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Trop Belle! 8 Organic French Beauty Brands We Love

By Sophia Hussain

Salut les filles!

We all know that the French ladies have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, and much of that is down to their beauty secrets.

Many tourists have cottoned on to this, and when they visit  Paris, they go through the shelves of the city’s wonderful pharmacies to uncover hidden beauty gems.

Although the best organic and natural beauty brands in France are indeed found in pharmacies, many are infiltrating mainstream beauty shops abroad, and debuting in niche chic boutiques, but you can buy many online now, too.

Here, I’ve curated my top 10 niche eco-beauty picks.  None of these brands is never tested on animals, of course, and they are all  certified organic, and have won an award of some kind. So now, let me give you the lowdown, from Absolution to Zao, on the French beauty brands I love!

1.  Absolution

This “creative apothecary” brand allows skincare enthusiasts to select a bespoke regimen.  Their “made to measure” concept offers various crèmes and serums for you mix up yourself, based on your individual skincare needs. Each product contains a unique blend of organic ingredients – there’s something for everyone, no matter what their skincare issues may be. Absolution’s minimalist-style white bottles are housed in artistically designed black and white recyclable boxes, created with eco-friendly vegetable ink too.  Being a socially conscious brand, 2% from every product purchased is donated to CARE France, a non-profit dedicated to fighting worldwide poverty.


2.  Bio Beaute

Organic fruits are not only touted as being healthier to eat, but they are also nature’s beauty treatment for healthy glowing skin.  A sister line created by the popular French skincare brand NUXE, Bio-Beaute, is an organic skincare and cosmetics collection that is infused with active fruit extracts.  These juicy oils are derived from the pulp and pits of the fruit that are naturally rich in skin nourishing antioxidants.




3.  PHYT’S

A spa brand that has its own plant based beauty institutes worldwide, using their unique collection of botanical skincare and cosmetics.  PHYT’S concept of “beauty is synonymous with pleasure” is reflected in their holistic approach to balancing beauty with health. Although not all their products are organic, the brand always advocates biodiversity by only using sustainable botanical ingredients where the ecosystem will never be compromised.




4.  Studio 78 Paris  

This eco-chic beauty brand offers a sleek collection of pretty cosmetics.  Each one is assigned an inspirational slogan, in place of the product and hue name – for example, they have an eyeshadow called “We Breathe”.  A vegan-friendly brand that only uses  natural mineral pigments derived from vegetables and minerals, Studio 78 offers a natural and ecological make-up range, for protecting the skin and respecting the environment.




5. Patyka Paris

A Parisian beauty house with Hungarian roots, Patyka means “apothecary” in Hungarian. It boasts two innovative product lines: “Absolis,” the holistic sophisticated range of daily beauty care products dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing (including indulgent body washes), and “Biokaliftin,” the exclusive range with an ultra high concentration of active organic substances and botanical extracts to help women age gracefully. These naturally-scented products will definitely create an escape from reality.


6.  Melvita

Beekeeping led to the creation of this sweet brand.  Based in the Ardèche region of France, their first product was an iconic hexagonal soap made with honey from their beehives.  But honey isn’t the only bit of natural goodness found in their expansive skincare collection – the label grows many of their own organic ingredients. In fact, the Melvita Foundation was established  for their commitment to  protect nature, the bees, and their ecosystem through the promotion of organic farming initiatives.




7.  UNE Natural Beauty

This back to beauty basics collection offers neutral-hued cosmetics designed to enhance the natural beauty of every fabulous skin tone.  This is one of the few organic beauty brands that offers a comprehensive collection of lipsticks to compliment every natural lip-tone hue. It’s classically minimal in its packaging and vegan-friendly too. Celebrate your individual beauty with UNE!



8.  ZAO Makeup

Respect for nature inspired this sustainable brand.  The name is derived from a combination of “Zen” and “Tao” – Asian philosophies that are connected to respecting nature.  Zao is a sustainable cosmetic brand due to their refillable packaging concept where once your product has hit pan, you can replace it with a new hue if you desire.  The package that houses each cosmetic is made from eco-friendly sustainable bamboo, a concept that was inspired by a bamboo pen and pencil set gifted by the founder’s friend.  The youthful brand offers trendy hues created from organic ingredients to appeal to women of every skin tone.



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    These organic products are really helpful in keeping the skin healthy. No wonder that most of people switch to organic products!

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    Nov 1, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    Great article! I am in the UK but exclusively buy French organic brands, they are the best, I guess it’s because their super strict health regulations. The latest amazing ones I found for skin and hair care are Ashana.B Paris (high-end vegan and cruelty-free !) and Gaya (organic soaps).

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      Thanks for the update, Lucy! 🙂

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    Zao isn’t French Cosmetics , this brand produce I Italy , just a trade Mark and not Manufacture and just trader

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