Vegan Detox Products To Boost Your Health

Feeling run down? Somehow….unclean? Got dull skin and hair? These vegan detox products can help!

By Lora O’Brien

Modern living can come at a great cost to our health. We’re constantly surrounded by air pollution, food sprayed with toxic chemicals, and polluted water (even tap!). Our gardens are sprayed with pesticides, and we’re bombarded by harmful wifi frequencies. The cosmetics, cleaning products and even clothing we use are comprised of dangerous chemicals. Some people even suffer from addictions to drugs and alcohol.

In short, literally all of us are probably in need of a good detox.

To aid the efficient running of vital organs such as the liver and kidneys, it’s a great idea to adopt healthy everyday practices, such as eating a clean diet. But you can also go on detox retreats or buy commercial detoxing products to help flush toxins out. (Given that livestock are exposed to the same contaminants humans are, we’d recommend vegan detox products, and that’s what we’ll discuss in more detail, below.)

How do our bodies become full of toxins?

Antigens are substances on the surface of cells, viruses, fungi, or bacteria. Toxins such as chemicals, drugs, unhealthy foods and even too much of what’s in our own body (like hormones) can also be considered antigens. The problem? When you’re bombarded by toxins, the immune system tries to destroy them, and might get overworked. That means you feel run down, and are more likely to get sick.

Below are different kinds of toxins you should know about:

Emotional toxins: Negative emotions have negative effects on the body. They can cause disruptions in the nervous and endocrine systems, creating an excess of hormones like cortisol, which become toxic to the body.

Lifestyle toxins: These are found in a poor diet, especially packaged, corporate food. Think: alcoholic beverages, soda, processed and sugary foods. But that’s not all: cigarettes, coffee and prescription medicines fall into this category, too.

Environmental toxins: These are toxins you’ll find surrounding you in everyday life, from polluted air and water to industrial products such as pesticide chemicals and glyphosate. They’re also in many mainstream household cleaning products..

Signs your body needs a detox

In modern life, we tend to accept ill health all too easily. When you feel bad, whether it’s unexplained fatigue or bloating, it’s a sign that something in your body is amiss. Pay attention! If you’re wondering what some of the key signs your body might display when it’s overloaded with toxins, they are:

  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Feeling irritable
  • Unstable emotions, such as lack of motivation, energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Depression
  • Blemishes
  • Craving junk food
  • Skin conditions like eczema
  • Allergies
  • Bloating
  • Puffiness, especially around the face and eyes
  • Signs of poor immunity, such as getting repeat infections
  • Inability to focus
  • Lack of quality sleep

All of the above symptoms are indications that you might need to try some vegan detox products, such as those below.

Simple ways to detox the body 

There are loads of natural ways you can help aid the body in detoxing. Here below are some small yet impactful ways to optimise your body’s natural detoxification system:

Drink less alcohol: 90% of alcohol is metabolised in your liver. So regular excessive alcohol consumption will reduce your liver’s ability to maintain its normal functions, one of which is detoxifying. Not to mention it can severely damage the liver causing fat buildup and inflammation.

Stay hydrated: We all know the drill: stay hydrated. But drinking water does more for the body than simply quenching our thirst. It regulates our body temperature, lubricates joints, aids nutrient absorption and helps to detoxify the body. This happens by removing waste products from our blood. So chug, chug!

Get quality sleep: We’ve all gone to bed early, scrolled aimlessly on our phone and then had disturbed and broken sleep. Getting quality sleep allows our brain to reorganise, recharge and eliminate toxins that our body has accumulated throughout the day.

Clean up your diet: Reduce processed foods, and you’ll reap so many rewards health-wise. Not only is a high consumption of highly processed foods linked to obesity and chronic diseases, but having excess fat can block the body’s natural ability to detox. This can then harm organs that play a crucial part in cleaning your body, such as the liver and kidneys. Some of the vegan detox products, below, can and should be consumed daily.

Clean up your home, and beauty routine, too! Stop using mainstream cleaning products that are full of chemicals. Swap over to natural brands instead. The same goes for your cosmetics and skincare products. This will reduce your exposure to intentionally toxic chemicals you’d otherwise be inhaling. Check out our suggestions for non-toxic deodorants, moisturisers and shampoos.

(Note: If you suffer from addictions, and need drug and alcohol treatment, please seek professional advice.)

Vegan Detox Products To Try

1. Pursoma Digital Detox Bath

You don’t need a diet to cleanse. Did you know that certain kinds of baths are also detoxing?

