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10+ Homemade Plastic Free Christmas Gifts

Got some time on your hands? Feeling crafty? Check out these homemade plastic free Christmas gifts! By Arwa Lodhi Christmas is undoubtedly a seriously wasteful time of year, with its discarded wrapping, single-use greeting cards, food scraps and unwanted…

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Catch A Buzz! 10 Honey Based Beauty Products

Honey based beauty products can calm even the most inflamed skins. Here are some of the best! By Holly Litchfield Honey is such a gift from nature. It can soothe a sore throat, cleanse wounds, and tastes great in…

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How Green Are Plant Based Leathers, Really?

They sound great on paper. But how green are plant based leathers, really? By Roberta Fabbrocino Oh my, but it can be exciting to hear about vegan leather alternatives! Pinatex, made from pineapple leaves. Desserto, created from cacti. Apple…

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COVID 19 And The Rise Of Fashion Resale

Government imposed lockdowns have had a devastating effect on people’s lives. However, there is at least one great new trend arising from them. See how COVID has contributed to the rise of fashion resale By Harleen Dorka Most markets…

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7 Sustainable Sweater Trends We Love For 2021

These sustainable sweater trends will keep you warm for 2021 and beyond! By Gina Gambhir As with any other wardrobe must-have, sustainable sweater trends have undergone several stylistic changes over the years.  Once upon a time, wives would knit…

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Why Streaming Is Bad For The Environment

You might not think watching a video is as bad as using an electric oven. But it is! Here’s why streaming is bad for the environment By Roberta Fabbrocino Since lockdowns began, we’ve all been glued to our screens…

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Frida Rome: Vegan Bags With An Edge

By Roberta Fabbrocino Valentino did it with their Rockstud shoes and bags. But fashionistas looking for cruelty-free accessories with a touch of punk were stuck. Until now! British sustainable fashion brand Frida Rome offers vegan bags with an edge.…


YES! This Kick Ass Female Bodybuilder Is 100% Vegan

It’s hard to believe this vegan female bodybuilder was once obese, abused and depressed. Here’s her remarkable story! By Gina Gambhir Once upon a time, the perception of attaining elite level fitness often meant overloading on an animal rich…

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10 Quietly Eco Friendly Fashion Brands

These quietly eco friendly fashion brands may not be as familiar as better known ones, but they’re just as green! By Mariam Ghaidan Going green in fashion can be done in many ways. Clothing can be made locally or…

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The Best Natural Mouthwashes – Zero Alcohol!

The best natural mouthwashes are free of all nasties – and that includes alcohol! Here’s why By Courtney Yalen Of all the personal hygiene battles we face every day, perhaps fighting bad breath is one of the most common.…

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My Experience Of Ayahuasca At

Thinking of trying this plant medicine? Here’s what happened when I took Ayahuasca at By Pierre Berthelot When you think of what Ayahuasca retreats look like, you probably imagine sweaty Amazonian huts in the middle of the jungle.…

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Is Digital Fashion Week More Sustainable?

Virtual fashion weeks are more common every season. But is digital fashion week more sustainable? By Alex Chenery-Howes All the big fashion weeks are just around the corner, and there have been many conversations surrounding the fact that they…


Is Ethical Fashion Racist? See Why I’d Say Yes!

Is ethical fashion racist? If you ask me, yes! Here’s why. By Dominique Drakeford Let’s keep it real: the fashion industry is an engine that’s driven by modern slavery, whose success manifests from darker skinned people in what’s often…

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Eco Village Bali: Heaven On Earth?

What would it be like to plan and live in an eco community? We asked the man behind Desa Alam Indah, a.k.a. the Eco Village Bali, to share his experience By Kurt Beckman In the dawn of  2015, we…

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His OR Hers: 15 All Natural Unisex Perfumes

Gender divisions are more blurred now than ever, and these all natural unisex perfumes are an example of the zeitgeist By Annie Gillman Calvin Klein was the first to introduce a unisex scent back in the 90s with CK…

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5 Myths About Vegan Diets – Busted!

There are a lot of myths about vegan diets. It’s time to get the truth!  By Heather Russell Nutrition can seem a bit daunting at times, particularly if you’re interested in eating a vegan diet. Some say that it’s…

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What Is Euphoric Beauty? How To Get The Look

It’s the hugest trend in makeup right now. But what is euphoric beauty, exactly? By Grace Murray If you’re anything like me, boredom has provoked some desperation for physical change. Whether it’s box-dyeing my hair at home, cutting my…