The CarryOnSummer Project By Marina Testino

Marina Testino wants you to have a more sustainable summer through her CarryOnSummer project! Here’s how

By Chere Di Boscio

Marina Testino’s project, #OneDressToImpress, was created to generate thought and discussion around our buying habits and our need to “change” (quite literally! – clothes, that is). Marina challenged herself to wear the same outfit for two months, and the results and reactions were interesting, to say the least.

As a continuation of that conversation, Marina investigated what the most essential essentials would be for a two month trip to Europe, which she embarked on with just one piece of carry on luggage. This project, which she calls, #CarryOnSummer, saw Marina visiting Barcelona, Formentera, Ibiza, and the South of France.

Marina Testino

The CarryOnSummer Project

The CarryOnSummer Project By Marina Testino inspires us to pack less. Within a single piece of carry on luggage, she had to select all the clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products she would be using for two whole months. The intention is to show us that you can live with less! And that diverse styles can be achieved despite the number of pieces available.

All in all, Marina hopes to demonstrate the benefits of traveling light, as well as conveying the message that quality triumphs over quantity. She also discourages people from shopping whilst on holiday. Though the novelty is tempting, if you limit yourself to one carry on bag, it’s harder to bring lots of stuff back!

You can see Marina wearing and using the gorgeous outfits she packed for summer on her Instagram @MarinaTestino. We caught up with her to ask more about this innovative project, and how her summer was going.

Marina Testino

What’s your top packing tip?

To not pack everything you see in your closet! Packing  a carry-on was more strategic than you think. Every item that I packed had to create at least two different outfits. If it had only one use, odds were I wouldn’t end up using it.

Why do you think it’s important to travel with as little as possible?

I don’t think it’s only important but it’s more practical, too. Travelling light makes everything easier and more comfortable, especially if you are travelling a lot.

What other tips do you have to be a conscious tourist?

It’s so easy to get carried away with shopping when you travel. I hope to encourage people to think more carefully when adding items to their bag in every single place they go.

Marina Testino

What eco features do you look for in hotels when you travel?

When I travel, I mostly stay at friends or family’s homes. Much more welcoming than a hotel, and more sustainable, too!

In terms of souvenirs, what do you usually buy, if anything?

I only buy souvenirs when I see something really special ( handmade or unique, that can only be found where I am). I used to always buy souvenirs for my siblings and then realised they never even used them! So I stopped buying things unless I knew the person would appreciate my gift.

Tell us honestly – during this project, did you ever have an awkward moment when you couldn’t put the right outfit together?

I had pre-planned all the possible outfits before starting the project. However, when some of my “key pieces” were being washed, I struggled a bit in making an outfit from what was left.

What’s been your favourite memory of this summer so far?

Just overall spending quality time with my friends and family.

What was the thing you wore most on this trip?

Bathing suits! I mainly wore the red bikini and the black full body bathing suit.

Was there anything you regretted NOT packing? Or, packing?

A hat! I don’t know how I forgot to think of packing one. I ended up stealing my friends’ hats every time we would go to the beach or anything. Every outfit needs one!

What plans do you have for future projects to show how sustainability can be fun and easy?

I don’t have any personal projects coming up, but eventually I will have another one. As for my clothing brand, Point Off View, I am creating a new sustainable collection soon.

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