The Best Ethical Engagement Rings For 2022

ethical engagement rings

Start your wedding off right by investing in one of these best ethical engagement rings!

By Chere Di Boscio

Many newly engaged couples look forward not only to the glamour and romance of their impending Big Day, but also to starting a family in the near future. And for those who do plan to have children, there is often a concern about what state the planet will be in when those kids are grown up.

There is no better time for couples to start ensuring they safeguard their children’s future as much as possible by consuming less, and consuming greener – starting with their ethical engagement rings.

Why you need an ethical engagement ring

As we’ve mentioned many times before here at Eluxe, diamonds can be very dirty indeed. As you probably already know, many diamonds (and other gems) come from countries with few, weak or unenforced regulations around child labour and environmental concerns. Which means unless you purchase your diamond from an ethical provider, a child may have mined your stone.

But that’s not all.

Some diamond revenues are used to fund and support suspected war criminals. For example, jewelry titan De Beers still uses so-called ‘blood diamonds’ from Africa in some of their collections. They have also been involved in a case of diamond price fixing amounting to $3 billion, through transfer pricing manipulation from 2005 to 2012. Which means you’re probably way overpaying for your diamond!

The mining of diamonds not only destroys the Earth and exploits children, but it can also displace native peoples. To illustrate, De Beer’s has been accused of forcing the relocation of the San tribe from their native lands in Southern Africa. They’ve apparently done so in order to exploit diamond resources. De Beers rejected the allegation, but Survival International considers diamond mining in the region to be a genocide of a tribe that has been living in those lands for tens of thousands of years.

Not nice.

What constitutes an ethical diamond ring?

So, how do you know if you’re buying an ethical diamond ring, then?

Well, to start with, there are some international certifications that ensure what you’re buying is ethical. Here are a few, below, for example:

However, you can also rest assured your diamond will have been ethically sourced if it’s lab-grown or vintage.

The best part is, you won’t have to win the lottery in order to afford one of these ethical engagement rings! Although they’re greener, oddly enough, they’re often not as expensive as most mainstream ‘dirty’ jewelry. That means you can actually save money – whilst saving the planet!

The Best Ethical Engagement Rings For 2022

Ethical Engagement Rings

1. Ethica Diamonds

The ethical engagement rings made by Ethica don’t get much cleaner than this! They’re not only carbon neutral and bespoke, but they’re also lab-grown, which guarantees they’re conflict free.

The other good news is that their pricing is set according to manufacturing and retail costs. Normally, brands set prices according to the (artificially inflated) fixed diamond pricing structure. In other words, these are affordable diamonds that are excellent value for money.

Handmade in Cornwall, the styles created by Ethica diamonds are absolutely up-to-the minute, delicate and modern.

Based: UK

Price range: Medium

ethica diamonds

2. Brilliant Earth

Founded by two Stanford graduates, Brilliant Earth produces refined and eco-friendly jewelry items of all kinds. But their specialty is ethical engagement rings!

Their ethical practices ensure that all of their materials come from mines that follow strict labour, trade, and environmental standards. They also only accept diamonds from areas that have Fairtrade diamond certifications.

All of their gold and platinum is recycled in order to further reduce the need for mining these materials, and part of their proceeds are donated to help diminish the unfair labor issues in other mining countries.

So which is the best ring from this brand? The one you create! Brilliant Earth has a simple three step process, allowing customers to choose the setting, diamond and cut of the ring they’ll be wearing for a lifetime.

Based: Worldwide

Price range: Medium to High

best ethical engagement rings

3. Mejuri

Mejuri is a category-defining fine jewelry brand designing high-quality pieces you can wear every day.

Admired for its inherently timeless yet playful aesthetic and recycled 14k gold products, the brand is also known not only for its ethical engagement rings, but its celebrity appeal. For example?Mejuri boasts A-lister fans, including Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, Emily Blunt and many more.

Based: Worldwide

Price range: Low to Medium

best ethical engagement rings

4. Stone and Strand

Love your rings to be a bit more understated and delicate? Stone and Strand specialise in these styles! From subtle baguettes to diamonds forming a starburst, there’s a ring design from this brand that you’ll love.

As for their ethics, the brand is a strict adherent of the standards of the Responsible Jewellery Council. This means they are audited every year by the Council to ensure they’re following responsible practices throughout their supply chain.

Normally offering engagement rings priced at just over $500, this is one of the most economical of all the ethical engagement rings brands here. But they always look much more expensive!

Based: Worldwide

Price range: Low to Medium

best ethical engagement rings

5. Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart specialise in two kinds of ethical engagement rings: those made with lab-grown diamonds, and Diamond Time Lapse stones.

The latter offers a novel approach to getting diamonds from the mine to the consumer, using blockchain technology. Each diamond’s journey is documented in real time and in extraordinary detail. They’re able to provide a full timeline of where your diamond was mined, where it was cut and polished, and what employee handled it at each stage of the process.

Lab grown diamonds—also known as ‘synthetic diamonds’ or ‘cultured diamonds’—are made in laboratories. A very small diamond ‘seed’ is either set in carbon and exposed to high pressure to create a full sized diamond that’s physically and molecularly identical to a natural mined diamond.

The result? Stunning stones you can feel great about wearing!

Based: USA

Price range: Medium to High

taylor and hart diamond

6. Lebrusan Studio

This Cherry Blossom ring by sustainable jewelry designer Arabel Lebrusan is simply stunning! It features a polished, simple band with a central round-cut diamond in a size of your choice. Two small roses complete the design as within lies 1.5mm and a 1mm diamonds with a grain setting.

