Our Top Vegan Restaurants In Dublin

Whether you’re fully plant based or just want to eat something healthy, here are some of our favourite vegan restaurants in Dublin!

By Diane Small

Dublin has a lot going for it as a tourist destination. But now, there’s even more reason to visit the Irish city! That’s because Dublin was dubbed the most vegan-friendly city globally in 2019, beating out other notable contenders like Phuket, Amsterdam, and even London

Sure, the honour was given back in 2019. But since then, the number of vegan cafes and restaurants has grown, and more and more restaurants in Dublin cater to vegan preferences.

Personally, I first went to the Irish capital for a weekend. It was a super easy, cheap and short flight from London. As soon as I landed, I popped my bags into a convenient luggage storage in Dublin. Then, I headed out for a quick bite to eat!

Since then, I’ve been to Dublin several times. Here are a few of my favourite things to do.

My Favourite Things To Do In Dublin

My Favourite Things To Do In Dublin

1. Strolling Down Grafton Street

This delightful pedestrian shopping street stretches from Trinity College to St. Stephen’s Green. It’s adorned with enticing shops, cosy cafes, live music, and lively street performers. 

Whether you’re a shopping enthusiast or just enjoy people-watching, Grafton Street promises a delightful and lively atmosphere.

2. Going To The Moore Street Market

This charming cobblestone street is adorned with vendors offering an array of beautiful flowers, fresh produce, Irish artisanal products, and more. 

3. Heading Out To Temple Bar 

Yes, it’s a bit touristy, but there’s more to discover beyond the parties and fun vibes. This spot boasts fantastic pubs featuring spirited Irish music, independent shops, and captivating street art.

4. Taking A Day Tour To Blarney Castle

While the city is nice, it’s also wonderful to explore the captivating landscapes and rich history of County Tipperary and County Cork on this hassle-free day trip from Dublin. 

Aa local guide leads the way, helping you to explore the region’s top attractions, including the iconic Rock of Cashel, enchanting Blarney Castle, bustling English markets, and the scenic Galtee Mountains. You can learn more about each location through engaging commentary provided throughout the journey. It’s a truly stress-free experience with all entrance fees included. And after a long day on the tour, you can unwind with a nice pint of Guinness!

A Word About Guinness

Having a pint of Guinness is probably one of the first things tourists do when they arrive to Dublin. But as you probably know, vegans need to be careful about beer. That’s because beer makers often clarify their products with fining agents, such as isinglass, casein, or albumin. These are all derivatives of animal products, typically fish. Today, some brands use vegan-friendly fining agents but it can be hard to know for sure.

The Guinness beer brand dates back to 1759, and it contains only water, barley, hops, and yeast. For awhile, many vegans were under the impression Guinness wasn’t vegan. And That’s because it wasn’t! But you can rest assured that today, it is.

The brand is one of the few beer brands that has stopped using isinglass in its filtration process. Instead, it uses a new filtration system that’s 100% vegan friendly. It’s good to know you can enjoy your pint of Guinness with a clear conscience!

The Best Vegan Eateries In Dublin

Whether you’re seeking a vegan breakfast, brunch, or indulging in afternoon tea and cakes, there are plenty of vegan restaurants in Dublin. Here are a few of my personal favourites.

1. The Rolling Donut

This is a donut chain with multiple locations, It’s not fully vegan (there are many non vegan offerings), but there are at least three delicious vegan donuts daily. I love the variety of flavours. Gin and tonic donut, anyone? Or might you prefer rose?

Price range: From €2

rolling donut

2. Cornucopia on Wicklow Street

Cornucopia is a family-run restaurant that’s been making delicious plant based food since 1986. It’s on Wicklow Street, just off Grafton Street in Dublin City. 

They serve whole food meals, focusing on vegetarian dishes. The restaurant itself is in old-fashioned Georgian dining rooms from the 18th century. Cozy and historic!

Their menu provides a lot of different options, so it’s great for people with different tastes and diets. Whether you’re into vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, coeliac, or raw living food, Cornucopia has something for everyone. It’s a friendly place in the middle of Dublin where you can enjoy a healthy meal.

One of the best vegan restaurants in Dublin for: Vegan seitan sausage rolls, overnight oats, and pumpkin seed granola

Price range : €6.00 to €20.50

Top Vegan Restaurants In Dublin

3. Blazing Salads 

Build your own salad at Blazing Salads Food Co! This is an independent, family-run delicatessen and bakery boasting over fifteen years of expertise in crafting quality, nutritious whole foods. As a long-established, independently owned, and operated establishment, it is a premier whole-food cafe, delicatessen, and bakery.

Committed to excellence, Blazing Salads sources the finest local and organic ingredients to curate a diverse menu. From delectable soups and salads to vegan-friendly and savoury dishes, their offerings cater to various dietary preferences. 

The bakery complements the menu with assorted breads and cakes, including sugar, wheat, dairy, and yeast-free options.

One of the best vegan restaurants in Dublin for: Grabbing a quick salad, of course! But they also do soups, desserts and snacks, too.

