How Eco Stylist Shows They Give A Damn

Menswear isn’t always all about the planet. But Eco Stylist shows they give a damn, in man ways

By Emma Morgan

Dressing like you give a damn gives you confidence: nothing feels quite as good as loving your outfit. At Eco Stylist, dressing with confidence is dressing in sustainable and ethical brands that reflect individual values.

Recognizing the importance of a brand’s values as they pertain to transparency, fair labor, and sustainably made products is the first step in dressing like you give a damn. The next step, and perhaps the most challenging one, is finding brands that actually demonstrate attention to their values in sourcing textiles and materials as well as production. 

How Can You Tell If A Brand Really Gives a Damn?

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Knowing a brand is truthfully sustainable can be tricky, as many brands partake in greenwashing. Greenwashing is the falsification of an organization’s environmental efforts: meaning some major fashion brands and companies are lying about the impact they have on the environment. Supporting businesses that partake in greenwashing is avoidable with a little knowledge and the following comprehensive guide to researching a brand:

  • Look for brands that use more eco-friendly fabrics like hemp, Tencel, and organic cotton, and who share where those fabrics come from. Look for relevant certifications brands have for their fabrics, such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Global Recycle Standard (GRS).
  • If a brand claims to manufacture sustainably, look for certifications like Oeko-Tex, GOTS, Bluesign, or a seal of approval such as Remake or Eco-Stylist.
  • To ensure brands invest in maker well-being, look for certifications like Fair Trade, or a seal of approval such as Eco Stylist’s.
  • Look for evidence that a brand pays living wages either by a brand publishing their actual wages or by having certifications such as Fair Trade.
  • Lastly, consumers can avoid the trap of greenwashing by looking for brands with the certifications above or in lieu of certifications, a strong sustainability page, backed by transparency and real examples.

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Eco Stylist Gives A Damn For Its Customers

The research that goes into the comprehensive checklist above is just a glimpse of the depth that Remake, Eco Stylist’s non-profit partner, goes to ensure a brand is producing products both ethically and sustainably. Eco Stylist is here to help, only offering products that meet this strict criteria.

Eco Stylist scores and rates approved brands in three different categories, introduced earlier as consideration points for your own values: transparency, fair labor and how sustainably our clothes are made. 


It is easy for brands to neglect the rights of the people making our clothes. Transparency allows us to keep the makers in the forefront, instead of invisible and exploited.

Fair Labor

Fair wages and access to essential services such as health care and child care are among the factors evaluated to make sure a brand demonstrates fair labor.

Sustainably Made

This category is all about sourcing eco-friendly products, reducing carbon footprint and water usage, and investing in clean renewable energy.

Recognising that even the best brands can be better, Eco-Stylist awards its certified brands a ranking for each of the above 3 categories. When you add all of this up you get a brand’s total score, between 50-100.

Based on their total score, brands are then ranked into three levels: certified, silver, and gold. You can see all of our sustainable brand ratings here.

Dressing like you give a damn can take work. Eco Stylist eliminates research tabs, doing the hard work for its customers. Check out their sustainable brands, explore our shop, and enjoy the effortless and empowering experience of shopping by your values!

Author Bio: Emma Morgan is a writer at Eco-Stylist. This post was sponsored


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