12 Of The Best Vegan Hotels From Around the World

Time for a holiday? Want to make it cruelty-free? I’ve found 10 of the best vegan hotels around the world!

By Noa Ben-Moshe

If you had asked me about fully vegan hotels only a few years back, I wouldn’t have even imagined they existed. Hotels with vegan items on the menu, sure. But fully vegan? In terms of decor, services and meals? Ha!

But since veganism is on the rise, more and more fully vegan hotels are opening around the world.

Wondering what that really means? It goes far beyond food!

What’s a vegan hotel, anyway?

A vegan hotel won’t have, for example, any of the following:

  • down filled pillows or duvets
  • wool blankets
  • fur pillows, carpets or blankets
  • leather chairs or sofas

Its spa, if there is one, will use only vegan friendly products.

And of course, it will certainly have an expansive, delicious vegan menu for every single meal.

They’re not easy to find, though! So we asked our friends at VeggieHotels/VeganWelcome for some advice. Both websites are filled with information that will allow you to find the vegan hotel of your dreams!

Whether you’re looking for an ethical weekend getaway with your vegan friends or a stress-free, easy vacation that lets you rest and relax without constantly searching for vegan-friendly restaurants, this article is for you!

Main image: Soami Retreat Center

12 Of The Best Vegan Hotels Around The World

The Farm At San Benito

1. The Farm At San Benito

Where: Lipa City, Philippines

Why It’s One Of The Best Vegan Hotels In The World

This is a centre for holistic healing and wellness where people can balance their body, mind and spirit with nourishing, live foods in an eco-friendly setting.

The Farm at San Benito is the magical jungles of the Philippines, just a 90-minute drive south of Manila, in Batangas. Refreshing air and positive energy radiating around the property.

The Farm offers wonderful programs addressing some of the most alarming (and prevalent) lifestyle illnesses in today’s society, ranging from chronic health disorders, work-related chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression and more. These are treated through gentle exercise, meditation, immersion in nature, yoga, and of course, a clean vegan diet. If you’re interested in natural beauty & anti-aging services, you’ll find them there too.

Rooms are luxurious, generously proportioned, and are decorated and constructed from local, sustainable materials.

In short, after a few weeks at the Farm, you’ll emerge refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed; a whole different person!

12 of the best vegan hotels around the worldthe farm at san benito

2. Green Tiger House

Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Why It’s One Of The Best Vegan Hotels In The World

This hotel is the very first vegan hotel located in Chiang Mai’s Old City. Enjoy a relaxing and nourishing stay in clean, minimalist surroundings. Wake up to delicious, locally sourced plant based food from the hotel’s in-house restaurant. It provides a freshly prepared breakfast, including popular Western dishes like oats, pancakes, healthy juices, smoothies, and much more!

Feeling adventurous? the hotel can organize half-day vegan Thai cooking courses or a three-day trekking adventure, just for you. On the other hand, if you want to explore the city, be prepared because there’s so much to see!

Visit one of the 400 ancient Buddhist temples, stroll through an art gallery or lovely museum, sit in a local cafe or restaurant and enjoy the local food. Or why not listen to great live music in one of the many streets of the stunning town of Chiang Mai?

All that we ask is this: never engage in animal tourism in Thailand! It’s just downright nasty. But as a vegan, you already knew that, right?

12 of the best vegan hotels around the world

3. Soami Retreat Center

Where: Millstatt, Kärnten, Austria

Why It’s One Of The Best Vegan Hotels In The World

If yoga, health, mental clarity, organic food, and balance matter to you, Somai Retreat Center is a place you’ll love to visit.

Located in the middle of Austria’s scenic Alpine forests, this is the ideal place to incorporate holistic health into your life. The Centre, which is designed according to the Feng Shui philosophy, is built from luxurious yet natural materials such as bamboo, wood, and glass, and the rooms are almost monk-like in their simplicity but are as comfortable as any luxury hotel.

There’s plenty to do here, of course. Practice yoga, hike in the mountains, enjoy fresh, organic vegan food. During your stay, you can even clean up your diet and health by receiving individual nutritional counselling. This is great advice that you can bring home and apply to your daily life, no matter where you live!