Price range: €4.00 to €8.50

Top Vegan Restaurants In Dublin

4. Fine Dining at Glas

Located off Grafton Street, the Michelin-listed Glas is a flawless choice for tourists out on a romantic date night on the city’s south side. The ambience exudes ultra-stylish charm, marked by signature wallpapers and thoughtfully arranged foliage that accentuates an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication.

The menu at Glas is just as fancy, with dishes like creatively made rum and raisin fritters paired with Waldorf salad, green curry gel, and bitter vegan chocolate. 

The excellent food is complemented by well-made vegan-friendly cocktails and an impressive selection of wines, making your night out memorable and enjoyable. 

Every little detail at Glas, from the atmosphere to the dishes, adds to a luxurious and charming dining experience in the middle of the city.

One of the best vegan restaurants in Dublin for: Unusual, creative dishes, like Oak Smoked Celeriac or Fermented Parsnips and Elderberry Gel on Celery Crackers.

Price range: €43 (2-course meal) to €49 (3-course meal)

fine dining at glas

5. Taza

Although Pakistani cuisine varies from region to region, it’s widely recognised for certain staples that define its culinary culture. These include silky sauces, fragrant spices, and a variety of bread and relishes that come together to create dynamic flavour profiles that appeal to your senses. 

While many know Pakistan offers many vegetarian options, it also boasts a rich array of vegan dishes. These include chole, chana masala, veggie vindaloo, and vegetable curry. 

Taza strives to provide its vegan diners with a fantastic dining experience. Chef Arsad curated a menu featuring beloved classics and innovative modern twists. The welcoming and attentive staff complement the restaurant’s culinary offerings. 

One of the best vegan restaurants in Dublin for: Golgappa, vegetable pakora, aloo gobi

Price range: €7 to €15

Top Vegan Restaurants In Dublin

6. Kale and Coco on Grangegorman Lower

This establishment offers the perfect spot for a healthy beginning to your day. Their breakfast menu focuses on smoothie bowls and smoothies, while lunch options feature savoury bowls like “#Gainz” or “You Guac My World.” The focus here is on nutritious, fast food with Mexican flavours, with tacos, burritos and fajitas being quite popular. 

In addition to multiple vegan options, they also offer gluten-free choices for those with dietary restrictions.

One of the best vegan restaurants in Dublin for: Quick, healthy food.

Price range: €3 to €12.95

Top Vegan Restaurants In Dublin

7. The Hungry Mexican Restaurant

The Hungry Mexican Restaurant is conveniently located near Ha’penny Bridge. If you’ve never experienced Mexican and vegetarian cuisine, seize the opportunity at this restaurant. 

Here, patrons can indulge in delicious meals, savouring Jack fruit toastadas, toastone, and vegan tortillas. Take advantage of treats like soy meat fajitas and grande vegan nachos. 

Many diners praise the excellent staff and note that the service is pleasant. The affordable prices here are good news for customers. 

You’ll surely appreciate the fantastic atmosphere and beautiful decor. However, while this spot may have yet to receive a high rating from Google users, it’s still worth a visit to taste the flavours of Mexico and enjoy a satisfying dining experience.

One of the best vegan restaurants in Dublin for: Jack fruit tostadas, fully loaded vegan nachos. 

Price range: €6.95 to €7.99

vegan burrito

8. 31 Lennox

31 Lennox is a café/restaurant nestled in the heart of Portobello. They take pride in offering top-tier customer service within a laid-back, family-friendly, and cozy atmosphere.

Brunch at 31 Lennox embodies this vibe perfectly with its simple Italian/American-inspired menu. This restaurant proudly serves as a staple in the local neighbourhood, offering genuine fare that attracts locals seeking vegan meals. 

One of the best vegan restaurants in Dublin for: Mushroom toasts, full vegan breakfasts.

Price range: €7.50 to €14.50

mushroom soup and toast

9. WILDE Restaurant

Perched on the 2nd floor of the luxurious Westbury Hotel, the beautiful, verdant WILDE restaurant (pictured in our main image) pays homage to the renowned Irish literary figure Oscar Wilde. The restaurant captivates visitors with its exquisite aesthetics from the moment they step inside.

Transporting customers back to the opulent glamour of the 1920s, the restaurant boasts ornate soft light fixtures, sumptuous green leather banquettes, an inviting marble fireplace, and touches of gold and gloss that exude a charming elegance throughout the space.

One of the best vegan restaurants in Dublin for: Exquisite cuisine in a gorgeous setting. I had a Kerala coconut curry, which was rich and creamy, while my partner had a cauliflower risotto which he declared ‘unbelievable’. Tofu panna cotta with strawberry biscuits and champagne was out of this world!

Price range: From €32 -€60

wilde restaurant

10. Morrison Hotel Vegan Afternoon Tea

Discover the epitome of indulgence with The Morrison’s lavish Vegan Afternoon Tea, where the motto is “Vegans do it better.” Feast on an array of delectable treats, from decadent wraps and sandwiches to sumptuous cakes, scones, and brownies. Each is crafted with only the finest vegan ingredients, and served up in the most elegant way imaginable. It’s so sumptious, you may even find yourself declaring that ‘vegans don’t just do it better; we do it best!’

One of the best vegan restaurants in Dublin for: Vegan wraps, cakes, and scones.

Price range: €42 to €49

vegan tea

Diane Small

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