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Ditch the Backpack! Peru For Luxury Lovers

By Chere Di Boscio I remember hearing their stories: friends returned from Peru exuberant; cheeks flushed with health from the pure air of the Andes, eyes flashing with enthusiasm for what they’d seen. They raved about people who spoke…

Adventure Travel

Fur Real: Hunting For Bears In Alaska

By Justin Wateridge The float plane roars and Keller eases back on the throttle. The immensity of the scenery below unfolds. Primordial nature. Wilderness. Muted hues. We are flying over Kodiak Island, Alaska’s emerald isle. The name conjures up images…

City Travel

Living in London Like A Local: Cuckooz

By Daniela Christiansson I love London. The diversity of the people, the huge open parks, and the palpable buzz make this city a favourite for many travellers. The thing is, it’s such a sprawling metropolis full of so many…

Adventure Travel

A Lekker Ride: Cape Town Cycle Tour

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Are you ready for adventure? Want to see one of Africa’s most beautiful cities, whilst improving your fitness? Looking for a ‘lekker’ (local slang for ‘great’) experience? Then the Cape Town Cycle Tour may be for…