Gorgeous Clothing Brands For Sensitive Skins

Whether its sheets or underwear, these clothing brands provide great stuff for sensitive skins

By Mito Sano

It’s a sad fact that people with chronic skin conditions and allergies are rising. Contact dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis are some of the most common issues. But there are also others, such as hidradenitis suppurativa, which though rarer is no less uncomfortable.

Sure, cozy sweaters for winter are lovely for most to cuddle up in. But for those who have such conditions, clothing can be a nightmare when it rubs against their skin. Not only can the friction of certain fabrics make conditions worse, but toxic dyes and clothing finishes can exacerbate skin problems. And in a world rife with cheap fast fashion, it’s vital we shop better.

Luckily, more brands are creating clothing made from fabrics not only good for the planet but our sensitive skin, too!

What to look for if your skin is sensitive

If your skin is sensitive, you’ll no doubt be aware of what it feels like to wear clothes that irritate the skin, but it’s important that we all seek healthier textiles when it comes to clothing. What we wear is in close proximity to our skin, and even if our skin shows no signs of being irritated, it’s still better for overall health to shop for garments which are kind to our skin.

If you’re trying to look for better options, rest assured, there are plenty out there that we talk about further down. But for now, let’s take a look at what we should be looking for in clothing to help our skin. 

1. Choosing a fabric

By far the most important factor when shopping for sensitive skin-safe clothing is the material. There are some seriously soft textiles that won’t irritate sensitive skin. These include: hemp, TENCEL, bamboo Lyocell, and organic cotton.

Not only are these soft, but they’re also highly breathable. Since they’re natural, they won’t trap moisture or bacteria. Linen also has these qualities but often isn’t as buttery soft as those textiles mentioned above.

It’s important to find brands that use organic materials. Otherwise, even if they’re plant-based, they might use pesticides, chemical finishes and dyes that could still irritate your skin. Not to mention no one wants those rubbing against their skin!

2. Get loose and comfortable

I don’t know about you, but as I get older I prioritise comfort clothing over restrictive clothing. It fits better and makes me happier. Who wants to be digging tight seams out of your skin throughout the day? Nope!

So, if like me, you’re looking for the best kind of clothing for sensitive skin, looser designs are less likely to cause friction. And when it comes to things like bras and underwear, avoid underwire, lace details, metallic buckles and snaps.

3. Don’t forget to clean up your detergent, too!

Even the most natural, soft, organic clothing and bedding that’s perfect for sensitive skin will develop into something less so if washed with chemical detergents. Think about it: you spend a fair amount ensuring the quality of your clothing is top tier. So why would you wash it with a slew of chemicals? Yikes!

Shockingly, in many cases, it’s not so much the clothing that’s irritating people’s skin – it’s the detergent. So, avoid laundry products with heavy fragrances, harsh chemicals and bleach. In fact, go for the most organic, gentle brands possible. And remember, even some unscented detergents can still have a masking fragrance which can lead to irritation or sensitivity.

4. Remember bedtime

Those with easily irritated skin sometimes forget to care for it at bedtime. Yep, I’m talking pyjamas, of course. But it’s not just what we wear to bed, it’s also our bedding, too. If you’ve spent your day caring for your skin in suitable clothing but are hitting the sheets made from the wrong materials, then you’re pretty much undoing the hard work. To avoid irritation, go for bedding that’s made from the same fabrics mentioned above.

harvest & mill clothing

The Best Clothing Brands For Irritated Skin

There are many reasons why our skin can feel painful, from chronic skin conditions, sunburn, or due to having just had surgery to name a few. Luckily, here below are some of the best clothing brands that really take care of sensitive skin. But even those who don’t have a skin issue will find these non-toxic brands wonderfully soft and comfortable!

1. WAMA Underwear

Granted, not everyone thinks of hemp and visualises softness. But hemp can actually be super soft and comfortable – which is why WAMA uses it to make their underwear.

