Meet Bebebark, Our New Favourite Vegan Bag!

Looking for a vegan bag to fall in love with? Meet bebebark, our new favourite handbag!

By Chere Di Boscio

Women have a funny relationship with handbags. Some of us collect them – we buy them as a treat for ourselves. For example, a good friend of mine treated herself to a Birkin when she was made a partner at a hedge fund. Another bought herself a Falabella bag after she went vegan for a year.

Me, I fixate on a few bags. No matter how many I may have, I always use the same one or two. And one I use regularly is my Bobobark backpack.

Made by LaFlore Paris, this black cork, fully vegan bag is my go-to work bag. It’s light, it’s chic, and it fits my laptop perfectly. I’ve also never been stopped in the street by admirers so often! They ask where I bought it, and of course, I ‘m happy to direct them to their website to order one.

And so when I learned that LaFlore Paris has created a new bag – a mini-version of the Bobobark, I couldn’t resist getting one. And I am obsessed!

Meet Bebebark, Our New Favourite Vegan Bag!

Meet the bebebark

LaFlore believes strongly in sustainability. Not only in terms of materials – they use natural cork leather – but also in terms of function. Like their Bobobark, the bebebark bag is multifunctional. It has been designed to be three bags in one, and converts from a mini-backpack to a shoulder bag or crossbody to a clutch in seconds.

The bebebark is handmade from premium, earth-friendly materials and handcrafted by skilled artisans. Their unique design embodies classic French style combined with modern sensibilities and slightly vintage proportions.

While the Bobobark bag came only in black (as far as I know), the bebebark comes in a range of hues, from burgundy and sage to sapphire blue. All come with the brand’s trademark orange lining and brass hardware.

Meet Bebebark, Our New Favourite Vegan Bag!
Considered features

The bag’s features have been very carefully considered by the designers. For example:

  • It’s eco-friendly inside and out: Cork leather is vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable. And did you know that cork is a zero-waste industry? All leftovers are turned into chipboard. The vibrant orange lining is made from recycled cotton.
  • It’s durable: Cork leather is fully waterproof and is actually three times lighter than traditional leather
  • It’s made for serious organisation: The bag has tons of pockets! There’s a large zippered pocket at the centre, a padded tablet compartment, an easy-access phone pocket, and a port built into the pocket for a charging cable. Just like its Bobobark mama!
  • It merges style with function: A brass clamshell clasp opens 180 degrees for a wide, clear view into the bag and the new convertible system makes changing configurations a “snap”
  • It comes with three different straps: handheld, a chain/cork leather crossbody strap, and backpack straps. They’re easy to take off and put on.
  • The bag actually holds a remarkable amount of stuff:

It’s actually rare to find a bag that is so perfectly designed!

Meet Bebebark, Our New Favourite Vegan Bag!

The talent behind the label

Another feature I love about the brand is that this is a joint father/daughter venture! Dad Elie Seroussi is a 30-year fashion industry veteran. Growing up in the center of Paris, he developed a strong taste for fashion and craftsmanship. His first fashion house, CECILE & JEANNE, opened when he was only in his late twenties, and since then, he has built it into the well-known brand it is today, with 10 boutiques in some of the best locations in Paris.

More recently, he has worked with his daughter, designer Natacha Seroussi, to co-found the LaFlore Paris brand, a boutique vegan accessory label headquartered in the historic Le Marais district of Paris.

Natacha, who is Elie’s eldest daughter, keenly observed his work from a very young age. Growing up at his side, she learned much about fashion, the arts, and nature from her dad. After completing her studies in the arts, Natacha partnered up with her mentor and biggest supporter – her father.

They’re the perfect team, with a singular vision: they aim to create a brand that combines the essence of who they are and what they believe in. They want to create products that are sophisticated, elegant, and modern, as well as eco friendly, vegan, and ethically produced. A brand new kind of French fashion was born from their blended talents – LaFlore Paris, where ethics meet aesthetics.

So incredible are the duo’s designs that their first crowdfunding effort, the Bobobark convertible backpack, became the most funded women’s handbag in Kickstarter history! Whoa, right? The campaign raised $1.39M from more than 6,400 backers and an additional $800k on Indiegogo from 3,500 backers.

Meet Bebebark, Our New Favourite Vegan Bag!

Since their incredible initial success, Elie and Natacha have been continuously looking for ways to improve and expand the LaFlore Paris brand, while staying true to their brand mission of sustainability, minimal waste, and classic elegance.

The bebebark bag is the result.

It’s the perfect bag for work, elegant nights out, or simply everyday use.

If you’d like to know more about the bebebark bag, please click here.

Chere Di Boscio

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