10 Chic Reusable Water Bottles To Take Anywhere

These reusable water bottles are a must have in your bag at all times!

By Katy Caric

After almost 50 years of mass production, one thing is becoming clear to us all: plastic pollution is a huge problem. Globally, humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute, and 91% of plastic, including those water bottles, aren’t recycled. But not only that – water bottled in plastic isn’t good for us; in fact, tap water is generally healthier, and if you have a great filter on your tap, it’s most definitely healthier, but we’ve been brainwashed into thinking ‘store bought’ water is better!

So, what’s the solution for someone who wants to stay hydrated on the go? It’s simple: buy reusable water bottles. Just keep in mind when looking for reusable water bottles that it’s best to look for those that are BPA-free.

Here, I’ve rounded up my favourite eco-friendly reusable water bottles based on their beauty, ease of use and healthiness. Get one of these and you’ll never need to buy plastic drinks bottles again!  

10 Chic Reusable Water Bottles To Take Anywhere

1. Black + Blum 

To fill the void of functional and stylish homeware, Black + Blum founders Dan Black and Martin Blum used their industrial design skills to give their products an original twist. This bottle is definitely unique – it’s made from hand-blown glass and has a natural charcoal filter that reduces chlorine, absorbs impurities, and adds natural minerals to your water. It also won’t break because of the neoprene sleeve it comes in. 

2. Rifle Paper x Corkcicle 

The Corkcicle motto is: “We make things that cool. We make cool things.” To keep their reusable bottles modern and fresh, they teamed up with Rifle Paper to add some of their iconic prints to Corkcicle’s classic canteens. The bottles are made with triple insulated stainless steel which can keep water cold for up to 25 hours and keep water hot for 12. 

Reusable Water Bottles

3. Que bottle

It’s always great to see an innovative design come on the market! The Que water bottle is collapsible and very lightweight, plus it saves lots of space in your bag. The bottle is plastic-free and made from non-toxic food-grade silicone topped with a sustainable stainless steel cap. 

4. Longemity 

The Longemity founders discovered the perfect way to integrate crystal healing into their everyday hydration routine with their crystal-infused water bottles. Longemity bottles are totally eco-friendly and handcrafted by artisans using premium borosilicate glass. They are reusable, recyclable, and 100% free of the bad-for-you-chemicals you’d find in plastic like BPA, BPS, BPF, and PVC.

Reusable Water Bottles

5. New Wave 

First started in 1993, New Wave has been producing environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday products long before it was “a thing.” This bottle holds 20-ounces of water in borosilicate lead-free glass and the protective silicone sleeve means it won’t shatter. I chose this one as my favourites because I adore the vibrant blue colour!

6. Stay Sixty 

Your body is mainly comprised of water, and this company is determined to help keep it that way! Designed in London, these award-winning bottles are perfect for the minimalist. They come in basic neutral colours – coal, stone, and blush – and are designed to be easy to clean and carry. Made from BPA-free stainless steel, the coating is rubberised so that it’s easy to hold. 

7. Dopper 

The Dopper is a water bottle on a mission to promote social consciousness around single-use plastics, and to help bring clean water to those in need. They give 5% of their sales revenue to the Dopper Foundation’s projects, including a collaboration with Simavi, where they help facilitate access to clean drinking water to those in Nepal.

Reusable Water Bottles

8. 24 Bottles 

Sustainability starts with good design, and 24 Bottles uses solid design principals to make  super lightweight water bottles. They’re made from sustainable stainless steel and only weigh 117 grams. The company also work to erase their carbon footprint on the planet and have a CO2 offset strategy in place.

Reusable Water Bottles

9. S’well

This swirling blue and white print on the S’well bottle is so pretty! We love everything S’well stands for: beautifully crafted products made with integrity, and on a mission to rid the world of plastic bottles. Each Swell water bottle is BPA free and made from double-walled, non-toxic stainless steel which helps keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

10. Equa

Equa designs their bottles in Slovenia and produces them in the Czech Republic. Everything the produce is simple with beautiful graphic designs, like the florals in this bottle. Eco-friendly and BPA-free, this is a healthy way to carry your favourite drinks. 

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