more modern and wearable. This means not only is handmade jewelry more personal, but it’s also more sustainable, as we will learn more about below.

pippa small jewelry

4. Supporting Artisanal Traditions

Of course, the people making your jewelry count, and small, handmade jewelry companies often employ artisans keeping gold and silversmithing traditions alive.

Take Pippa Small, for example. This internationally renowned jewelry designer works closely with arts foundation Turquoise Mountain in Kabul, Afghanistan and in Myanmar to revive traditional goldsmithing work, and provides training and employment opportunities for the next generation in handcrafted jewelry creation.

In 2018, Pippa visited Jordan, and fell in love with the country and the people living there. She is now working on collections incorporating ancient motifs from the Middle East with Jordanian goldsmiths and refugees from the troubled region. She has founded a training programme there, in conjunction with Turquoise Mountain, to help bring more work to those in desperate need of it.

Pippa has also worked extensively with the goldsmiths and stone cutters of Rajasthan, inspired by the immense creativity of the artisans and the diverse flora and fauna and landscapes in the region.

You won’t find the tradition, mystery and beauty of work created by such artisans in any factory made jewelry! And what’s more, there’s no guarantee the workers who create such jewelry are paid a fair wage, as is nearly always the case with artisanal brands such as Pippa’s.

why handmade jewelry matters

5. The Sustainability Factor

The last – but main – reason why handmade jewelry matters is, for us, its sustainability.

Many people would like to see the world leave mass production behind and move back towards the small-scale production of the past. Large companies tend to have a negative effect on the environment, whereas small workshops barely make an impact. 

Indeed, artisan jewellers tend to use materials as sparingly as possible – and often, these are recycled. They often take a lot of pride in their work and the help that they provide the environment. Buyers who care about green issues get benefits too because they can make more sustainable choices

Handcrafted options also tend to use up fewer resources. There are no expensive machines, slurping up energy from the mains. And producers tend to sell to local markets, reducing transport costs. 

One great example?

Made, Found & More. This is a small, British jewellery boutique inspired by found objects and a passion for upcycling. Founder Louisa uses everything from vintage tiddlywinks, buttons, pencils and much more to create elegant earrings, necklaces and other pieces. Each piece is truly unique – and sustainable as heck!

why handmade jewelry matters

Despite the rise in AI production of all fashion accessories, there’s no doubt that handcrafted jewellery is here to say. It offers a host of advantages over the traditional variety, making it increasingly popular as a fashion choice. 

For us, the main reason why handmade jewelry matters is that it gives you something that you can cherish for years. You know that whatever item you have, nobody else in the world will have anything remotely similar.

And that’s a very special feeling. 

All images courtesy of Pippa Small

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4 thoughts on “Why Handmade Jewelry Matters”

  1. Im sorry but I think you’ve made quite a few baseless assumptions about ‘artisan jewellery’ being more likely to be a more sustainable choice. Unless you know exactly where the stones and metals being made into jewellery have come from then you have no idea of the impact they have had on the enviorment or the conditions in which they were mined.

    This article is misleading. Just becuase the jewellery is ‘artisan’ there is no guarantee that the metals or gemstones have been mined in a responsible way. You need to look more deeply into the companies who you buy jewellery from.

    1. Hi Edward! We agree 100%! Most of the jewellery we cover is recycled or otherwise sustainably sourced. However, in these times of Covid, when so many are out of work, we wanted to stress the importance of artisanal touches in jewellery (as opposed to machine made). It’s essential that companies keep human workers, more so now than ever.

  2. Chere, I like that you said that one of the reasons why jewelry buyers like buying artisan jewelry is because of its affordability compared to its mainstream commercial competitors. I’ve been thinking of starting a business since I inherited a large sum of money from my father when he passed away last March. Maybe I should consider creating artisan jewelry because I have always bee fascinated with it and would love to create my own pieces. I’ll try to research about the start-up costs and the manufacturing service that can cater to my proposed business in the city. Thanks!

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