An Idea That Floats: Yachting And The Sharing Economy

We love the idea of renting, not buying. And now yachting and the sharing economy are helping us all live a more luxe life!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

We’ve long discussed how the sharing economy is the future of sustainable luxury. Whether it’s iconic handbags, haute couture or holiday homes, there’s really no need to buy your own when you can rent someone else’s. It’s better for your bank account, and better for the planet.

And now, yachts are the latest indulgence you can purchase. Part time, that is.

And frankly, as anyone who has ever owned a nautical commodity knows, it can be incredibly expensive and frustrating.

There’s maintenance to pay, crews to staff, and mooring fees to cover, to name but a few hefty expenses. Belgian businessman  Matty Zadnikar and American entrepreneur Mike Costa recognised these difficulties. So they joined forces to bring the concept of yachting  co-ownership to Europe with SeaNet.

A New Concept In The Sharing Economy

SeaNet is a concept that  allows four co-owners to enjoy the benefits of owning a super yacht, splitting the annual fees of year-round mooring, insurance, crew and winter storage.

These are seriously beautiful boats. They come complete with luxuries like Jacuzzis, cinemas and swimming pools, not to mention top quality bedding, china and furnishings. In short, all you need for a seriously luxurious holiday!

The average cost of a new yacht if purchased individually is around €9m, with annual maintenance fees of around €500,000. So when you learn that the  smallest share (25%) of a Benetti Delfino 95′, costs €2.4 million with annual maintenance costs of roughly €125,000, it seems like a bargain.

Yet, even in the age of the sharing economy, Zadnikar admits it’s not easy to persuade the wealthy to buy a ‘part’ of a yacht. But the brand’s main selling point is that they offer superlative crews. They not only provide the logistics of your sailing route, but also check that your favourite foods and drinks are always stocked.

Yachting And The Sharing Economy Yachting And The Sharing Economy

Five Star Yachting Holidays On The Shared Economy

Buying a shared yacht still way out of your budget? Try TradeWinds! They offer shared yacht charter and five-star holidays. Their timeshare-like approach to co-ownership starts  at $10,000 a year. But non-owners can also reserve berths on the boats as you would a room at a small hotel. Of course, once onboard, everything is taken care of, from the well-stocked bar to the sashimi chef who cuts fish you may have caught yourself.

Destination options include exotic locales like French Polynesia, the Balearics, the Caribbean, and many more. Expert crews ensure you’re treated like royalty, with an all inclusive, highly personalised service.

Specifically in Greece, YachtSailing gives the chance for tourists to explore the beautiful Greek coastline with a catamaran charter. You can take in stunning coastal views and uncover hidden gems tucked away in stunning coves.
Catamaran charters are especially popular. They allow tourists to immerse themselves in nature and the unique Greek culture, while providing them with a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and privacy.

shared yachting holidays shared yachting holidays

A More Affordable Option

Still find SeaNet and TradeWind’s pricing a bit high? But love being on the water? No worries! Shared yachting holidays can be affordable, too.

The Sailing Collective  is a charter company that curates group itineraries. Glamorous getaways are made available to travellers who want to experience shared catamarans. These range between 45-60 feet. Perfect for island hopping!

Most of the boats have between four and six cabins. And although most of the guests don’t know the people they’ll be sharing the boat with, apparently quite a few travellers have ended up as friends. And even lovers, by some accounts!

Sure, cabins are a bit minimal, usually comprised of a queen bed and some cupboards. But you’ll be outside swimming, on board dining, socialising and tanning all day, so it barely matters.

Coveted destinations include Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda, the Croatian and Dalmatian Coasts, Phuket, and more. Custom-made itineraries welcome travellers who want to be culturally – and socially – engaged.

shared yachting holidaysshared yachting holidays

The Ultimate In Shared Yachting Holidays

It seems fitting to end here with a sailing company that was directly inspired by the King of the Sharing Economy – Airbnb. Sailo is a global boat rental marketplace that connects renters with boat owners and charter companies.

You can choose to hire or put up for hire a motorboat, sailboat, catamaran, or luxury yacht. It basically works like Airbnb for boats. If you’re not an expert sailor, don’t worry! Most bookings include a captain. So, once you’ve made your booking, you just need to show up, hop on board and enjoy your trip.

It’s rather incredible that you can literally drive a rented car to a hired boat, wearing clothes you’ve rented and carrying a luxury handbag you ‘own’ for a few weeks, before giving it all back.

Living lightly has never been so easy!


All images: courtesy SeaNet, TradeWinds, Sailing Collective and Salio.

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