Martin Raffa: Eco-Couture Comes To Paris

By Diane Small

We must admit: Argentinian born, Parisian based eco-couture designer Martin Raffa’s eco-couture collections continue to go from strength to strength.

Using materials discarded by the fashion industry, self-taught Raffa demonstrates how capable he is of creating red-carpet beauty out of what some would consider trash: metallic grille is transformed into a delicate, futuristic top, loose feathers saucily adorn a bare shoulder, and discarded taffeta is given a new, beautiful life.

“I find it tragic, the amount of waste in the fashion industry,”explains the designer. “It’s incredible – fashion houses will throw out metres of some of the finest materials: silk, chiffon, even fur. Textile companies also have serious issues with waste; the material they fail to sell is called ‘dead stock’ and if it doesn’t get sold at a discounted rate, it more often than not will find its way into a landfill. I’m proud to be able to put these fabrics to good use.”

We decided to show the world the potential beauty in waste by shooting the best of just a few of Raffa’s eco-couture creations at the hip Parisian restaurant and nightclub, Matignon, in an exclusive feature for Eluxe Magazine.

Like all couturiers, Raffa makes clothes to order, and can be reached at:  

Special thanks to Andrea Feick and Matignon. Makeup by Nicolas Petiot.

Hair: Carlos and Mauri Salon    Photography: Emmanuel Sarnin  Models: H Model Management


Chere Di Boscio

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