The Best Vegan Boots For Winter 2024

Looking for some gorgeous vegan boots for winter this year? We’ve found a huge variety, for all budgets!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

With the rise of eco-friendly faux fur, there are hundreds of stylish, warm winter coats to choose from these days. But weirdly, finding vegan boots to match is a bit trickier.

Often, they’re a bit frumpy looking. Or maybe they’re made from material that doesn’t ‘breathe’ well, making them either far from snuggly (read: freezing cold). Or if they’re lined, they can be nastily sweaty. The eternal winter fashion conundrum for vegans is usually: where can I find a decent pair of vegan boots for winter? But there are other questions we need to ask, too. Like, what makes a boot vegan?

What are vegan winter boots, exactly?

Vegan winter boots are made with 100% animal free materials. In the best case scenario, they’re made from plant-based fabrics. But that’s not all.

Truly vegan winter boots will ensure every single part of the item is 100% free of animal products. That means no animal-based glues, dyes or waxes.

While some believe it’s only ethical to buy clothing and accessories from certified vegan companies, others have no problem buying cruelty-free options from non-vegan brands. If that’s the case, you’ll need to ask questions to confirm the whole shoe is truly vegan. For example, you might have to confirm the source of the glues and dyes, for example. Remember: synthetic doesn’t mean vegan!

And while we’re on that topic – why not go for an eco-friendly boot? Go for those made from recycled materials or plant-based leathers.

What should you look for in a vegan winter boot?

This is a pretty personal question. Your vegan winter boots should, of course, match your style. But they should also match your climate.

For example, if you live in a place like London, where winters are generally mild and it rarely snows, you’ll still have to get something that’s waterproof, since winters are quite wet. But if you’re in a country like Canada, you’ll obviously need sturdy winter boots that can brave the snow. They should, of course, be flat styles. If you absolutely must have a heel, make it super chunky so you don’t slip. On the other hand, if you live somewhere like Northern California, you might just want a pair of chic ankle boots for the cooler season.

Are vegan boots warm and waterproof?

There are plenty of vegan winter boots that are both warm and waterproof! You just need to know where to look. That being said, there are also loads of styles these days that are made from recycled plastic bottles, which means they’re a bit on the thin side. This could be fine for climates that don’t experience huge amounts of snow, but are probably inappropriate for those in say, the north eastern United States.

Chelsea cuts, ankle boots and chunky heels are just a few of the on-trend characteristics all fashionistas are looking for in footwear this season. Fortunately, these styles feature in all of the beautiful vegan boots for winter we’ve found for you here.

Our vegan winter boots edit is not only chic, but it’s luxurious too. And in most cases, these boots are even eco-friendly. In fact, the new winter problem facing vegans now could well be: which pair of boots should I choose?

Great Vegan Boots For Winter 2024

The Best Vegan Boots For Winter 2024

1. Vivaia Faux Fur Boots

These Camila boots combine function with style. Their recycled rubber outsole ensures you won’t slip, no matter how icy it gets. And when temps drop to sub-zero, you’ll be glad to know these boots are lined with faux fur. Made from recycled materials, no less! The length of the boots ensures that your legs, as well as your feet, will be kept warm and dry, no matter what the weather.

Price: Around $199

Materials: 90% recycled materials, such as plastic bottles and rubber.

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter because: They’re ideal for snowy climes.

faux fur boots

2. Doc Marten Chelsea Boots

Sometimes, it’s best to stick with a no-fuss classic. And that’s exactly how I’d describe these Chelsea boots by Doc Marten.

Guaranteed to be 100% vegan friendly, these boots are easy to put on and take off, and add a touch of swinging 60’s London to any wardrobe.

Price: Around $135

Materials: Synthetic materials.

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter because: Since these are elasticised, they’re super easy to pull on and off. They’re fitted with anti-slip soles, so you can stride with pride, even in the rainiest weather.

vegan doc martens


3. Hunter Sherpa Snow Boot

With a cozy fleece lining, waterproof membrane and drawstring closure, these boots by Hunter are guaranteed to be snuggly. What’s more, these boots are handmade and use 100% natural rubber in their lugged sole, which Hunter has committed to sourcing from deforestation-free and environmentally-friendly plantations.

Price: $163

Materials: Synthetic textiles, natural rubber

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter because: They’re so damn warm, you can pretty much explore the Arctic in these!

