Escape Nomade: The Ultimate Dwellings for Eco Gypsies

By Arwa Lodhi

In this era of searching for spirituality and a more ecologically friendly way of living, having what our parents aspired to seems to be quaint at best, wasteful at worst. I mean, two cars in the garage, family room, living room, kitchen, laundry room, four bedrooms with ensuites…these were all the norm for many of us growing up in the suburbs of North America. But can you imagine furnishing – heck, even cleaning – such a place yourself today? And that is, if you could afford it.

More of us want to live lightly, and flexibly. As Escape Nomade understands well.

This is a home-building company that works in close harmony with nature combined with luxury and comfort. It offers the freedom of living without walls, the release of going back to nature and living in the present. These homes can be ‘recycled’ – when you move, they go with you.

Founder Anneke van Waesberghe  had a unique vision of luxury and authenticity that allows us the extraordinary experience of going deep into nature, yet living in comfort. She created a business that makes homes that are halfway between architecture and tents, which can be packed up and moved whenever you feel the urge, and which place a minimal footprint on the planet.

She personally designs and tests all products in her home in Bali to make sure everything is special: structural tents made to measure for each client, not only produced with the highest quality fabrics but also an impeccable level  of design, details, finishings and colour palettes to reflect those found in nature.

Today, Escape Nomade designs, engineers, manufactures, installs and maintains luxury tents and interiors for both private homes and resorts. This new, alternative form of accommodation is suitable for private residences, hotels, or even spa or beauty cabins. Uma Thurman has installed hers in her Caribbean home, and several hotels, including Karma Reef, are using these structures for guests.

Don’t think for one minute these tented dwellings have anything to do with camping; these can be air-conditioned or heated, both on or off the local grid. Ready to install, independent energy and water supply systems can be provided separately, and it can all be delivered within as little as one month and installed, and ready to move in to in less than a day. The company also provides chic, colonial style furnishings on demand.

Whilst Escape Nomade may not be the ideal dwelling for those in colder climates, these homes are perfect for those in the tropics or even moderate Mediterranean temperatures. Much cheaper and easier than constructing a house, you can also expand (or contract) the size of your home, depending on your needs. Seriously, what more could a modern bohemian babe ask for?

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