2024 Springtime Hair Trends We Love

These springtime hair trends are fun, fresh and fierce! Which one will you try?

By Lora O’Brien

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the sun starts to shine, I’m thinking of ways that I can reinvent my look. There’s something about the arrival of a new season that feels like the perfect time for a change. And what better way to boost your confidence than by swapping up your hairstyle?

When it comes to switching things up some of us want to try a new colour, while others prefer to change the style completely. There’s not much good I can say about lockdowns, except that maybe it gave us a lot of time to get inspired when it comes to our locks!

Whether you’ve been inspired by the overhaul of Miley Cyrus’s hairdo, are looking to lighten your locks to a beachier colour, or you’re taking the plunge and chopping it all off, there is a style here, below, to suit everyone.

Below, I’ve found springtime hair trends that will have you looking and feeling like a new woman!

Image below: @laviniacreator Instagram

10 Springtime Hair Trends We Love

Springtime Hair Trends We Love

1. French Bobs

What’s the difference between a French bob and a normal bob, you may be asking? Well, a French bob is similar to a one-length short bob, but sans any harsh bluntness. It just focuses on your natural texture and easy styling to achieve the signature nonchalance of French style. It’s made to hit just at the jawline or above to flatter the face – especially your cheekbones! This is a classic style that’s particularly trending for this spring/summer season.

One of the best springtime hair trends for: Any hair type and texture.

Image: @stefaniexlee on Instagram

Springtime Hair Trends We Love

2. 50s Style Bobs

A 50s bob was all about Hollywood glamour. With both volume and bouncy curls, Think: Marilyn Monroe. Well, that same glamour is following us into spring. If you’re not a fan of a bob because you think they’re flat and blunt, you need to give a 50s style bob a try. With gorgeous curls, it’s voluminous and frames the face in a flattering fashion. As Zendaya illustrates perfectly, below.

One of the best springtime hair trends for: Old school glamour.

Photo credit: Getty Images. 

best springtime hair trends for 2024

3. Big, Fluffy Curls

Ever since we saw Miley Cyrus rocking her voluminous hairdo at the Grammys, we knew big hair would be big for spring!

Wondering what ‘fluffy curls’ are, exactly? They’re big, less defined and, well, ‘fluffier’ in style. It’s pretty much a modern take on a big blowout, with lots of airy volume and soft curls. And the best part? This can be achieved with any hair type and texture.

One of the best springtime hair trends for: Big nights out.

Photo credit: Pinterest. 

best springtime hair trends for 2024

4. Long, Choppy Layers

Another 90s-inspired trend for the year ahead is the comeback of long layers. Adding layers to your hair will boost volume and even make thin hair look thicker, while it gives some movement for thicker hair. Throwing in some layers is also a great way to reinvent your hair without committing to something more drastic. This is a look you’ll often find paired with sweeping or curtain bangs this year.

One of the best springtime hair trends for: Those blessed with loads of long, thick hair.

Photo credit: thesuperlady.com

best springtime hair trends for 2024

5. Curtain Bangs

Some of us have had a bad experience with bangs. Hands up if you’ve ever stupidly cut in our own, ha! Some of us are daunted by the idea of them because they’re a bit of a commitment and the grow-out process can be a little awkward. If that’s the case, curtain bangs could be for you!

This style is super popular now, and frankly, always. It’s the perfect way to frame the face without opting for a full, blunt style. And the best part is that if you want to style your bangs differently, you can just tuck them behind your ear to switch up your style.

If you’re looking to go blonde naturally, did you know that henna will work on lighter hair? Yep, seriously!

One of the best springtime hair trends for: Those with big foreheads or long faces.

Image: @spaceykacey on Instagram

curtain bangs

6. Iridescent Blondes

Nothing says ‘summer’s coming’ quite like fairytale blonde hair. But while previous years have favoured more honeyed hues, this year it’s all about iridescent tones. Think of a shimmering pearl.

Instead of harsh blonde hair, it’s being given lustre thanks to the metallic finish to platinum shades. Also known as pearl blonde, this is perfect if you’re looking to go blonder but also want to glow, literally.

And if you want your blonde to stay blonde, check out these toning shampoos!

One of the best springtime hair trends for: Anyone who already has a shade of blonde hair naturally.

Photo credit: lookosm.com

best springtime hair trends for 2024

7. Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs are back, and I’m here for it! I spent the better part of my twenties sporting side bangs, and though it has taken us a while to come back to them, they’re here for the foreseeable future. Yay!

One of the best springtime hair trends for: The beauty of side bangs is that they pretty much go with all hair lengths and styles. What’s not to love, right?

Photo credit: Getty Images. 

best springtime hair trends for 2024

8. Firey Hot Redheads

When it comes to those bright hair colours, red is a shade that is really shining right now. Whether you like it in a subtle auburn or a bolder cherry, firey hot red is for sure going to get you some attention this spring! If you’re thinking about going red for the first time – do it!

There is the right shade of red to suit all skin tones and style. It’s super flattering for everyone, really. Looking for the best natural hair dyes to get the shade of your dreams? Check these out!

Image: @omg.mags on Instagram 

One of the best springtime hair trends for: Diversity. There’s a whole range of reds to choose from!

Springtime Hair Trends We Love

9. Ribbon Lights

This is a modern twist on those early ’00’s highlights! And we think “ribbon lights” are not only one of the hottest springtime hair trends, but a trend that will continue throughout 2024.  To get the look, there’s a lot of dimension, especially in the back and underneath areas. These darker highlights really help the lighter ‘ribbons’ in front pop!

Image: Daniele Venturelli

One of the best springtime hair trends for: Being bang on trend.

ribbon lights

10. Ultra Short

Another of the springtime hair trends we love is the pixie cut. I mean, what better way to shed the last year than by cutting off your locks? Whether you’re going from long hair to something drastic, or are taking your pixie cut even shorter, ultra-short hairstyles are going to be big this year. And if you want a buzz cut, you do you, boo!

Image: @mia_rae on Instagram

One of the best springtime hair trends for: The bold and the beautiful.

pixie bob

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