5 Healthy, Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Want to give your relationship a healthy kickstart? These healthy honeymoon destinations can help!

By Lucy Stickling

They say a marriage is built on happy memories. So why not get started building happy recollections on your honeymoon? Exploring new forms of  cuisine, witnessing novel cultural traditions and mixing with the local people are all wonderful experiences you’ll both look back on fondly for years to come.

But of course, after the stress of having planned a wedding in the first place, you’ll want to engage in some serious relaxation, too! Luckily, Health and Fitness Travel has conjured up a unique “Discover/Recover honeymoon” concept. This features two-part holidays. Tirst, discovering new cultures. Then, relaxing in opulent settings and reviving with luxurious spa treatments, relaxation therapies, outdoor activities, and healthy cuisine.

This option is ideal for active newlyweds who want to make a statement that their married life will be one in which eye-opening experiences are constantly shared, and health and wellness will always take priority.

We’ve selected five of what we feel are the best exotic honeymoon destinations with an emphasis on culture, health and wellness. All of which will  help you construct memories that will last a lifetime.

5 Of The Best Healthy Honeymoon Destinations

balinese boat

1.  The Exotic Beauty of Bali

Bask in the glow of a picture perfect sunset when you discover the aesthetically stunning island of Bali. From jungle trekking and volcano hiking to guided village cycling and temple tours, there is no end of exciting ways to explore the island and its ancient culture together.

This is one of the best healthy honeymoon destinations for those who wish to try exotic, locally grown food. Bali is famous for its rice-based dishes and organic produce. All the luxury wellness retreats here, including the Maya Ubud and COMO Shambala, offer detox and healthy dishes for all tastes.

They also provide myriad therapeutic spa treatments and holistic activities such as yoga, Pilates and meditation. You can also choose from a whole range of other exciting fitness classes and activities.

With its striking coastlines, lush greenery and picturesque landscapes Bali is the perfect destination for romance.

One of the best healthy honeymoon destinations for: Exotic food, culture, and spa treatments.

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations healthy honeymoon destinations healthy honeymoon destinations

2. Exploring Nature in Costa Rica

Are you both a bit outdoorsy? Begin  your married life together exploring the stunning tropical rainforests and unspoilt coastlines of Costa Rica. There is so much to do here! Think:

  • guided tours of the city of San Jose
  • a visit to an authentic coffee plantation
  • white water rafting
  • zip-lining through a volcanic national park,
  • birdwatching

In short, you’ll build beautiful memories of the adventures you share together on this exciting  journey through nature.

If you’re looking for healthy honeymoon destinations that allow you to indulge in expert treatments, there’s a wide choice here. These include the Pura Vida Resort.

At this property, you can relax in total luxury, unwinding with indulgent spa treatments, such as Shiatsu, reflexology, reiki, or deep tissue massage.

Alternatively, just enjoy a refreshing swim, or surf together in the Pacific Ocean.

However you choose to explore, you are sure to find an adventurous activity that excites both of you in luxury resorts in Costa Rica. 

One of the best healthy honeymoon destinations for: Outdoor activities; exploring nature.

healthy honeymoon destinations florblanca-infinity-pool costa rica rainforest healthy honeymoon destinations

3. St Lucia: Discover and Recover

The stunning Caribbean island of St Lucia is a very popular destination for honeymooners. And if you come here, you’ll see why! Not only is the weather perfect, with the sun almost guaranteed to shine, but the island is packed with natural beauty.

Discover the island on a catamaran boat tour and get up close to the iconic Piton Mountains, or take a dip in a refreshing natural waterfall pool, before tasting award winning rums or creating your own unique chocolate bar at the Hotel Chocolat resort. To burn off the calories, enjoy some off-road cycling on jungle trails or tour the beautiful coastline and tranquil waters by kayak.

After all that excitement, recover on a luxury spa honeymoon at the Body Holiday Resort, where you can both relax and unwind. Indulge in therapeutic spa treatments that sound good enough to eat, like the Lucian Lime & Ginger Scrub, or take part in holistic group classes, including yoga and Pilates.

One of the best healthy honeymoon destinations for: Pure relaxation; chocoholics.


healthy honeymoon destinations healthy honeymoon destinations st lucia bay

4. Dramatic and Vibrant Philippines

Boasting jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes, fascinating historic towns and miles of unspoilt, sandy beaches, this is the perfect destination for newlyweds looking to discover something new together.

Experience the vibrant, eclectic city of Manila on a guided city tour, or discover the hidden valley and swim in the stunning natural pools. Dance the night away and experience Filipino culture first-hand at a traditional fiesta before fully relaxing in a tropical paradise surrounded by mango trees.

After your cultural excursions, get into the mood for romance with dozens of luxury spa treatments. The Farm at San Benito, offers dozens of great ones, including exotic massages and detox wraps.

Each one will make you both even more attractive to each other!

One of the best healthy honeymoon destinations for: Luxury detoxing; immersion in nature.

healthy honeymoon destinations the farm juice fasting Bamboo Massage

5. Be Charmed by Morocco

What could be more romantic than discovering the diverse culture of an exotic country? Morocco is ideal for adventure- loving newlyweds! You’ll marvel at snake charmers and sip tea with merchants on a guided tour of Marrakech. Or, explore the Atlas Mountains on a mountain bike tour. You may also want to learn how to cook traditional Moroccan cuisine at the wonderful Ouirgane Eco Lodge .

Once you’ve both sampled the country’s rich culture, relax and unwind at a luxurious wellness retreat for a healthy honeymoon that has it all. Choose from a range of holistic spa treatments, including the traditional Moroccan Hammam. Here, your skin will be steamed and scrubbed back into its healthiest state. Argan oil will then be generously applied to ensure your skin is baby-soft. La Sultana in Marrakech has fantastic treatments!

One of the best healthy honeymoon destinations for: Healthy desert air, traditional body treatments.

Paradis Plage Morocco Marrakech night

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