Meet KUMI Sneakers: Fighting For Animal Rights

We love Kumi sneakers for fighting for animal rights. AND we have a special promotion for you from them, too!

By Lora O’Brien

When it comes to shoes, a lot of women favour a high heel, but me? I’m a sneaker girl, through and through. While I like how glamorous heels can be, I much prefer comfort and reliability when it comes to my footwear. And hey, who said sneakers can’t be glamorous, anyway? Whether I’m wearing my jeans and a faux-leather jacket or my go-to flowing summer dresses, sneakers are my staple footwear.

And that’s why I’m always on the lookout for newer, more eco-friendly brands. So when I heard of a new sustainable sneaker brand on the block, I had to check them out. And though they may be new, they’re already epic!

Meet the KUMI creators

KUMI sneakers was born when two dream seekers gave up their nine-to-five job, taking the plunge to do something they were both really passionate about. And nothing was getting in their way – not even distance or a pandemic.

Founders Sergio and Alexandra may be from two different parts of the world, but they’re united in their passions for travelling, being immersed in nature and all she has to offer. All while wearing a cool and comfortable pair of sneakers, of course.

KUMI may have started as a project, but it has become so much more. The vegan footwear brand is helping to create a community of like-minded globetrotters that seek to leave a more sustainable footprint whenever they may step.

kumi sneakers

When plastic bottles become cool KUMI sneakers

Keen to be as eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible, all KUMI sneakers are fully vegan and made of recycled materials that reduce the environmental impact of each pair produced. And though vegan fashion once had a stigma associated with it, this is one brand proving that being vegan is far from unsustainable.

The upper part of the classic KS is made from corn and recycled plastic bottles. The sneakers are soft, resistant, easy to clean, flexible and lightweight, while the lining is made from high-tech and eco-friendly microfibre. This allows the shoe to have maximum comfort while keeping it waterproof, antibacterial and anti-odour. It’s the perfect accessory for the modern nomad, whether you’re hanging with friends or travelling the globe.

In addition to choosing eco-friendly materials for their shoes, KUMI also ensures that all of their accessories are sustainable, too, right down to their packaging and shipping. The shoes come housed in a recycled cardboard box while the shipping packaging is 100% compostable.

How the brand gives back to animals

As well as being ethical and mindful of the planet, KUMI is dedicated to giving back to the animals. The PETA-Approved, Spanish-based brand is striving to achieve a society where the rights of animals are respected so that they can lead a dignified life, free from exploitation, abuse and testing.

Alongside being vegan and cruelty-free, KUMI also collaborates with Fundación para el Asesoramiento y Acción en Defensa de Los Animales (FAADA) so they can continue their mission to achieve a society where coexistence among all living beings is based on respect.

The brand also helps local animal shelters by visiting them and creating a bond with both staff and the animals. They work closely with La Lliga per a la Protecció d’Animals i Plantes de Barcelona, an animal sanctuary that takes in abandoned, homeless and/or abused animals, and cares for them beautifully before finding them their perfect forever home.

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So, what’s in it for you?

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on a pair of Classic KS sneakers, you can help the brand to make their dreams a reality. Though the idea of KUMI was born back in 2018, the brand relied on crowdfunding to make the sustainable sneakers a reality. Hoping to launch in April 2021, there is still time to help bring these innovative sneakers into the modern world.

Using Kickstarter to launch their range, the dynamic duo is hoping to achieve their goal to provide high-quality, comfortable vegan sneakers while helping thousands of animals in need of food and a decent home simultaneously.

If the Kickstarter works efficiently, those who participated will receive their sneakers between June and July 2021, with the shoes available to buy online after that period. And get this: if you pledge just 89 Euro (about the same amount in USD, if you’re wondering), you’ll get a pair of their sneakers for your pledge. And if you pledge 139 Euro or more, you’ll get TWO pairs of shoes!

That’s a great deal!

Whether you’re eyeing up the aqua, corn, coconut, orange or forest shade of sneakers, one thing is for sure: this is a pair of shoes that you’ll want to have in your wardrobe. Plus, you’ll be doing great things for animals, and the planet.

kumi sneakers

If you’d like to learn more about KUMI sneakers, please click here.


Lora O'Brien

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