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By Diane Small

Beth Gerstein knows how hard it is to find ethical jewellery. When her boyfriend (now husband) Alex proposed, they searched everywhere for a conflict free diamond, and came up with nothing they liked.  Impassioned with the idea of finding something ethical to represent the couple’s love, Beth enlisted her friend Eric Grossberg to help, and together, they founded Brilliant Earth Jewellery in 2005.


Today, Brilliant Earth’s entire team, from designers and sales associates to gemologists, all aim to work to provide customers with beautiful and ethical jewellery.


The company is 100%  dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing by choosing carefully selected suppliers who adhere to the strictest labor and environmental standards, and who can demonstrate a complete chain of custody for their gemstones. To reduce the demand for additional gold mining, which is always harsh on the environment, Brilliant Earth uses only recycled gold and platinum from secondary sources. The metals are re-refined to ensure that they are identical in quality to newly mined metals, making them just as pure as any ‘new’ gold on the market.


Specialising in classically designed jewellery, their rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets are perfect gifts that last a lifetime without going out of style. And of course, Brilliant Earth is absolutely brilliant at providing future brides and grooms with the most eco-friendly engagement and wedding rings available, ensuring that they are able to mark their union with very positives symbol of love and responsibility.

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Diane Small
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