The Best Vegan Boots For Winter 2024

4. Stella McCartney Skyla Boots

These Skyla boots by Stella McCartney are pretty darn eco-friendly! They feature an upper crafted from organic cotton and forest-friendly viscose. The counter lining is crafted with production offcuts. Of course, her responsibly sourced forest-friendly viscose is FSC-certified, traceable and never from ancient or endangered forests. In fact, it’s verified by the CanopyStyle Audit.

Price $925

Materials: See above.

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter because: Not all of us live in snowy climates, right? So if you’re just trying to keep your feet warm whilst looking chic, there’s literally no better winter boot I’d rather wear, personally. These lengthen the leg, are easy to walk in, and look great with jeans.

stella mccartney skyla boots

5. Nico Studded Boots

Ready to make a statement? These studded boots will do it! They’re fashioned from vegan leather and feature a punky pointed toe, buckle and studs. And when it’s cold, you can pull on the optional faux fur boot covering. Feeling like being even bolder? These also come in electric pink!

Price: $299

Material: Faux fur, vegan leather

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter for: Serious fashionistas!

faux fur vegan boots

6. Aley Tall Boots

These smooth, faux vegan leather boots come from Matt and Nat. They’ve got a touch of the ’70’s about them, don’t you think? Though the image shows them being worn over jeans, I’d personally pair these with a dress or skirt.

Price: $135

Material: Recycled materials

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter because: They’re going to be keeping your calves really warm. Obviously!

The Best Vegan Boots For Winter 2024

7. Everlane Rain Boots

Rain or shine, snow or sleet – you can wear these flexible rubber rain boots! They’re are easy to clean and designed for thick, comfy socks to keep your toes warm no matter the weather. They also feature a slip-resistant tread so they’re perfect for winter walks.

Price: Around $90

Materials: All natural rubber

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter because: Their treads are super thick and sturdy. Stomp over the ice with confidence!

everlane rain boots

8. Zoie Rain Boots

Hats off to vegan bag maker JW Pei for creating these unique vegan boots for winter! The Zoie is a pair of boots that is truly sculptural and different. They come in several different colours, ranging from lipstick red, denim blue, and muddy brown, to make your look really stand out!

Price: Around $199

Materials: Vegan leather, lycra

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter because: They’re totally waterproof, are easy to walk in, and

9. Sumi Boots

The only thing worse than being cold? Being cold AND wet! That’s why we love these Sumi boots. They’ll prevent you from being both!

Made with recycled materials like upcycled plastic water bottles, these come in four colours and feature a sweet little side zip that makes putting these on (and taking them off) a breeze!

Price: Around $150

Materials: Recycled materials

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter because: They’re totally waterproof, are easy to walk in when it’s slippery, and we love the snowy-white hue.

vegan rain boots

10. O2 Monde Faux Fur Boots

Love boots that are literally warm and fuzzy? You’ll adore this pair of faux fur boots by O2 Monde! These pull-on boots feature chunky soles and vegan shearling.

Price: Around $698

Materials: Polyester

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter because: Warm and comfy, and waterproof. These work in any kind of wintery weather!

The Best Vegan Boots For Winter 2024

11. Bhava Knee High Boots

Sometimes, you just need to throw on your knee-high boots and go for it! And if you don’t already own a pair, these boots from Bhava are sexy and stylish! They’ll boost your confidence, and can be worn in a multitude of ways. In fact, these are two boots in one!

For example, you can snap on the long upper part to create knee high boots in winter to keep your legs warm. Or, you can remove that part and simply wear the vegan ankle boots in warmer weather.

Looking for a super-warm, insulated boot? Bhava makes those, too!

Price: Around $139

Materials: PU leather

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter because: These are lined and are warmer than they look. Versatile and super sexy!

vegan knee high boots

12. Alexandra K Snow Boots

Alexandra K’s snow boots are a sleek option for both après ski and snowy days in the city. Set on textured soles for good grip, they’re made from water-resistant and durable grape leather in an easy-to-style beige hue.

They are made of the highest quality materials. The outer waterproof layer is made of innovative fabric eco-PU, which provides protection against snow and rain.

These are some of the best vegan boots for winter if you like to keep your feet toasty. That’s mainly thanks to their 100% cotton faux fur lining. But their thick textured sole also guarantees warmth!

Price: Around $180

Materials: Corn based vegan leather, organic cotton fleece.

One of the best pairs of vegan boots for winter because: They’re as eco-friendly as can be!

The Best Vegan Boots For Winter 2024


First and second images: Matt & Nat

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