These stones are responsibly sourced, of course. And they’re set in an 18ct Fairtrade gold band. The ring even comes with a certificate of origin to assure you that it was made with the most ethical materials available.

You can also see this stunning ring in our main picture. It’s simple, it’s chic, and it’s one of the most timeless ethical engagement rings in our list.

Based: UK

Price range: High

ethical engagement rings

7. Andrea Bonelli

Featuring a more classic style, Andrea Bonelli is also a jeweler dedicated to eco-friendly practices. She uses mostly recycled materials and does her best to work with outsourced stone cutters and diamond suppliers that follow ethical mining standards.

She creates ethical jewelry for all occasions. Many of her engagement rings feature simple bands and designs which add to a rustic look. She does have stores that feature her designs in California and the UK. However, if you are in any other location your best bet is to shop her online gallery.

A delicate moissanite ring cast in eco friendly 14k gold is our pick of the Bonelli bunch.

Based: Worldwide

Price range: Medium

ethical engagement rings

8. I Do Now I Don’t

Josh Opperman knows how to turn heartache into money. After being dumped by a former fiancee, he decided to sell the ring he bought for her. Wishing to sell the engagement ring for its maximum value, he created a platform where sellers could unload leftover relationship assets and buyers could find recycled jewelry at the right price.

Today, I Do Now I Don’t has grown from a simple website into a major luxury e-tail site, expanding its goods from second-hand engagement rings from prestigious brands like Tiffany’s and Cartier to now include estate jewelry and watches.

The site has been featured on Good Morning America,  CNN and more, and Opperman promises it will always remain a “green retailer” – a critical component for its customers.

Based: USA

Price range: Widely varies

best ethical engagement rings

9. Akind

The most ethical engagement rings in our opinion are those made from lab-grown diamonds. And Akind makes them beautifully!

This Swedish based brand sets their stones in recycled gold or silver, and is well known for its delicate designs. One of our favourites is their minimalistic black diamond ring. This makes an unforgettable impression as it delivers a distinctive look compared to traditional engagement rings. The diamond reveals tiny glimpses of deep ocean blue, making it super sparkling and vibrant.

But if traditional rings are more your thing, their three pronged diamond, pictured below, will always look elegant and modern!

Based: Europe

Price range: Medium

Akind diamond ring

10. Ingle & Rhode

Founded in 2007, Ingle & Rhode makes some of the most beautiful ethical engagement rings in the world! The company was born from the desire to offer an ethical alternative to traditional jewelry brands. Today, they offer the finest quality products without compromising their ethics.

Specialising in ethically sourced engagement rings and wedding bands, they use pure gold and platinum from only certified Fairtrade or recycled sources. You can easily trace their diamonds and gems back to the mines of origin. And these diamonds aren’t just guaranteed conflict-free: they also come from suppliers who treat their workers with dignity.

All their jewelry is designed and made in the UK by some of the most respected craftsmen in the industry to ensure the most exquisite finish of each piece.

Based: UK

Price range: High

best ethical engagement rings

11. Stefano Navi

Stunning jewelry brand Stefano Navi is well known for its ethical diamond engagement rings. Navi deals exclusively with sustainable lab-created diamonds. He proudly makes bespoke pieces from them that can be passed down through the generations.

You start out by choosing a setting, then you can select one of their lab-grown diamonds, and just order your ring. OR you can contact them to arrange to meet with a sketch artist. He or she will make the entire ring unique and customised to your liking and particular cultural wedding traditions.

In case you’re unsure, lab-created diamonds are diamonds in every way. They have exactly the same brilliance, sparkle, chemical composition and lustre as mined diamonds – but they’re far more eco-friendly.

Based: USA

Price range: Depends (you style the ring and choose the setting and stones)

stefano navi diamonds

12. Kimai

Founded in 2018 by childhood friends, Jessica Warch and Sidney Neuhaus, Kimai is an ethical fine jewelry brand paving the way for beautifully designed jewelry that doesn’t cost the earth. Their designs exclusively use lab-grown diamonds and 18k recycled solid gold.

The innovative brand is breaking form and tradition with their ethically sourced engagement rings collection. It consists of six styles, including modern asymmetric designs, as well as more traditional pavé bands with central diamonds.

Handmade in their Antwerp atelier, the rings can include any diamond cut or carat. They’re available in white, yellow or rose gold settings. They offer a bespoke service too (with virtual consultations, of course).

Based: USA

Price range: Medium

best ethical engagement rings

13. Anita Ko

Anita Ko is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, which ensures human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, mining practices and product disclosure are all ethically dealt with throughout the creation of each and every ring.

Ko’s unique and delicate Art Deco-inspired ethical engagement ring is one of our faves. It’s perfect for the bride-to-be who prefers a more vintage look. Cast from 18-karat rose gold, this dainty design has a hexagonal-cut diamond center and 0.20-carats of hand-set pavéd stones that reach halfway around the band. But there are many more to choose from, as you can see below!

Based: USA

Price range: High

anita ko rings

Which of these ethical diamond engagement rings is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The term ethical in this article is misleading. I appreciate all companies listed for trying… but ultimately so called ethical jewelry will come from a small artisanal maker. Scale in your jewelry business by nature make compliance to so called ethical standards more of a PR play than an Ethos… buy small. It’s the new ethical…

  2. Fantastic article, some people don’t understand or know where their engagement ring has came from and the impact it could have on the environment.

  3. Depending on your budget this is onee area with a bit of wiggle room.
    An engagement ring will be one of tthe most amazingg things you will ever buy ffor her.
    Diamond ring is the most common for engagement ceremony.

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