9 Stylish Vegan Leather Clothing Items We Love

By Noa Ben-Moshe

Fashion week runways have lately shown a depressing trend: leather and suede clothing is going to be huge. As any eco-fashionista knows, animal-based materials have a huge ecological and ethical price, and whether you’re vegan or not, there’s little doubt the leather industry is cruel: it’s responsible for the abuse and slaughter of billions of animals every single year.

The environmental impact of leather is enormous, too. Raising animals for leather creates loads of waste and pollution, and billions of trees are cut down in order to create space for factory farms and food for the animals, and during the making of leather, factories use toxic chemicals such s chrome, which is highly toxic and can even cause cancer. Workers, including many children, are exposed to these chemicals every day. And these are just a few reasons why the only ethical leather is to wear vegan!

Luckily, there are many wonderful vegan leather clothing brands that are designing vegan leather clothing items that are bang-on trend. Here are a few I love.

9 Stylish Vegan Leather Clothing Items We Love

1. Taurus Maxi Dress

From shoes and bags to clothing, I’m loving all of Nanushka’s smooth, soft vegan leather garments – especially this Western-inspired dress. Its flattering waist belt and maxi length will instantly make you look like a vegan fashion icon- and I love the timeless look of it! This should be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Wear it with a pair of nude pumps to make your legs appear longer and add a bold cherry lip to complete the look.

Chic because: the length is just perfect. Price: $685

2. Lowa Skirt

This skirt has been waiting on my personal wish list for a long time. Its A-line shape and unique knotted wrap front have totally conquered my heart – I think it would work well as a staple in my wardrobe in every season.

Oh, and one more thing: it has a pocket! Who doesn’t love a skirt with a pocket? Wear it with t-shirt and sneakers for a casual day in town or with a vegan faux-silk top and a pair of delicate black sandals for a night out.

Chic because: the side knot is a genius touch. Price: $370

3. T-Pants

I am always happy to find “accidentally vegan” garments by known designers, and this pair of pants by Alexander Wang is not exception!

Loose cargo pants are probably the most popular items worn by some of the most famous street style stars and fashionistas, and this pair would definitely serve you well if you are into this kind of vibe.

Their relaxed fit is balanced with the tight, flattering waistline and they can be easily worn with a tight tank top and cool pair of sneakers for a great street-style moment.

Chic because: streetwear style is so hot right now! Price: $795

4. Laser Cut Shorts

Stella McCartney is the queen of vegan leather clothing, and her fashions strongly demonstrate why people need to ditch animal leather: they’re simply gorgeous!

Take these laser cut shorts, for example. They expose just the right amount of flesh, and look perfect with  a relaxed top and a pair of slides for a casual sunny day out, or with a white blouse and kitten heel for a fancier event.

Chic because: apparently leather shorts are a huge ‘thing’ this summer. Price: $1,100

5. Piñatex Jacket

Pineapple leather, better known as Piñatex, is probably one of the most innovative vegan leathers. It’s made from wasted pineapple bush fibres, which is great, since the pineapple industry globally produces 40,000 tons of waste pineapple leaves each year. Instead of burning or letting those leaves rot, isn’t it better to transform them into fashion?

Altiir thinks so. The UK-based label uses this strong fabric to create its classic biker jacket, which pretty much goes with everything. And if you ask me, the unconventional texture of Piñatex makes it even cooler!

Chic because: motorcycle jackets always provide a bit of rock chick cool, right?  Price: $680

6. Elisabet Pineapple Skirt

If you’re looking for a serious statement piece, this high-waisted silver skirt is the answer. Its glam cut and colour will put all eyes on you, and the fact that it’s made from pineapple fibres means it could be a great conversation starter. Wear it day and night, casual or formal, summer or winter- everything works! It is also worth mentioning that I highly appreciated Byem’s full transparency- you can find every single detail you’d want to know about how their garments are made here on their website.

Chic because: like a motorcycle jacket, silver-effect leather is perennially cool Price: £240

7. Poetique Paris Vegan Suede Skirt

Poetique is one brand I’ve been following since its very beginning: their classic, timeless French designs are made to last and will never go out of style. This gorgeous vegan suede navy skirt is a great example: it will be an inseparable part of your wardrobe once you get it into your closet!

Wear it for work with a button down blouse, or with a sweater for a cozy day in the cafe or for a night out with your girls. Navy is a classic alternative to black and will easily work with every item you have in your wardrobe. Don’t forget to add a blotted red lip to complete your classic French look!

Chic because: it’s got a bit of a vintage 60’s vibe Price: Around $150

8. Delikate Rayne Bustier

Sexy, stylish and rare, this bustier is made by LA based vegan fashion brand Delikate Rayne. In case you’ve never heard of them, they’re a PETA approved company that gives back to causes around the world with a portion of each sale.

Chic because: this is the perfect match for high-waisted jeans this summer. It’s also perfect for a big night out! Price: Around $300

9. Ovide Cork Jacket

I cannot count the number of times I wrote about this jacket: I became the proud owner of it a few months ago, and now I wonder how I ever lived without it! It’s so easy to wear, is super unique and adds so much character to every outfit I wear. The best part is that it’s made of cork, which is probably the most sustainable vegan leather alternative to date.  I can confidently say getting one for yourself is a great investment!

Chic because: cork wears a bit like leather; it softens with age Price: Around $180

I hope you enjoyed this article! what is your favorite vegan leather item from this list? let me know in the comments!

xx Noa

Image 1: Nanushka Image 2: Delikate Rayne. All other images: the brands. Ovide image from my blog, Style with a Smile

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