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Winding road through Denali National Park, Alaska, in autumn
Adventure Travel

Fur Real: Hunting For Bears In Alaska

By Justin Wateridge The float plane roars and Keller eases back on the throttle. The immensity of the scenery below unfolds. Primordial nature. Wilderness. Muted hues. We are flying over Kodiak Island, Alaska’s emerald isle. The name conjures up images…

City Travel

Living in London Like A Local: Cuckooz

By Daniela Christiansson I love London. The diversity of the people, the huge open parks, and the palpable buzz make this city a favourite for many travellers. The thing is, it’s such a sprawling metropolis full of so many…

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016
Adventure Travel

A Lekker Ride: Cape Town Cycle Tour

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Are you ready for adventure? Want to see one of Africa’s most beautiful cities, whilst improving your fitness? Looking for a ‘lekker’ (local slang for ‘great’) experience? Then the Cape Town Cycle Tour may be for…

Adventure Travel

Our Top 10 Farm to Table Hotels

By Diane Small Thanks to globalisation, international cuisine can be found in any major city. In fact, one of the ubiquitous ‘first world problems’ we all face is: what to eat tonight? Thai, Chinese? Lebanese, Italian? Or maybe let’s…

Adventure Travel

6 Hot & Cold Eco Friendly Resorts

By Tazine Bogue Summer holidays are coming to an end for many, but for those of us who stayed behind in the city, it’s time to plan for the next big holiday period – winter! And you know what? Winter…

Spa getaways Travel

Spa Getaway Review: Bedford Lodge

By Annie Gillman While some people are total spa junkies, I’m a bit of a newbie. I’ve never had much time or cash to indulge in a full day of massage, steaming, pampering and relaxing, so when I was…

Exotic holiday Travel

Travel Tips & Eco Lodges in Mozambique

By Danae Mercer When it comes to sustainable luxury travel, Mozambique isn’t the first place that springs to mind. This southeastern African country has been through its share of tough times, ranging from being colonised by Portugal to being used for…

Exotic holiday Travel

Ten out of Ten: Bisma Eight Hotel Bali

By Chere Di Boscio After having stayed in various five star hotels in Bali recently, I was a bit saddened to see the excessive, unnecessary features these hotels considered to be ‘luxurious’. Think: family-sized kitchens in villas for two, housing…

Adventure Travel

See the World, Save a Species: Gorilla Eco Tourism

By Mike Long From swimming with captive dolphins to riding elephants, there’s unfortunately no shortage of examples of ways that animal tourism doesn’t work. Unsuspecting, animal loving tourists are often duped into believing that engaging in bizarrely unnatural acts…

Spa getaways Travel

Maximum R&R at The Spa at the Midland

By Paige French Stress management, socialising and staying sane under pressure are increasingly difficult in today’s urban hubs. Overcrowding, rubbish fast food and work demands mean most people are precipitously close to burning out. One of the easiest ways to…

Adventure City Travel

How To Be A More Sustainable Traveler

By Frances Stacey As we have become more eco-conscious as a society, travelling becomes trickier. Nowadays it’s common to hop on a plane for work related obligations or to see friends or family who live abroad. But these actions come…

City Travel

Welcome to the Jungle: Sustainable Singapore

By Arwa Lodhi Smoking in public, chewing gum, spitting in public, and littering – these are just a few of Singapore’s strict laws that were created to keep the streets clean. But Singapore has made enormous efforts to go…

Exotic holiday Travel

Barbados Beyond the Beach

By Charlotte Lynham Of all the stunning islands dotted throughout the Caribbean, Barbados is one of the densely populated. With local inhabitants and a growing number of international tourists to contend with, the island struggles with balancing the needs…

Sommerferie i syd England 18 - 29. jul. 05
City Travel

5 Of the UK’s Greenest Cities

By Diane Small Given the dedication to the environment by Scandinavian countries, it’s no surprise that England is often referred to as ‘the dirty old man’ of Europe. Indeed, England is pretty far behind the likes of Austria, Sweden,…