Trop Belle! 10+ Organic French Beauty Brands We Love

Looking for a bit of French Girl beauty? Try these natural and organic French beauty brands!

By Sophia Hussain

Salut les filles!

We all know that French women have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Much of that is down to their unique sense of style, gorgeous accents…and their awesome French beauty brands!

Many observant tourists have cottoned on to this. Now, when they visit  Paris, they flock to the shelves of the city’s wonderfully rich pharmacies to uncover hidden beauty gems.

Although the best organic and natural French beauty brands are indeed found in those pharmacies, many are infiltrating mainstream beauty shops as well. They’re debuting in niche chic boutiques around the world, but you can buy many online now, too.

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Why Choose French Beauty Brands?

french beauty products

There are other reasons to choose French beauty brands, besides being inspired by les femmes francaises.

For example, they’re often simpler, based on more natural ingredients, and are focused on the prevention of issues, rather than trying to fix them. As the founder of the French beauty brand Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas. says in her book, The French Beauty Solution:

“For the French, our beauty routine is predicated on prevention, and upkeep and is regarded as an essential, ongoing investment. What I saw here (in the USA), however, was much more of a tendency toward the quick solution. And while millions of American women consider beauty a priority in their daily routine, many of their habits are either too complicated, too expensive, too painful or simply not effective.”

That’s great. But which products should you go for, then?

Here, I’ve curated my picks for my top 10 natural French beauty brands. None of these companies ever tests on animals, of course. Some are certified organic, and others have won an award of some kind. All are super effective, and suitable for all skin types and ages.

So now, let me give you the lowdown, from Absolution to Zao, on the natural and organic French beauty brands I love the most!

10+ Natural & Organic French Beauty Brands

Organic French Beauty Brands We Love

1. Caudalie

When you think of France, you probably think of sipping a glass of fine wine on an outdoor bistro patio, right? And Parisian brand Caudalie is big into grapes. But instead of making wine with them, they extract organic grape water and grapeseed oil to make excellent facial care products.

But that’s not all! They use all kinds of other plant oils and other natural ingredients, like avocado, flaxseed and lavender to ensure your skin is kept protected and hydrated by the power of nature.

Price range: From $20-$65

Best for: Easy access! This French beauty brand is so popular, you can pretty much buy it anywhere.

caudalie products

2. Bio Beaute by NUXE

Organic fruits are obviously healthier to eat. But they’re also better for your skin!

A sister line of the popular French skin care brand NUXE, Bio-Beaute is one of the French organic beauty brands I love the most. Their entire collection boasts active fruit extracts and juicy organic oils derived from the pulp and pits of each fruit. These ingredients naturally enrich your skin with nourishing antioxidants. And they smell wonderful, too!

Price range: From $20-$70

Best for: This French skin care brand is well known for its excellent sun blocks and body oils.

Organic French Beauty Brands We Love


This is a popular spa brand that has its own plant-based beauty institutes worldwide. Of course, they only use their own signature collection of botanical skincare and cosmetics. Which is great! These are products you’ll really enjoy. And why not? PHYT’S motto is:“beauty is synonymous with pleasure,” and their holistic approach to balancing beauty with health illustrates this perfectly.

Although not all their products are certified organic, the brand always advocates biodiversity by only using sustainable botanical ingredients that never harm local ecosystems.

Price range: Average prices are around $40

Best for: The whole family! They have a men’s skin care range – and even one for babies!

where to buy organic french beauty brands

4. Buly 1803

This may be the oldest and most beautiful of all the organic French beauty brands. And it just got a major revival! Inspired by the Ancient Greek medicinal and cosmetic uses of plants, this all-natural line offers super luxurious products. These range from antique Scottish lichen body oil and clove and ginger toothpaste to Damask rose body milk and more.

All Buly 1803’s products come in absolutely stunning glass, metal and paper packaging. No matter what product you choose, it’s going to look amazing in your bathroom! Their motifs reflect the original packaging of the brand, which dates all the way back to – you guessed it – 1803.

Price range: From $29-$180

Best for: Gifting. Who wouldn’t want one of these gorgeous products?

Organic French Beauty Brands We Love

5. Studio 78 Paris

Certified organic? Check. Certified vegan? Yep! One hundred percent cruelty free? Of course! Studio 78 Paris is one of those organic French beauty brands that has it all!

Each cosmetic in the line carries inspirational slogan, in place of the usual product and hue name. For example, they have an eyeshadow called “We Breathe”, and a lipstick called “Believe in Yourself”.

