10 Rare Louis Vuitton Vintage Bags We’re Coveting

These rare Louis Vuitton vintage bags not only look elegant, but are likely to increase in value over time

By Diane Small

For many fashionistas, having  luxurious and sustainable tote bags in their closet is essential. And even better if they’re designer bags. After all, these are the very pinnacle of the fashion world. They’re a way to show you have taste. That you have arrived.

Unfortunately, there are many fakes coming in from China and the rest of the world that look like the real deal – from afar. This is especially true for the most prestigious bag brands. Think: Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton bags.

Knowing there are so many dupes of these brands’ iconic styles, such as the 2.55 flap, Birkin and Speedy bags (respectively), it somewhat detracts from the prestige of those accessories.

Therefore, if it’s prestige you’re after, it’s better to go for one of the rarer designer handbag styles. And the rarest are those out of production. The vintage ones. Not only are these much more covetable, since very few around the world will be able to own one, but buying vintage bags is much better for the planet, too.

For example? We’ve found ten rare Louis Vuitton vintage bags that are unique delights. It’s a selection of their old issues that feature intriguing colour combinations, materials and finishes. These handbags are so hard to find, they’re considered collector’s items.

And the best part? If you keep them in good shape, their value is only bound to go up if you decide to resell!

Note: These bags are indeed very rare, and are likely to disappear soon. If you’re interested in purchasing one, act fast!

Main image and image below: Louis Vuitton

Rare Louis Vuitton Vintage Bags We Love

LV bags

1. The Bella Bag

This is one of the sweetest Louis Vuitton vintage bags! Featuring gradient pinks and creams to accentuate the LV motif while bringing a whisper of subtle colour, it also comes with an attached round coin purse.

It’s hard not to love this bucket shaped bag! It can be worn across the body, or held by its thick silver hardware and leather handle.

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Price: $3,830


louis vuitton bella bag


2. The Padlock On Strap Bag

On a bit of a tighter budget? This is one of the best Louis Vuitton vintage bags for you!

It’s a classically designed handbag that features a removable chain, a removable and adjustable strap, and belt loop at the back. It closes securely with a magnetic LV-engraved padlock clasp.

What we love most about this bag is how its versatile strap can make it a shoulder bag or a clutch.

Price: Around $1,100

LV purse


3. The Vertical Soft Trunk Bag

Louis Vuitton is most famous for their travelling trunks. These were in vogue long before wheeled suitcases were a thing! While finding original ones (probably over 100 years old!) is really hard, they are highly valuable if they’re in good shape.

Looking for something a bit more modern? This Vertical Soft Trunk features coated canvas with an embroidered black Monogram pattern. Its boxy shape and reinforced corners pay homage to Louis Vuitton’s origins, while the embroidered canvas brings an almost organic feel to this unique bag.

Price: Around $3,280

Rare Louis Vuitton Vintage Bags


4. The Scala Mini Pouch

This is one of those Louis Vuitton vintage bags that harkens back to the 90s. It proves that what comes around, goes around, since the bum bag is making a huge comeback.

This aquamarine accessory is perfect for anyone with an active, city lifestyle. It boasts a vintage gold LV monogram on the front, and a colourful zip pull with the Vuitton signature. Its adjustable strap can be styled as a belt bag, worn high or low, or carried cross-body.

It’s just big enough to hold everyday essentials. Namely your keys, phone, money and makeup. What more do you need?

Price: Around $1,500


Louis Vuitton pouch


5. The LVxLoL Boite Chapeau Souple

Now, here’s a bag that’s truly unique! It was created for the exclusive Louis Vuitton x League of Legends capsule collection back in 2019. The Boite Chapeau Souple is made from an exclusive Monogram canvas patterned with blue-and-silver camo. Of course, the design was  inspired by LoL’s champions. This fresh interpretation of the classic hat box shape merges the world of gaming with the distinctive aesthetic of designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

Price: Around $2,530


Rare Louis Vuitton Vintage Bags

6. The Papillon BB

If you’re a lover of logos, this is the best rare Louis Vuitton vintage bag for you! The Papillon BB is heavy with the LV logo, embossed in light gold. A matching coin purse makes it easy to take your essentials out when needed. We especially love the wide, removable jacquard strap and two classic Toron top handles. This all means the bag can be carried in several different, stylish ways.

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Price: Around $2,400

rare LV bags

7. The Nano Lockme Bucket

As you probably guessed from the name, this is a tinier interpretation of the classic Lockme Bucket bag. This tiny, lightweight bag is the perfect companion for your busy day. It goes with any outfit, any time, and can be carried on the shoulder or across the body.

Its minimalist design is highlighted by a secure LV twist lock in silver-tone metal.

Price: Around $1,800


louis vuitton nano bag


8. The Vanity PM

This is one of the most unique of all the Louis Vuitton vintage bags in our list!

Ideal for makeup lovers, this bag features the shape of a vanity bag. It’s got a gold padlock, top handle, and distinctive shape. It’s easy to carry by hand, as well as on the shoulder or even cross-body. That’s all thanks to its removable braided-leather chain.

And the interior? It’s just a clean, simple black space for holding all your treasures.

Price: Around $2,400

Rare Louis Vuitton Vintage Bags


9. The Alma BB

There are rare Louis Vuitton vintage bags in gorgeous colours, too! And the Alma BB is a great example.

After the Barbie craze, searches for this bag increased dramatically, and it’s still really hard to find.

This bubblegum pink accessory features an Art Deco inspired shape, hand-stitched, rolled-leather top handles, and a removable shoulder strap, signed with the words “Louis Vuitton”, for shoulder or cross-body carry.

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Price: Around $2,000

The Alma BB in pink


10. The Valisette Souple BB

This is one of the most elegant of all the rare Louis Vuitton vintage bags! It features natural hues outside, and a blood-red lining. This compact handbag was, of course, inspired by vintage Louis Vuitton luggage.

Made mainly from Damier Ebene canvas, it features leather corners and bands on the side, as well as an LV key bell. Like most LV bags, the adjustable and removable straps allow for various ways to wear the bag.

Price: $2,400

The Valisette Souple BB



Which is your favourite of all these rare vintage Louis Vuitton bags? If you ever buy one and want to know if it’s the real deal, click here to learn how to tell if your Louis Vuitton bag is fake or not!

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