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10+ Of The Best Vegan Slides For Summer

Once considered a shoe for the shower only, now slides are the hottest footwear around! Here are the best vegan slides for the city, or beach

By Noa Ben-Moshe

So, we prepared our legs for summer, and now we have a great excuse to treat ourselves with a cute pair of vegan slides, because, who doesn’t love slides? They’re so easy to wear, comfy, chic and practical (especially when you’re on the beach!)

I have to admit: when I first saw vegan slides on the runways a few years ago, I thought: ugly. I mean, I have a soft spot for heels, so I thought the only way you’d ever see me in a pair of these was maybe on my way to the shower at the gym.

But since then, I’ve noticed how great they can look when styled with jeans, long dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, bathing suits….well, almost anything! Just look at how Stella McCartney paired her slides with a positive-messaged tee and maxi-skirt, below, whilst Nanushka chose a minimalistic black jumpsuit and sassy ankle bracelet. All different, all gorgeous!

If you’re on the hunt for some vegan slides this summer, I wanted to share a few cute options with you- not only they are they all ethically made and vegan, but super stylish, too.

10+ Of The Best Vegan Slides For This Summer

The Best Vegan Slides For This Summer

1. NAE Re-Car Slides

Those slip-on sandals by Nae Vegan Shoes are a true everyday must have. They’re basically a more stylish version of flip flops, and they come in three colours: pink, silver and white. And the best part? These are made ethically in Portugal from upcycled car airbags and tires. Brilliant!

Price: $125

10 Vegan Slides For The Beach Or The City

2. Hexa Bangkok Iris

It’s hard to stand out in a market that’s increasingly saturated with stylish vegan shoes. So Hexa Bangkok has decided to make absolute comfort their unique selling point!

They do this in various ways: by creating non-slip soles made from recycled rubber, for example. They also pad the lining of each shoe, ensuring your foot lands on a soft cushion with every step. And finally, they create heel heights we can all walk in! The ones on the Iris slide are only around one inch, making them easy for anyone to strut around in.

Price: $59



3. Matt & Nat Koala Sandals

This pair of cotton cloth-based sandals are perfect for the beach, the city, weekends, work – everywhere, really. Matt and Nat are known for their minimal, classic and current designs, so you can be sure this style of vegan slides will remain chic for decades to come. 

Price: $75 – now reduced to $35. Hurry!

10 Vegan Slides For The Beach Or The City

4. The Candy Apple Knot

I’m nuts for knots this season, and these shoes by Rothy’s show off this trend wonderfully! I adore the candy apple red shade, which works especially well for those of us who like to wear a lot of black. The footbed of these slides is made of plant-based materials, and the rest of the shoe is comprised of recycled materials.

Price: $115

The Best Vegan Slides For This Summer

5. Stella McCartney Elyse Slides

Want a bit of height with your slides? These Elyse shoes by Stella McCartney add it in spades! Pair them with a simple pair of jeans, white button down shirt, and pop on some bright red lipstick for the perfect clean, sporty-yet-sophisticated look. PS: Did you know Stella makes these shoes out of recycled ECONYL material? 

Price: $425

6. Rothy’s Triple Band

There’s so much to love about these slides! The knit straps in these babies are made from recycled plastic bottles, and the inner sole is made of plant-based materials. If they get dirty, these comfy woven shoes can easily be tossed in the washing machine, and these also come in red, black, and a pink and white weave.

Price: $115

The Best Vegan Slides For This Summer


7. Florence Silver Slides By Beyond Skin

Silver, strappy and sustainable, these slides are great for the bold, urban girl: they’ll compliment any outfit, from denim to summer dresses, and can be worn everywhere from a picnic to a dinner date. The cork inner sole is super comfortable, breathable, and is also odor-resistant. Bonus!

Price: $125

10 Vegan Slides For The Beach Or The City

8. Adidas Cork Slides

While Adidas a lot to improve and change in their labor and sustainability, the brand has done amazing things to rid the world of ocean plastic with its projects with Parley for the Oceans, and now they’re using another eco-friendly material to create shoes: cork! These are perfect for when you’re by the sea or pool because they’re water-resistant, and if they blow away, they’ll just float back to you!

Price: $60


10 Vegan Slides For The Beach Or The City

9. Lorena Vegan Slides

Ethically made in Italy from premium vegan leather, these cherry red slides are the perfect companion to jeans, shorts, dresses – you name it! These are the kinds of vegan shoes you can walk in easily, and are great for the beach, too!

Price: $80

10. Okabashi Recycled Plastic Slides

This pair of slides was made for walking! With a sculpted heel cup and premium arch support, you can be sure that you’ll stay comfortable all day long. I love that Okabashi donates a percentage of each sale to keeping indigenous Hawaiian culture alive, too.

Price: $20. Bargain!

10 Vegan Slides For The Beach Or The City

11. Toms Woven Slides

Toms is famous for its espadrille-style shoes, as well as for its one for one policy: for every purchase of shoes you make, they also give a pair to a shoeless child.

We love the ethnic-woven cloth upper of this perfect summer shoe, and the feel-good factor of knowing new shoes for you means new shoes for a child in need!

Price: $38


12. Lulu’s Black Knotted Slides

Yep, again with the knots! Soft vegan suede shapes into a trendy, loose knot to add some extra flair in these fun vegan slides. They’re soft on the foot, and are perfect with a pair of tights, jeans, or shorts.

Price: $22


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Main image: ASOS Second image: Rothy’s

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.