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This Rare Vintage Chanel Could Be Yours

Rare vintage Chanel is a great investment, and a beautiful thing to have in your closet! Here’s where to find it

By Chere Di Boscio

Few of us are able to go shopping outside right now. And at this point, I’m really missing the experience of hitting the shops.

I don’t shop often; hardly ever, as a matter of fact. But when I do, my goal is to stumble across a rare gem that will make me feel like a Queen when I wear it. To find something no one else has; an item that will inspire compliments from strangers, and that will boost my confidence, no matter what my mood.

Now, there’s a rare vintage Chanel online sale that’s way more exciting than anything on the high street. There are plenty of items available that tick everything I personally want in a shopping experience.

Rare Finds

The sale is on Farfetch, and it’s curated by Claudia Ricco, who is the owner of the rare vintage specialist store in London called Rewind.

Ricco has been collecting Chanel pieces since 2003. Her shop focuses its buying mainly on five iconic French maisons – Chanel being one of them. The boutique’s latest capsule collection showcases pieces formerly owned by a Chanelophile called Catherine McNulty, a glamorous socialite who was obsessed with fashion.

Here, you’ll find iconic bags, jewellery, jackets and more that date from the 1980s onwards. That was an important era in Chanel’s history, when the label’s muses included Inès de la Fressange, Yasmin Le Bon and Claudia Schiffer.

‘When we first saw this particular collection it felt as though we had opened up an Aladdin’s cave of the most fabulous pieces, with the most glamorous stories behind them,’ gushed Claudia.

Investing In Style

This collection is something of a dream for fans of rare vintage Chanel. As you may imagine, items here are not cheap, with prices starting at just under $300. But as another important Chanel collector, Catherine Bernier of the 3 Marches de Catherine B shop in Paris says: “Chanel is always a good investment. You can wear the garments or use the bags as much as you like, and when you grow tired of them (but why would you!?), the resale value will always be high, so long as they’re in good condition.”

And given the fact that top luxury brands, including Chanel to Louis Vuitton, have increased prices of some of their most coveted products as they try to make up for sales lost during months of coronavirus lockdowns, buying vintage designer bags makes more sense now than ever. In fact, Chanel stated last week it was increasing prices on its iconic handbags by between 5% and 17%. Apparently, the extensive lockdowns have pushed up the cost of certain raw materials.

In these uncertain economic times, you should know that it has often been said that purchasing Chanel bags in particular are a better investment than the stock market. If you’re looking to buy a handbag to resell it for profit down the line, click here for some tips.

But the bottom line is this: buy what you love, enjoy it and keep it for when you go out and want to look your very best. And if you can resell it later on, why not? You’ll at least be able to recuperate your investment; at best, you will make a profit.

Take a look below to shop some of our favourite pieces from the McNulty collection below. But keep in mind that Farfetch has a wide range of not only vintage Chanel, but Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and other iconic brands that make a great style – and financial – investment!

To shop the collection, click here. Check out Farfetch’s usual rare vintage collections here, and Rewind Boutique’s collections here.

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