Soami Retreat Center

4. Dreamers Welcome

Where: Wilmington, North Carolina

Why It’s One Of The Best Vegan Hotels In The World

Have you ever dreamed of a hotel that’s equal parts paperless, vegan, minimal, and tropical? Your dreams come true at this property!

Dreamers Welcome is a feast for the senses and comfort for the soul. This art-filled, design-focused urban boutique inn is offering luxurious amenities, invisible service, and curated guest experiences.

The chic, pretty accommodations range from the quiet, cosy Drift Away rooms to individually designed suites within a renovated Victorian home, and the hotel is just a cobblestone stroll away from dozens of great plant based restaurants, historic sites, and local shops.

Dreamers Welcome hotel 12 of the best vegan hotels around the world

5. Apoyo Lodge

Where: El Zopilote, Nicaragua

Why It’s One Of The Best Vegan Hotels In The World

This plant-based, holistic lodge is a health and wellness boutique hotel and private retreat space. located on the shore of the healing waters of Laguna de Apoyo in one of the world’s hottest eco-tourism destinations: Nicaragua.

The Lodge is secluded in a quiet area of the Natural Reserve of the lagoon, in a crater lake that was formed thousands of years ago when the volcano imploded on itself, creating a lake which waters are believed to have medicinal properties.

Immerse yourself in those healing waters and marvel at the abundant wildlife and exotic flora before participating in a yoga class. Refresh yourself with light, healthy vegan food and juices and then take a siesta in your room whilst breathing in the fresh air and listening to sweet birdsong. Pure heaven!

Apoyo Lodge Apoyo Lodge

6. Green Peace Inn

Where: Weligama, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Why It’s One Of The Best Vegan Hotels In The World

Of all the best plant based hotels here, this may be the one I want to visit the most! This oasis of tranquility has a mission is to create a home away from home for its vegan guests. Yogis, travelers and creative thinkers from all around the globe congregate at this lovely hotel to share a sense of well-being and community, and to munch on delicious, modern vegan food whilst listening to the lapping waves of a beautiful sea.

Rooms here are simple, eco-friendly and calming, with their natural materials and lack of busyness.

The Green Peace Inn offers some super special retreats, too: if you’d like to let go of the patterns that hold you back from living the life you want, go for their intensive breathwork retreat, which gives you the opportunity to face the emotions and habits which may have been holding you back for your whole life so far – learn how to let them go while reconnecting with your real inner power.

If you want to become a yoga teacher, that’s possible, too! The Green Peace Inn offers a 200-hour training retreat with an experienced yoga teacher to get you certified.

But there’s so much more going on here, too! Just check their website to learn more.

12 of the best vegan hotels around the worldGreen Peace Inn

7. Agrivilla I Pini

Where: San Gimignano, Toscana, Italy

Why It’s One Of The Best Vegan Hotels In The World

Here, you’ll be able to fully unwind with a full-on digital detox! This place has no TV, no Internet and no phones. That being said, it’s a lush, luxurious place, with a historic Italian vibe.

Located on a secluded hill in the heart of Tuscany, not far away from the UNESCO World Heritage site of San Gimignano, this magical place is filled with sustainably sourced materials such as soft linens, handmade terracotta floors, and naturally breathable hemp-chalk walls, carefully restored wooden furniture, and organic, biodegradable soaps and shampoos for your skin and hair. And what I really love? There’s no plastic. None!

Everything made locally in Tuscany by human hands, from the fabrics to the designed lamps. Solar panels nourish the water system, and sustainable sources provide electricity since they say NO to the use of nuclear energy. All cleaning is done with biodegradable ingredients and laundry is air-dried.

In one word: Wow, right?