Founded by a former Guerlain beauty developer, Studio 78 Paris only uses natural mineral pigments derived from vegetables and minerals. The result is a line of professional quality foundations, blushers, mascaras, eye shadows and more.

This is a high-end natural and ecological makeup range that protects both your skin and the environment. It never uses microbeads, plastic glitter or any artificial ingredients.

Price range: From around $20-$70

Best for: Super chic French cosmetics that last for ages!

Organic French Beauty Brands We Love

6. Patyka Paris

A Parisian beauty house with Hungarian roots, Patyka means “apothecary” in Hungarian. It boasts two innovative product lines. First is“Absolis,” a holistic sophisticated range of daily beauty care products that enhance your wellbeing (including indulgent body washes). Second is “Biokaliftin,” the exclusive range with an ultra high concentration of active organic substances and botanical extracts to help women age gracefully.

These naturally-scented, beautifully packaged products range from shower gels and shampoos to skin serums and SPF creams. There’s basically everything you need!

Price range: Since this is one of the higher end French skin care brands, prices start at around $60

Best for: Organic French luxury skin care products

Organic French Beauty Brands

7. Melvita

Melvita’s first product was an iconic hexagonal soap made with honey from their beehives. But honey isn’t the only bit of natural goodness you’ll find in their diverse skincare collections! The label grows many of their own organic ingredients. In fact, they even launched the organic, agronomic Melvita Foundation to extend their commitment to protecting nature.

Melvita not only keeps healthy hives of bees, but also promotes organic and ethical farming initiatives throughout France. And did I mention how light, gentle and effective their skincare products are? My favourite is their Apicosma Cleansing Milk. It’s ideal for erasing all signs of makeup and pollution from your face, no matter what your skin type.

Price range: Around $20-$30

Best for: This is one of the best French beauty brands for truly protecting nature through cosmetics.

Melvita beauty

8. Zao Makeup

Zao is a fully sustainable French cosmetics brand, thanks to their not only their natural ingredients, but also their refillable packaging. Once your product is empty, you can replace its packaging with a new hue, or a refill of your favourite product.

Each compact is made from eco-friendly sustainable bamboo, and was inspired by a bamboo pen and pencil set gifted by the founder’s friend. This youthful brand offers trendy makeup hues created from organic ingredients to appeal to women of every skin tone.

Price range: From around $3-$30

Best for: This is one of the best French beauty brands for finding excellent organic makeup on a budget.

Zao Makeup

9. French Girl Organics

This plant-based, clean beauty collection started out as a humble range of beauty products sold on Etsy. The minimalistically packaged, highly effective products were an expression of founder Kristeen’s love of nature. They may not directly be from France, but Kristeen’s heritage is. So they count for our list, right?

French Girl Organic’s sustainable ingredients, transparent business practices, and cruelty-free supply chain make this one of the most ethical French beauty brands around. I’m personally obsessed with many of their products, including their divine Lumiere Jasmine Body Oil, which I wear as a perfume!

Price range: From $10-$50

Best for: Simple, straightforward, minimalist beauty products

French Girl Organics

10. L’Odaites

Female and family owned, this French beauty brand aims to go back to nature in the most wonderful way possible.

It was born from a desire to highlight “real” materials and the complexity of holistic ointments, to truly protect and heal the skin. This mission has resulted in a skincare line that not only feels wonderful, but is super gentle. In fact, even those with allergies, eczema and other skin conditions have raved about this range!

Other key points about L’Odaites: we appreciate its long heritage and their use of rare, but highly effective African ingredients, like date nectar. We also love how all of their products are multifunctional. For example? You can use this body oil, below, for massages, hydrating skin, or you can even blend it with some sugar to make a scrub!

Price range: From around $20-$55

Best for: Sensitive skins.


11. Absolution

This “creative apothecary” brand allows skincare enthusiasts to select a bespoke regimen. Their “made to measure” concept offers various crèmes and serums you mix up yourself, based on your individual skincare needs.

Each product contains a blend of organic ingredients that are as unique as you are. There’s something for every woman, no matter what her skin care issues may be.

I also love that Absolution’s minimalist-style white bottles come in artistic black and white recyclable boxes, created with eco-friendly vegetable ink. Being a socially conscious brand means 2% from every product purchased goes to CARE France, a non-profit that fights poverty worldwide.

Price range: From around $20-$55

Best for: Incredibly effective, bespoke skincare.


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  2. Great article! I am in the UK but exclusively buy French organic brands, they are the best, I guess it’s because their super strict health regulations. The latest amazing ones I found for skin and hair care are Ashana.B Paris (high-end vegan and cruelty-free !) and Gaya (organic soaps).

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