Vegan Fashion From LaBante London On Our Lust List

Vegan fashion from LaBante is perfect for gifting – to friends, family, or yourself!

By Bec Gregory

We’ve got a thing for LaBante! The London based brand creates luxury vegan leather bags and fashion accessories that are 100% cruelty-free and sustainably produced.

LaBante London combines the finest craftsmanship with ethical excellence to create a luxury vegan fashion brand that has way more than beautiful bags to boast about! With a seductive mix of classic aesthetics and on-trend designs, their conscious collections are helping to create change within the fashion industry.

Founded in 2009, their PETA approved vegan collections are ethically produced and manufactured using recycled, environmentally friendly materials. They tick all our boxes!

Fashion with respect

Founder and CEO Vanita Bagri combined her love for animals and fashion with unwavering ethics and a dedicated commitment to help protect the natural world to create a brand worth backing!

The vegan entrepreneur has built a responsible business driven by the brand philosophy of ‘Fashion with Respect’. Bagri is committed to ethically creating the highest quality cruelty-free bags and fashion accessories and is  “constantly improving production” and “seeking ways to reuse materials” she says.

vegan fashion items by LaBante London

Over 10.2 million plastic bottles recycled!

LaBante London is making a difference with its ethical and sustainable approach to business. By turning reclaimed single use plastic bottles (PET bottles) into a fabric used for the interior lining of their handbags, they have recycled 10.2 million plastic bottles! This beautiful polyester fabric is made by breaking down single use plastic bottles (PET bottles) into pellets which are then melted, cooled, and spun into yarn. For example, 25 reclaimed plastic bottles are used to line the larger handbags.

Prioritising ethics and sustainability over profits, they exclude the use of non-degradable PVC in their collections. The outers of their bags are made with vegetable by-products and/ or polyurethane (PU). You’ll also find biodegradable apple skin leather in their collections made under a proprietary technology in Italy.

Ethical excellence

LaBante London prioritises the well-being and social welfare of its people at all stages of production, ensuring fair living wages and a harmonious work-life balance. The company conducts regular audits and spot checks to guarantee the production of its bags and accessories in a safe and ethical environment, with all factories holding SEDEX certification.

Love animals? Want to be kind to the environment? Let the distinctive LaBante logo talk on your behalf!

Here are some of our favourite offerings from the brand, below.

The Best Of Vegan Fashion From LaBante

vegan fashion items by LaBante London

1. The Daisy White Bag

The Daisy is just so sweet! It features handwoven Blue Star Vegan leather and the highest quality hardware in a rich matte gold. You can wear it with its chain as a shoulder bag, or transform it into a crossbody bag by using the wide leather strap. Of course, Labante made the bag sustainably and ethically, and used red recycled plastic bottles for its stunning lining.

Price: From around $100

One of the best vegan fashion items by Labante for: Sweet summer style.

vegan fashion items by LaBante London

2. Kensington Crossbody Handbag

We love that if you buy anything from Labante London, you can feel sure it’s going to be 100% vegan! That means no animal based glues, dyes or fabrics are used in any of their products. In fact, Labante London makes all the linings of their bags with recycled materials, and depending on the style, the outer part will feature vegetable by-products and/or polyurethane.

This crossbody bag is no exception! Not only does it feature an elegant design, with its downward pointing ‘arrow’ flat, but we love the double chain, too. Gold hardware ‘feet’ ensure your bag doesn’t get destroyed every time you put it down. This one was made to last!

Price: From around $100

One of the best vegan fashion items by Labante for: Elegant city living.

vegan fashion items by LaBante London

3. Sophie Tote

There are a lot of vegan tote bags out there today. Some are really basic, made of cotton or hemp. Other fancier bags might use something toxic, like PVC. But not Labante! They never use nasty materials in teir designs, and their classic tote is no exception.

This useful bag is big enough for all your stuff, from laptops to lipsticks. It’s got eight card slots, a zip coin compartment and a note compartment that fits all currencies. I’d say it’s probably one of the bags you’d use the most, if not every single day.

Price: Around $200

One of the best vegan fashion items by Labante for: Every single day.

vegan fashion items by LaBante London

4. Magnolia Grey Vegan Small Bowling Bag

This beautiful vegan leather bowling bag perfectly combines luxury design points with everyday functionality. You can choose from two colours: there’s a gorgeous magnolia grey or a deep Kelly green. Both come with custom gold hardware, and ooze elegance.

Inside, you’ll find a deep aubergine purple recycled bottle lining with a zipped pocket, and key and phone compartments. There’s also a handy zip pocket on the back of the bag, for easy access to your important stuff.

Plus, there’s a detachable adjustable long strap included so you can wear it as a crossbody. And it’s the perfect size, if you ask me!

Price: From around $100

One of the best vegan fashion items by Labante for: Minimalist elegance.

vegan fashion items by LaBante London

5. LB Black Apple Leather Sneakers for Women

We were thrilled to learn that these classic style sneakers use up old apple skins! Yep, that’s right: they’re made of apple leather. This is a kind of vegan leather made from the waste of juicing apples. And these shoes are perfect for everyday styling and comfort with a flexible fit that conforms to your movements.

Each shoe features a hand embroidered LaBante logo and their sustainability message on the back. They also boast plant-based natural rubber soles with anti-slip grip and shoelaces made from recycled plastic bottles.

What’s more, you can get them hand-painted with initials or anything else by their in-house artist. Why not customise your footwear then, to make it really special?

Price: Around $100

One of the best vegan fashion items by Labante for: Pairing with everything from dresses to jeans.

vegan shoes

Looking for a gift for him…or her? We love this functional designer laptop backpack! It’s perfect for work, hiking, or travelling with, and perfectly balances designer style with comfort and functionality. The padded adjustable straps ensure it sits comfortably on your shoulders when you’re on the go.

This sleek accessory is really eco friendly, too. Especially since it features a 15-inch laptop compartment made from recycled plastic bottles. It also has two main zipper compartments for your laptop and files, and a zip pocket for your card and keys. It’s the ideal bag for work!

Price: Around $80

One of the best vegan fashion items by Labante for: Unisex style.

unisex vegan backpack

7. Mini Demi Satchel

Mini Demi crossbody bag is a part of the LaBante x Iris Collection, which features the impressionist paintings of American artist Iris Scott. Each beautiful strap represents a piece of vibrant art by Ms. Scott. But that’s not all! You can wear this as a crossbody bag with the arty strap, or hold it as a purse with its vegan leather handles.

Perfect for everyday use, the bag has inside zipper pocket for your keys or phone and a zip closure for the main bag. But maybe the coolest thing is this: There’s also a secret message from Labante inside. What will yours say?

Price: Around $180

One of the best vegan fashion items by Labante for: Art lovers.

vegan fashion items by LaBante London

What vegan fashion items by LaBante London are going on your lust list? Please comment below, we’d love to know! 


Bec Gregory

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