12 of the best vegan hotels around the worldAgrivilla I Pini

8. La Vimea Biotique Hotel

Where: Naturns, Trentino-Südtirol, Italy

Why It’s One Of The Best Vegan Hotels In The World

Set right in the heart of Italy’s beautiful South Tyrol region, surrounded by the sun-kissed mountains of the Val Venosta valley and nestled in the quiet town of Naturno, lies the La Vimea Biotique Hotel. Surrounded by fresh, organic and local food ingredients, the hotel creates a wonderful local vegan experience for its guests.

In this place of deep peace and solace, everything is based on the principles of sustainability and equality, from the materials used to build the hotel to staffing, while supporting the local community and organic farming.

It seems that Italy does have some of the best vegan hotels in the world. And no wonder, given the traditional love of fresh food by these people!

12 of the best vegan hotels around the world12 of the best vegan hotels around the world

9. Naturkost-Hotel Harz

Where: Bad Grund, Niedersachsen, Germany

Why It’s One Of The Best Vegan Hotels In The World

Whether you choose a fasting cure, yoga, meditation or other therapies, you’ll find a way to improve your health and mental state at this hotel. The Bad Grund stands for wellness and health, and brings it to you via a balance of vegan food, gentle exercise and well-deserved rest.

It lies in the middle of the magnificent nature of the forest and mountain landscape of Germany’s Harz region, which is rich with untouched nature and fresh air.

Here, you’ll enjoy healthy raw vegan cuisine every day, and a friendly get-togethers with like-minded people.

12 of the best vegan hotels around the world

10. Hotel Walserhof

Where: Kleinwalsertal, Austria

Why It’s One Of The Best Vegan Hotels In The World

If you are fond of the mesmeric charm of the mountains, Austria will fill your heart with joy, especially sojourning at the traditional yet modern wellness Hotel Walserhof, in the idyllic Kleinwalsertal.

Mountains and Austria are usually associated to a cuisine that uses a lot of meat, but in this hotel you will be able to excite your taste buds with exquisite vegan gastronomy, thanks to the talent of Chef Philipp Schneider. Being part of the VeggieHotels, project, this venue ensures a top-notch service to its vegetarian and vegan guests.

Reconnecting with nature, in this venue will come easy in this haven of peace, that transforms Alpine life into a chic and eco-friendly experience.

12 of the best vegan hotels around the worldvegan gastronomy

11. Vegan B&B AM/PM

Where: Bruges, Belgium

Why It’s One Of The Best Vegan Hotels In The World

The charming Medieval town of Bruges allows you to stay true to your vegan lifestyle! This modern and minimalistic venue provides up-to-the-minute modern vegan comforts. Although it’s set in a building that dates back to 1905, the interior design is so up-to-date, it’s practically futuristic.

Belgium is most famous for chocolate, waffles, fries and beer. It makes it even better to know that in this B&B you can enjoy them, the vegan way! You’ll start your day fully energised with a vegan breakfast. This includes home baked breads and pastries, chocolate spread, fruit and juice. Then, set off to explore the wonders of this pretty town. Check out its Flemish charm through its cobbled streets. Visit its enchanting castles, and refined lace-making shops.

When night falls, head back to the hotel for some music. The owners of the Vegan B&B AM/PM play a combination of electronic music and new wave that will give you a taste of the contemporary art scene in Bruges.

12 of the best vegan hotels around the world

12. The Hilton, London Bankside

Where: London, UK

Ok, so this hotel isn’t fully vegan….but it has a vegan suite that more than makes our cut!

Why It’s One Of The Best (Almost) Vegan Hotels In The World

Featuring a stunning, modern interior by the multi-sensory design experts Bompas & Parr, everything from the pillow options and toiletries to the in-room menu and minibar offerings in this vegan suite (which has been Vegan Society approved) has been created to delight ethically-conscious travellers.

From the moment they step foot into the hotel and are greeted with a specially designed plant-based check-in desk, guests will be thrilled by the botanical artwork, seats and headboards made of Piñatex, eco-cotton carpeting, cruelty-free amenities, and of course, the in-house vegan dining menu, featuring healthy vegan options from quinoa to Quorn. Even the cleaning products used in your room are vegan-friendly!

london hilton banksidelondon hilton bankside

All images courtesy the hotels unless otherwise specified

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