The Best Vegan Restaurants In Ibiza

Got a trip planned to Spain? Want to eat healthy? Check out some of the best vegan restaurants in Ibiza!

By Lora O’Brien

Ibiza is usually associated with massive parties, famous DJs and gorgeous beaches. But if you’ve been partying a little too hard on this island, it may be time for a detox. And going to the best vegan restaurants in Ibiza is probably the tastiest way to do so!

There are some gorgeous cafes and eateries offering plant-based meals on the island, with plenty of options. If you’re planning a holiday to Ibiza and wondering where to fill your belly, check out my pick of the restaurants below.

Many are fully vegan, whereas some happily cater to vegan diets.

Main image: Wild Beets

10 Of The Best Places For Vegans To Eat In Ibiza


1. Simbiosis Ibiza 

We’re kicking things off with one of the best vegan restaurants in Ibiza. And it was actually the first vegan restaurant, there, too! In fact, it was well ahead of the vegan trend, launching way back in the ’90’s. It features a mix of Mexican, Indian, Asian and Mediterranean influences, this is a true haven for any vegan foodie!

All of their food is homemade on the premises, even the sauces, dips and bread. Locally sourced and organic where possible, there are plenty of options to choose from. Most dishes are also gluten-free, too, so it’s the perfect place for those with sensitivities or allergies.

100% vegan? Yes

What’s on the menu: Snack on some olives, pita bread, and hummus or a vegan cheese platter while you wait for your main dish. These could include anything from zucchini lasagna, vegan burgers, raw veggie pad Thai, and much more.

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The Best Vegan Restaurants In Ibiza

2. Vegan Telesup

If you’re searching for the perfect food to stop and grab on the go, Vegan Telesup is the place. This curbside restaurant has lots of hearty, filling options. Some say it’s the best street food on the island! Prefer not to go out? No problem. You can also get this delivered if you just want to chill in your Airbnb or hotel.

100% vegan? Yes

What’s on the menu: Vegan burgers, vegan meatballs, nachos, cold soups and desserts. What else is needed?

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Ibiza

3. Mikasa Ibiza Boutique Hotel Restaurant

If you want to nourish your body on your holiday, what better place to stay at than a hotel with a fully vegan restaurant? Mikasa Ibiza is a dreamy island haven run by co-founder Sofja Mehta, who is a passionate vegan herself. 

Mikasa’s restaurant offers dishes inspired from around the globe, so it’s a real fusion of flavours. But that’s not all! This eatery uses only in-season produce and superfood ingredients. Whether it’s brunch, dinner or a refreshing smoothie to cool you off, you won’t have to worry about what you order from the menu, safe in the knowledge it’s all sustainable and cruelty-free.

No wonder some say this is one of the best vegan restaurants in Ibiza, by far!

100% vegan? Yes

What’s on the menu: It changes seasonally and weekly, but you can always find delicious smoothies, fruit bowls, burgers, tacos and pasta on the menu.

best vegan restaurants in Ibiza

4. Wild Beets

Wild Beets is somewhat a haven against the humid Spanish heat. Offering lots of seasonal raw dishes, its variety of food is fresh and hydrating. Just what’s needed when you’re sweating up a storm!

The spacious restaurant is committed to ensuring the nutritional content of each dish is perfected so that every mouthful isn’t just healthy, but is as tasty as possible, too! All the food here is made using fresh, organic and in-season ingredients, shining a light on nature’s gifts.

100% vegan? Yes

What’s on the menu: Everything! They cater for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the offerings are smoothie bowls, plant-based probiotic yogurts, vegan omelettes, pancakes, mezze bowls, and shiitake meatballs. Honestly, this is THE place to visit for variety!

best vegan restaurants in Ibiza

5. Es Figueral 

If you’re looking for the best vegan restaurants in Ibiza for food and ambience, Es Figeural is it! This is a cosy lounge with live music every Thursday. The perfect spot to soak up the spirit of Spanish culture, this beautiful restaurant is beautiful with tasty artisanal recipes. Everything is vegan-friendly, from the wine to the food. 

They also offer catering, so this seems like an ideal place to enquire further if you’re planning an Ibiza wedding and are looking for your food to be vegan-friendly and delicious!

100% vegan? Yes

What’s on the menu: Cold-pressed juices, homemade kombucha, falafel salads and meat-free moussaka. Have a sweet tooth? Their chocolate brownie comes highly recommended!

6. Amor Crudo

If you’re wanting to experience some personal cooking, Maribel is the heart and soul behind Amor Crudo. She makes delicious food to help visitors fall in love with healthy food. With love and passion, she prepares vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan meals, and she alone runs the restaurant.

You won’t wait for waiters ready to serve you here – you just serve yourself! Maribel prepares the food and you choose exactly what you want to eat. Everything is made using local ingredients and is prepared fresh each day. Definitely one of the best vegan restaurants in Ibiza for picky eaters!

100% vegan? Yes

What’s on the menu: The menu changes to use seasonal produce, but there are lots of delicious offerings, from hearty vegan chilli to decadent vegan desserts.

7. Can Domingo

If you want to experience some fine dining like in Ibiza, Can Domingo is one of the best vegan restaurants in Ibiza for you. It has a vegan menu curated by chef Giuseppe, who studied at a Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant in Milan. So you can be rest assured that not only will the dishes taste out of this world, they’ll look like artwork on the plate, too!

100% vegan? No, but the restaurant offers a vast vegan menu.

What’s on the menu: There are lots of sophisticated vegan options, from veggie ceviche, fried aubergine, almond pesto and more.

can domingo ibiza

8. Aubergine 

Soak up the countryside with a visit to Aubergine. The charming restaurant is surrounded by flowering gardens and has a menu that focuses on farm-to-table Mediterranean cuisine. There are two terraces for dining outdoors as well as cosy interiors for the colder, winter months. Often, you’ll find live music, art exhibitions and mini markets to truly encompass the country-chic dining experience. 

All food is seasonal, and veggies used in dishes come from either the surrounding land or from nearby farms, so you’ll be dining on super fresh, organic produce.

100% vegan? No, but there are lots of veggie and vegan options even on the BBQ, and you can request pretty much every dish to be made vegan friendly.

What’s on the menu: fresh salads, buddha bowls, and BBQ tofu skewers

best vegan restaurants in Ibiza

9. Eat Is Life

One thing you won’t find at Eat Is Life is bland, boring food. Nope! This restaurant is one of the best vegan restaurants in Ibiza for new or reluctant vegans, as it showcases just how delicious and vibrant eating better can be. The food is satisfying, full of flavour, variety and taste! 

100% vegan? It’s vegetarian with lots of vegan choices.

What’s on the menu: Entrees such as soup or hummus, protein rich lunches and tasty desserts! The best thing by far is their adaptable juices. Simply look on the menu and adjust your juice to what your body needs. Whether you’re hungover, in need of an energy boost or just want to revitalise, their juices are like magical potions.

eat is life ibiza

10. Honest Bar

Honest Bar is a small family owned vegan cafe with lots of delicious food available. Perfect for those on a detox, this eatery specialises in vegan, vegetarian and raw alkaline food. Founded by a gardener and nutritionist, everything on the menu is good for the body, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients to make dishes that have visitors frequently returning for more. 

100% vegan? Yes

What’s on the menu: Raw energy balls, fruity vegan ice creams, veggie loaded burritos, courgette spaghetti and raw organic fruit cakes are just some of the dishes available.

honest bar ibiza

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