Naturally anti-bacterial with anti-odour properties, it’s an ideal fabric to wear in sensitive areas. Hemp is also breathable, so your skin can relax while wearing it. And it only gets softer after each wash, bonus!

The design process behind each garment is lengthy because WAMA has a strong sense of aesthetic. They simply won’t accept a style that’s less than perfect. Every detail from the stitches, colours and overall design has been carefully planned. So much so  that those who choose hemp underwear will never want to wear anything else!

What they sell: Everyday undies to provide long lasting comfort from morning to night, for men and women.

underwear for sensitive skins

2. Brooklinen

It’s not just clothing for sensitive skin you need. It’s your bedding, as well! We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so our bed should be comfortable and good for our health. Fabrics such as polyester are often used to make cheap bedding. But it surely comes at a cost to your health considering the fact skin can’t breathe against polyester.

Brooklinen was created to provide simple, beautiful and high quality bedding at a fair price. Their approach is beautifully simple: quality above anything else. Most bedding retails for 10x what it costs to make, but Brooklinen removes many unnecessary costs to deliver the best possible value to you and your home.

What they sell: Beautifully affordable bedding that will feel heavenly against your skin; bath towels and loungewear.

bedding for clothing for sensitive skins

3. Harvest & Mill

If you’re looking to invest in some staple sustainable clothing that you can lounge about the house in but which also looks stylish enough to run errands, Harvest & Mill is the place to shop. From organic sweatpants to naturally dyed socks, their garments are all perfect for those cosy weekends lounging at home. 

The brand is based in Berkeley and uses only organic cotton grown in the US for all of its products, which are each sewn locally in the Bay area. Not only are the products great for sensitive skin, but the brand is kind to the planet, too, with significantly fewer emissions, less energy and water use, and a shorter supply chain. What’s not to love?

What they sell: Comfy loungewear and socks!

Harvest & Mill clothing

4. Baserange

Sometimes, the best things are the simplest. Baserange is a brand dedicated to making clothing for sensitive skin while showcasing modern, minimalist clothing with clean lines and easy silhouettes. Made from natural and recycled materials, each item is made to withstand time.

Since its launch, the brand has been dedicated to improving all aspects of its business to be as ethical as possible, from reducing environmental impact at every stage to reducing their water consumption and using natural dyes. Working closely alongside its producers, they source and develop quality textiles made from natural fibers and recycled content. They use fabrics such as hemp, linen, wild silk, wool, organic cotton, bamboo and regenerative fabrics.

What they sell: Underwear and outerwear with minimalist designs for a simplistic wardrobe

clothing for sensitive skin

5. Boody

From high quality, sustainable everyday basics to relaxed essentials, all of Boody’s vegan garments are amazing. They’re crafted using organically grown bamboo and are created with one goal in mind: to make you feel good.

Bamboo is used because it’s a highly breathable textile that your skin will love. It’s also so soft and comfortable, making it perfect for garments that sit close to the skin. I’m talking underwear, socks and everyday basics.

Behind the scenes, Boody is dedicated to caring for the planet, too. Their factories use state of the art computer knitting machines to create seamless garments, reducing their waste. The bamboo textiles used are organically grown without toxic pesticides or fertilisers. They even use rainwater to grow their bamboo, and all water used in the production process is recycled and reused.

What they sell: Underwear, clothing and accessories

clothing for sensitive skin

6. Ettitude

Ettitude is a brand that knows the importance of creating clothing for sensitive skin. Their eco-friendly products take care of the earth, as well. The mission is simple: to create next-gen fabrics and products which reduce their impact while supporting your health and that of the planet, too. This is why they use regenerative resources, such as bamboo. Bamboo grows quicker than it can be harvested. It also stores more carbon than trees and it helps to regenerate degraded lands.

Furthermore, Ettitude has a 100% traceable supply chain so you can shop with confidence that you’re helping to be a part of the change for a better future.

What they sell: Bedding, towels, bathrobes and clothing. They even have a baby range which is perfect for new parents.

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