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Eat Healthy! 17 Vegan Dip Recipes For All Occasions

By Andrea Lee

Summer’s slipping by, but that means lots of fun is on the way: kicking through autumn leaves, perfect jogging weather, and of course, Hallowe’en parties!

If you’re planning to have a few friends over for drinks or dinner, a good dip is the perfect base for entertaining and adding variety and flavour to your usual nibbles. While most dips are full of bad fats (think cream and mayo) and served with even more junk food like potato chips, we’ve found some perfectly healthy recipes that you can serve with sliced vegetable sticks, organic tortilla chips, toasted triangles of whole wheat pita bread, mini-rice crackers, you name it!

But that’s not all–these dips can also serve as spreads for sandwiches, sauces for veggie burgers or falafels, and as something to moisten up a vegan bowl dinner.

Here’s our selection of 17 vegan dips to make your appetisers even more appetising!

1. Salsa Verde Dip

If you like your dips hot’n’spicy, why not try serving up this delicious salsa verde from onegreenplanet with a bowl of raw vegetable sticks or organic, baked tortilla chips as a starter?


2. Broccoli Guacamole

This one is super healthy! Vegangela puts a fresh twist on the classic guacamole by adding in broccoli! It provides texture and is a great way to sneak in the greens, particularly for those who aren’t normally huge vegetable fans.


3. Vegan Tzatziki 

Greeks love this yogurt-and-cucumber based dip and use it not only as a dip with pita bread, but also as a sauce sometimes. If you don’t do dairy, never fear: you can also make traditional tzatziki with soy yogurt, which tastes just as yummy, or use this recipe from Greek Food, which substitutes tofu for yogurt.


4. Carrot Miso Butter

Nutritionist and food writer Gena from Choosing Raw suggests you try this creamy carrot miso butter with cornbread, and I must say, that sounds like a great idea. It’s a simple, easily tweakable recipe and looks fantastic on your dinner table too.


5. Ginger-Lime Edamame Hummus

Also from Gena at Choosing Raw is this gluten free ginger-lime edamame hummus, a cool take on a classic staple if you’re up for trying something new. Tastes great alone as a dip, or spread over a veggie burger too!


6. Avocado Tahini Dip

HealthyBlender suggest you serve this wonderfully zesty green Avocado Tahini dip with a bowl of oven baked crisps, toasted pita bread or raw vegetable sticks. Yum!


7. Spinach Artichoke Dip

It may look all cheesy and creamy but believe it or not, this spinach artichoke dip from actually contains tofu! Recommended as an appetizer for guests at dinner parties. As an added bonus, it gives you a huge dose of healthy vegan protein.


8. Buffalo Chickpea Dip

Inspired by Superbowl Sunday, theveganversion’s alternative take on the classic Buffalo Chicken dip uses chickpeas instead. Perfect for a half-time break when watching the football, and a fantastic source of protein.

Buffalo Chickpea Dip

9. Vegan French Onion Dip

This wonderfully rustic-looking French Onion dip from ohmyeggies takes 40 minutes to make, but it’s worth it. Caramelised onions, tofu and cashews make a great substitute for sour cream in this recipe. Ideal for taking to your next social gathering!

french onion

10. Vegan Queso Dip

In Spanish, ‘queso’ means ‘cheese’ but you won’t find that in this vegan dish! Surprisingly light in calories, this queso dip by homesweetjones is made with pureed cauliflower and carrot for an extra little boost of healthy goodness.


11. Lebanese Baba Ganoush Dip

Baba Ganoush is one of the Middle East’s favourite dips. Made from roasted aubergine, it can take some time to prepare, but never fear: The Minimalist Baker makes an easy one, and you can serve this one hot or cold. Get the recipe here.


12. 7 Layer Mexican Dip

Feeling fancy? Try this fantastic 7 layer Mexican dip from minimalistbaker! It looks great at parties. Top it off with some chopped olives and peppers for added appeal.  


13. Spicy Chilli Mango Dipping Sauce

Christine Roseberry suggests this wonderful chilli mango dipping sauce for the perfect mixture of aromatic spice and sweetness – you can even make it in large quantities to store easily in a jar in your fridge for convenience.


14. Beet and Lentil Hummus

Vegetariantimes’ gorgeously colourful beet and lentil hummus not only looks great, but is a delicious compliment to any chopped veg like broccoli, carrots, or celery. Season it with an herb of your choice and you’re good to go.


15. Pizza Hummus

Allergic to sesame or dairy? Or just adore pizza? Chocolate Covered Katie has the perfect dip for you! She combines two of our favourite ethnic foods in one yummy dip. This is essentially a hummus that tastes like pizza thanks to the blend of oregano, basil, tomato and garlic cloves. You can eat it as a dip, or spread on crackers or in a sandwich. Versatile and tasty!


16. Vegan Crab Dip

Crab dip is a restaurant fave, but what’s a vegan to do? This Simply Gluten Free dip is for hardcore vegans–ingredients such as nutritional yeast and Veganaise may not be common to all–but the results are worth the visit to the health food shop!


17. Smoky Cauliflower and White Bean Dip

You want healthy? You got healthy with this tasty, unique dip by Choosing Raw. Packed with veggies and protein, you can use this as part of a vegan bowl, or even as a spread on sandwiches.


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