How To Do Office Yoga Without Looking Weird

By Diane Small

By now, we’ve all heard that ‘sitting is the new smoking‘. Study after study warns that sitting on your butt all day can lead to muscular atrophy, poor posture, heart disease and even increases your risk of breast and colon cancer. What?! The worst part is that unlike smoking, apparently the damage done of a highly sedentary lifestyle cannot be undone.

But the fact is – with few exceptions – most of us sit at desks all day for work. While that is slowly changing, thanks to the introduction of standing desks, for example, it seems rather hard to believe that desk jobs will just disappear in the near future.

So what’s an office worker to do?

Luckily, combating the dangers of sitting around all day can be done, just as avoiding DVT can be done on a plane. The secret is to keep moving, and one kind of exercise you can do rather discreetly at your desk (and even on a plane) without looking like a total fitness loon is: office yoga.

In case you don’t know, yoga isn’t just an exercise routine: it’s a booster of fitness, mood and overall health. Some of the many benefits of yoga include:

  • Improved posture & balance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Increased blood flow & self esteem
  • Ups heart rate
  • Makes you happier
  • Helps you focus & sleep deeper
  • Lowers blood sugar & blood pressure
  • Releases tension

Despite these benefits, obviously it’s not a good idea to start doing downward dogs in your cubicle (especially if you’re wearing a particularly short skirt) and there are few poses indeed that you can easily do in a tailored jacket. But with a little imagination and the help of this infographic from the JFK blog, you can do a bit of office yoga every day without people thinking you’re too weird.  And just in case you do get a bit of shade thrown your way, our infographic also offers up entirely plausible excuses to tell your colleagues.

Let’s get started!












Main image:Earl McGehee on Wikicommons

Diane Small

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