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Eco Fashion Motors Ahead: Redress + Ford

By Chere Di Boscio

You wouldn’t really associate Ford with Fashion. Or Sustainability. But a recent collaboration with the Redress Forum  has changed all that.

As part of The Redress Forum 2015: Ford Design Challenge, up and coming designers were asked to use fabrics taken from Ford cars which they could  upcycle to create new outfits.  The young talents took a tour around Hong Kong and chose a photo of something in that city to work from as their inspiration for their creations. From Hong Kong’s colonial history to skyscrapers in construction, their creative sparks came from a wide variety of sources.

All the designers taking part were finalists of The EcoChic Design Award 2014/15, so they were quite familiar with the wonderful possibilities that come with upcycling fabrics, as this is what the Award encourages the most. Every element of the fabrics provided by Ford was used, including seat belts, foam padding and seat cladding.

Ford seat fabrics    actually  contain materials that are in themselves constructed from between 18%-100%  recycled  materials, including  plastic bottles and post-industrial waste. Bet you didn’t know Ford was using sustainable fabrics, right? We were surprised too.

The car maker uses advanced technologies to ensure that their recycled fibres have  the same characteristics and functions as smooth virgin polyester, and that all seat fabrics made from recycled yarns meet the highest appearance and performance requirements.  Of course, such  sustainable technology helps to reduce landfill waste, reduce water and energy consumption, and decrease CO2 emissions in yarn production when compared with traditional technology, thus helping to protect our environment.

The resulting eco fashion creations from these fabrics are as original as they are (eco) chic, as you can see from the photoshoot of the finished  styles, below.

For more information, please click here.

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