How To Dress For Better Luck: Expert Tips

Want to learn how to dress for better luck? We asked a feng shui expert for advice!

By Roberta Fabroccino

Have you ever noticed that good things tend to happen to you when you wear a certain item? Or conversely: you never seem to have great luck when you do? Do you have a lucky charm?

We’ve all felt that 2020 was a year that lacked in luck. So if you want the future to bring better things, why not apply some feng shui principles to your wardrobe?

An ancient practice

This traditional, thousands-years-old practice originating from ancient China helps you to harmonise yourself with your surroundings as a way of achieving balance.

The principles of feng shui, a term that literally translates as “wind-water,” can be integrated into several aspects of our lives. They are very commonly used by interior designers, engineers and architects – in the East and in the West – to create balanced, harmonious homes. In fact, there are even loads of decor tips you can use to make your house luckier and more comfortable, depending on your zodiac sign. Click here to learn how!

But did you know some of the same principles though can also be applied to your fashion choices? If done right, learning how to dress for better luck using feng shui could bring you more auspicious days and help you to feel more energised and balanced. 

We asked feng shui expert Marites Allen for her best tips on how to dress for better luck.  

Marites is popularly known as the “Philippine Feng Shui Queen” for her contributions promoting feng shui around the world. She is the first Filipina to be awarded the prestigious title of “Master in Feng Shui” by the International Feng Shui Association in 2013.

Marites has cultivated her wide following through close to two decades of generously sharing her feng shui expertise via different platforms: as host of a TV show, at annual conventions, via books, radio and TV appearances, and through social media activities.

She broke new ground in retail by specialising in fashionable feng shui pieces with the inception of Frigga Charmed Life, her own unique fashion brand that’s designed to help you dress for better luck.

Expert Tips On How To Dress For Better Luck

how to dress for better luck

How do we start to know how to dress for better luck?

To start off, you need to know about your Chinese horoscope, which you can find here. Once you know your animal sign, the chart will also tell you the numbers and colours that work best for you. You can also see your destiny chart, here.

Are there any specific lucky colours for this year?

There is not a ‘luckiest’ colour for 2021 per se, as it depends on each individual’s time of birth, animal sign, and what year it currently is, determined in each person’s destiny chart for the year.

In general, though, lucky colours are broken down into the five elements. These are:

  • Earth (neutral or earth tone colours) – bring stability and grounding
  • Water (black & blue hues) – the colours of trust, honesty, and loyalty. Blue increases the capacity of immune protection, and it greatly facilitates cellular regeneration.
  • Metal (whites, silvers and metallics) – related to wealth, power and prosperity
  • Fire (reds, purple and pinks or oranges) – related to passion and love
  • Wood (greens and browns) – these colours are about relaxation, peace, and help end anxiety

For each person, it depends what they need more of in their life that determines what colours are best for them.

So for example, if you need more wealth, perhaps it would be advisable to one to wear more black or accent outfits with black or blue accessories. Or if you need more passion or love luck, you should wear more reds, oranges, pink or purple. Feeling stressed and anxious? Try wearing more neutral colours.

 Butterfly & lotus kimono below by Meng

dress for better luck

And what about patterns? Are there any symbols that bring good luck?

There are patterns one can look for in any clothing that might be good to bring prosperity and luck. For example, goldfish or a print with golden fishes is often seen on the high street on dresses, skirts or shirts. Wearing such a print would bring increased personal and business income. Or it could improve your finances, if that is what you are seeking. 

Another important pattern is the mystic or eternal knot, or what most people know as the infinity symbol. Often, we see this in jewellery pieces. The mystic knot is a popular feng shui symbol because it represents never-ending success and prosperity. It is depicted as an intertwined figure eight and thus, represents long life, harmony and continuity. Wearing such a symbol helps attract a continuous flow of good fortune. 

For anyone looking for more power or fame, another common pattern or symbol seen in fashion is the dragon. Wearing patterns with dragons increases one’s recognition- which is important to those perhaps working in media or if they perform in the arts. 

If you wear any patterns that represent the eight auspicious symbols, which represent the eight types of heavenly blessings in Buddhism, this can also bring protection and prosperity. The eight blessing types include wealth, harmonious relationships and good health, for example.

Wearing the eight auspicious symbols helps. you dress for better luck. It also mean that you can manifest good luck coming from all eight compass directions.

These symbols are:
  1. The parasol: a symbol of royal dignity and protection from suffering.
  2. Two golden fish: symbolise good luck in general, and that living beings who practice the dharma need have no fear to drown in the ocean of suffering, and can freely migrate (chose their rebirth) like fish in the water.
  3. The conch shell: represents awakening beings from ignorance.
  4. The banner of victory: symbolises overcoming earthly passion, fear of death, pride and lust. Generally, it represents the victory of wisdom over ignorance.
  5. The vase: symbolises long life and prosperity.
  6. The Dharma wheel: is one of the most well-known symbols of Buddhism. Amongst other things, it represents concentration, discipline and mindfulness.
  7. The eternal knot: signifies wisdom and compassion
  8. The lotus: represents being more in touch with the true nature of beings. The color of the lotus also has significance:
  • white: mental and spiritual purity
  • red: the heart, compassion and love
  • blue: wisdom and control of the senses
  • purple: mysticism

red chinese clothes

What criteria people should follow when picking a good luck charm to wear? 

Again, when picking a good luck charm, such as a necklace, scarf or hair pin, it depends what kind of energy you’re trying to attract. So as mentioned, if someone wanted to dress for better luck and attract more fame or recognition, they might pick something with a dragon in it. Or to protect yourself from loss of any kind, one might choose something with an elephant or rhino on it. If someone has been unwell, wearing a small vase charm or parasol could help.

There’s a custom of wearing zodiac sign jewelry to avoid bad luck in China — usually a bracelet or necklace.

Finally, are there any low-effort beauty tips that can also bring good luck? 

By simply choosing a colour you know would be good for you, say red for more passion, luck in love etc, you can apply to any areas of beauty from the colour of your lipstick to wearing an accessory in your hair of that colour.

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