The Best Wood Watches for Conscious Fashionistas

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The best wood watches are sustainable, ethical and vegan friendly. Just like our selection, below!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Wood watches were once a cheap, hippy/beach bum staple, adorning the wrists of surfers who – ironically – probably didn’t really care much about what time it was. But lately, wood watches have become far more refined, often using Swiss watch makers for the mechanisms.

Wood is also far more sustainable than other mined materials used to make timepieces. But that being said, of course not everything is made from trees: the mechanics of movement will be quartz or metallic, so you’ll never wear 100 percent tree on your wrist.

Still, wood is a great and versatile material for watches, especially when it’s sourced from easily renewable materials like bamboo, or reclaimed hardwoods, like ebony, sandalwood or zebrawood, which are all endangered on some level or another.

Wood watches come with yet another benefit: they are designed to handle a bit of light water contact. Sure, they may not be as watertight as diving watches, but they don’t die if they’re submerged in a shower every now and then. Upkeep is also easy  – just wearing them on your wrist gives the wood some natural oils from those that are on your own body.

And finally, the natural, neutral colours and grains of wood mean that these watches go beautifully with just about any outfit, any time.

Here’s our pick of the best vegan friendly wood watches for conscious fashionistas – both male and female.

The Best Wood Watches for Conscious Fashionistas

Best Wood Watches

1. Jord Watches

Top American wood watch brand Jord makes some of the most luxurious sustainable wooden timepieces around. Their refined, sophisticated designs employ top quality materials in a thoroughly eco-friendly manufacturing process.

These modern watches are stylish enough for the wrists of CEOs and executives, and yet sustainable enough for activists and environmentalists.

Prices: From $139 and to $650 for limited edition pieces

2. Lux Woods

This brand originally caught our attention because of their distinguished wood watch designs, but when we looked a little closer, we realized that they have a social mission that really puts them on top!

In addition to using scrap wood pieces that would have otherwise be discarded, Lux also demands that all of their suppliers source from places that ensure the wood was sustainably harvested, and where trees were replanted.

They also actively partner with, whose mission is to plant a billion trees by 2025, and, whose mission is to end global childhood hunger.   We  appreciate a company who has such high attention to detail, and a commitment to leaving the world better than they found it.

Price: From around $79 to $99

Best Wood Watches for Conscious Fashionistas

3. WeWood

WeWood was conceived by two eco-minded Italian entrepreneurs who decided to create wooden timepieces from mostly scrap wood waste. Today, they make sharp, unique Italian designs for both men and women, and are super-dedicated to the environment – amongst their sustainability policies is the fact that they plant a tree for every watch purchased.

Prices: From around $55 to $150

4. Original Grain

These stunning, elegant timepieces look great with a pair of jeans, a chunky sweater, or a basic tee. The perfect combination of quartz technology and sustainably sourced woods sums up to make watches that are both classic and sophisticated. Any of Original Grain’s styles would make the perfect gift, whether the watch is brand new, or passed down through the generations.

Price: From $179 to $449

Best Wood Watches

5. SVENN Wood Watch

Launched in 2017, SVENN is fairly new to the world of wooden watches. But this ethical brand has already made a huge impression in the world of eco-friendly accessories. The Dutch watchmaker has perfected a range of modern yet elegant designs for men and women. And they’re romantic, too! They even offer a couple’s selection of watches so you and your other half can match in truly sustainable style. Each wood watch features high-quality materials that make investing in a wood watch for yourself or a loved one an effortless decision.

Much like jewellery, watches make a unique gift. SVENN are on our radar not only for their sleek and stylish watch designs but also for their gorgeous engraving service. Whether you’re celebrating a special birthday, a milestone or just simply showing someone that you love them, SVENN watches make a unique gift. Simply write your message of choice in your own handwriting, take a photo and include it with your order. The message – featuring your own personal ‘font’ – will then be engraved onto the back of the watch.

All watches come encased in a stunning handmade wooden box, giving a real rustic vibe to your gift, too.

6. Whiskey Barrel Watch

The perfect gift for the whiskey lover! Whiskey connoisseurs will love this wearable work of art, handcrafted from upcycled whiskey barrels. Aged wood is combined with stainless steel links to create a handsome wristband, punctuated by a classic black dial face with a cork-shaped oak crown.

This elegant timepiece produces a delicate balance between minimalist and rustic design.

Price: Around $270

7. Bobo Bird

Handcrafted from reclaimed Asian hardwoods including teak and ebony, as well as fast-growing bamboo, Bobo Bird’s eco-friendly watch designs are truly unique. I love not only the fact that these are ethically handcrafted, but also the way Bobo Bird incorporates high-tech LED technology into their designs.

Best Wood Watches Best Wood Watches

8. Nixon Wood Watches

Inspired by the sleek simplicity of mid-mod furniture and style, Nixon’s unisex wood watches are made of sustainable timber or bamboo, and are all ethically made in the USA.

Although their watches aren’t all wood (many are just metallic, for example), they are all stylish. So much so, that the brand states it has since grown to become popular with athletes, rock stars, and dedicated loyalists who also love the solid look of these timepieces.

Price: From $73 to $225


9. Tense Wood Watches

Launched in 1971, tense was one of the first ever wood watch brands, and with dozens of different models and woods to choose from, it’s no surprise they’re still one of the most popular.

From vintage to modern, minimalist to Baroque, there’s a style to suit everyone here, and all the watches are ethically handcrafted in Canada..


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15 thoughts on “The Best Wood Watches for Conscious Fashionistas”

  1. My wife bought me a Mosaiqe a few years ago, I’ve seen all the brands mentioned above and for mixture of aesthetics and function… I don’t know how they didn’t get a mention. Some of the aforementioned brands use more metal than wood.

  2. I am intrigued by wooden watches but don’t want to spend so much money on one without seeing what they look like first! Do you know if there are any shops selling them that aren’t online?

  3. Love with Such a great watch and actually would make a nice gift for my partner. These watches are so cute! It’s worth wearing as it is stylish as well as elegant in its looks. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great and epic watch designs!

  4. Love the writeup and meeting other people who love sustainable wood products!

    Another great watch line that recently came out is Pintwood!

    They do both wood bow ties and wood watches and specialize in groomsmen gift packages!

  5. Great article – love wood watches because they’re so unique. i also agree that the WeWood watches are my top favourite, also Jord watches are very elegant, i would check this review as it was very informative for me.

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