Label Love: LeMuse And Their Lovely Linens

Are you a fan of Nordic style? You’ll love LeMuse and their lovely linens!

By Chere Di Boscio

Linen has long been used for fashion. In fact, the use of the is material, which is spun from flax, dates back to way past the Ancient Egyptians! And for good reason. This fabric is breathable, strong, and is easy to grow without pesticides or the use of much water. It takes dye easily, and can be cut into gorgeous styles. 

For all of these reasons, LeMuse sustainable fashion uses a lot of linen in its creations.

The founder of LeMuse brand comes from a long line of fashion designers from Lithuania. During her childhood in this Baltic nation, she was mesmerised by what her grandmother was doing – cutting patterns, sewing, drawing designs – and she began to do these things herself. So passionate was her family about linen, they named her Lina, which means ‘linen’ in Lithuanian!

Lina has kept linen designing in her family, and today, her brand LeMuse and their lovely linens is a run family business, led by Lina and her husband Kazimieras. 

LeMuse And Their Lovely Linens

LeMuse and their lovely linens

National Traditions

Coming from a country rich in natural beauty, Lina cares very much about the environment, and was keen to create a sustainable fashion brand that would leave a minimal impact.

Consequently, she prioritises made-to-order in her business. By creating clothing that’s the perfect fit for her clients on demand, this saves tonnes of waste, and ensures there is never excess stock. It also allows LeMuse to customise each dress, jumpsuit, sweater or top to ensure it’s exactly what the client wants. “We know that clients have to wait a bit to get the order but they can be sure that their dress is made personally for them,” says Lina. “Our clothes can be made according to their wishes – we will adjust the measurements, so that their clothing fits perfectly.”

Since Lina was born and raised in Lithuania, it’s important for her to support her countrymen and women. For that reason, she has chosen to work with small production houses in her home country, in order to support national artisans. Most of those who sew her linen, wool and cotton clothing work only with LeMuse, and carry an average of over 30 years’ experience in fashion creation. 

“We have supported these studios from the beginning,” says Lina. “From time to time, we start working with a new production house. They then grow with us and share the same beliefs and goals: sustainability, perfection, fair trade and natural clothing.”

LeMuse and their lovely linens

Capsule Collections

The core concept behind the designs of LeMuse is minimalist capsule collections. Lina thought very carefully about what women need in their wardrobes: cotton and linen dresses, tops and jumpsuits for summer; wool cardigans, sweaters and trousers for winter. “We believe that clothes should be long-lasting and that natural fabrics are a must. One of our choices is linen as it is perfect for all seasons, especially summer time,” says Lina.

“We are proud to use locally produced Lithuanian linen because it allows us to make sure that the quality of the material is perfect: it feels nice and cozy on the skin, is very breathable and long lasting – a linen dress can be your best friend for many years.”

For the colder seasons, though, she recommends wool. Lina says: “it brings comfort and warmth is almost magical. One wool sweater is enough to save you from those cold winters.”

The styles in the capsule collection are created with a limited palette of classic colours: cobalt blue, tomato red, blush pink, black and white. These hues match just about any other colour of accessory and are eternally chic. 

LeMuse and their lovely linens

Baltic Roots

When you think of Nordic and Baltic style, you probably think of interior design that’s based on lots of texture, clean lines and neutral colours. The look evolved with the contributions of talented Scandinavian designers: Alvar Aalto, Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Eero Arnio, and Ingvar Kamprad (the founder of Ikea). This aesthetic has been translated into LeMuse and their lovely linens.

“We create minimalistic designs defined by their simplicity”, Lina states. “We never run after the latest trends: instead, we favour elegant styles that look perfect for every season and never really go out of fashion. Many of our designs are of cut, so a dress, a blouse or cardigan can easily adjust to different body shapes and sizes.”  To give each design a bit of a unique twist, Lina also adds a little detail to spice it up. This could be a statement bow, bold back buttons, or a dropped waistline.

Nordic sustainable fashion

Traditional…But Modern

Though LeMuse is deeply entrenched in tradition, it’s also a highly modern brand. Lina recognises that especially in these times of pandemics, more and more people are shopping online. So, her brand is available to everyone around the globe via their website. To make the shopping experience more entertaining, LeMuse also offers customers an interesting blog with articles on topics like: learning the difference between linen and cotton; the best fabrics to sleep in, and importantly, how to wash linen properly.

She also realises that modern women aren’t just taking care of the planet through sustainable fashion; they’re taking care of themselves through exercise, such as yoga. Lina has created a range of comfy, stretchy yoga clothing from a viscose blend. Our pick? The yoga suit, with its long sleeves and unique neckline.

Linen jumpsuit

In short, we love LeMuse and their lovely linens for embodying Nordic style and sustainability. Their biodegradable fabrics are pretty, planet friendly, and as ancient as Scandinavian culture itself.

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This post was sponsored in partnership with LeMuse. We hope you enjoyed it!

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