Made from pure, raw vegan ingredients, this digital detox bath is a powerful way to aid in environmental detoxification.

Sea salt helps to naturally stimulate circulation and blood flow. This helps stiff joints and sore muscles, while also opening the body’s cells for deep internal cleansing.

The addition of montmorillonite clay works like a magnet to attract unhealthy, positively charged radiation that accumulates in the body thanks to modern technology, like smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices.

This is one of the few vegan detox products that acts as a reminder to put down your cell phone for once!

Detox time: Bathe as often and as long as feels good

Price: $34

Best for: Healing the bodies of those who are addicted to technological devices.

2. Lashile Vegan Detox

This is one of the tastiest vegan detox products on our list!

Lashilé Beauty Good Detox Essential Boost gummies detoxify the body with their complex base of plant ingredients such as pansy and wild birch, probiotics, and other essential nutrients. These all lend a balancing, cleaning, remineralising, draining, healing and soothing effect. These are suitable for all skin types and genders.

Oh, and unlike traditional gummies, they contain no gelatin and are easy to digest.

Detox time: 30 days

Price: £25

Best for: Easy, and tasty, detoxing.


3. Brazilian Belle

Brazilian Belle is a gentle and natural detox and cleanse that actually helps you to shed toxins – and weight. The tea has no artificial ingredients, fillers or laxatives so you won’t have to move in next to the bathroom while taking it.

Made from premium Oolong, green tea, Pu’erh tea and other plants, this blend is made to help you detox and boost your metabolism.

Brazilian Belle have also shared a special discount code for all our readers! For 10% off use the code ELUXE10 at the checkout.

Detox time: Drink two cups of tea daily for 15 days

Price: $29     

Best for: Flushing toxins out the body and slimming down

4. Tea & Tonic High Spirits Wellness Tea 

Tea & Tonic is a British brand that makes lots of healing teas. They have different brews for different issues, from insomnia to stress to helping the immune system.

Their High Spirits tea is perfect for a natural detox. It energies, uplifts and refreshes the body while aiding digestion and circulation – in a truly delicious way. The clean, fresh flavours of white tea, peppermint and eucalyptus with delicate floral superherbs make this tea a delicious treat. And if you’re not a fan of warm tea, you can try it ice-cold, too.

Detox time: This is one of those vegan detox products you can take as long as you like.

Price: $20     

Best for: Helping reduce stress and boosting the immune system

5. Osmosis Wellness Immune Activator

When it comes to healing the body, fighting bugs and repairing damage, the body uses oxygen. Osmosis Wellness’s Immune Activator contains a patented, stabilised oxygen molecule that works to empower the immune system. It enhances the overall immunity of the body both inside and out while helping to oxygenate cells.

This product:

  • Provides internal defence against oxidative stress
  • Detoxifies and enhances repair activity
  • Helps strengthen overall immunity and oxygenates the cells

It couldn’t be easier to use: simply dispense a full dropped under the tongue once per day for 5 minutes before swallowing. You can also use it topically on skin if you have eczema, psoriasis, cuts or any other condition in need of urgent TLC.

Detox time: 30 days

Price: $120     

Best for: Boosting immunity to avoid winter bugs and Covid

6. The Beauty Chef Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder

This Inner Beauty Powder is a testament to the power of greens! It will make your body more alkaline – remember, disease thrives in an acidic environment! Its over 45 different fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots, algae, grasses and herbs all help to detox your body from the inside out.

As a further bonus, the product’s gut-loving probiotics really help to support a clear complexion while promoting a healthy digestive system. That means less bloating, more energy and glowing skin. What’s not to love about vegan detox products like this?

Detox time: Take daily for as long as you need to

Price: $69

Best for: Building up healthy gut bacteria to support better immunity and skin

vegan detox products

7. Detox Boost by INSENTIALS

A good detox helps your body to eliminate toxins and to energise the mind. To be able to give your body the reset it craves, your liver needs energy, which it derives from antioxidants. The new super charger comes now from the Belgian vitamin brand INSENTIALS. 

This power proven detox blend with milk thistle, artichoke, choline and glutathione for the stimulation of your liver cells will help to eliminate toxins in your body, lose weight and feel lighter. 

Detox time: Take a detox cure several times/ year, one pill daily, recommended for at least 3-6 months.

Price: Around $85 for 30 Pills

Best for: Liver cleansing and weight loss.

Detox Boost by INSENTIALS


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