Home Interiors Trends For 2022: Super Inspiring!

Want to make your home more beautiful? These home interiors trends for 2022 are a good place to start!

By Lora O’Brien

Interior design has a huge impact on people’s lives. While we may not notice it, our mood is affected by the colours around us, by the materials used to decorate our home, and even by how much natural light can enter from our windows. The interior design trends that will stick with us throughout the next year are important considerations for anyone looking to upgrade their home in the next year or so. They just may update your mood and energy levels, too!

To help us predict what’s going to be hot in terms of home interiors trends for 2022, we turned to Christine Thorsteinsson Damsgaard, Visual Expression Manager of BoConcept, a Luxury Lifestyle Awards global winner. Here, she helped us put together a list of interiors trends for 2022 and beyond. Which ones will you try to implement?

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Fabulous Home Interiors Trends For 2022

home interiors trends

1. The Home Office Is Not Going Anywhere 

At home, in the office, or on the go: this is the future of work. Home offices are here to stay and they’re just as important as the office space you physically inhabit. This is definitely the one additional room everyone is demanding, and its style should reflect your own personal values and needs.

Image: @wedreamincolonial on Instagram

home office

2. Biophilic Design Is Still All The Rage 

The need for a calming, therapeutic, and comforting environment is a trend in design these days. Biophilic design involves combining natural elements with design features such as natural light and plants, to satisfy our innate desire for connection with nature. Really suck at taking care of plants? Mimic nature with some floral wallpapers instead! Repeating the beauty of nature in the home is definitely one of our favourite home interiors trends for 2022.

Image: @rockwellgroup on Instagram

biophilia interior

3. Creating Peaceful Sanctuaries 

Wellbeing is the name of the game for home interiors trends for 2022. So we need to have some quiet space to encourage peace and clarity. Creating restful retreats offers “pause-pods” for those needing to regain their headspace and find balance. This trend is both relevant in the home and office space. The home version could look like a secret garden, a mezzanine to escape to, or a quiet reading corner, while a corporate version may express as a Zen room or conservatory.  

4. Rounded Shapes

This is another of our favourite home interiors trends for 2022. It’s soft, it’s feminine, and it’s easy to manifest. You can swap square pillows for round; choose chairs with distinctively circular shapes, or mix in rounded mirrors and frames with traditional rectangular ones. The idea is to soften up your space!

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5. Layered Neutrals 

As mentioned above, people are looking for calmer spaces. They want to be surrounded by neutral colours that feels warm and soothing. This is especially true when it comes to home interiors trends. For this reason, designers are recommending tonal arrangements of neutrals, which have a quality that makes them feel more tactile. 

Image: @keeleymcclearyinteriors on Instagram

home interiors trends

6. Shades of Grey 

If you love neutrals, this design theme is timeless and never goes out of fashion. Grey is a stylish colour on its own, but it pairs especially well with cool monotones, such as silver and black. The palette ranges from light greys to dark slates, and chrome always has a place in the mix. 

Image: @ritavalstad on Instagram

shades of grey walls

7. Nuanced Greens 

Greens are a soothing and natural part of home interiors trends.. They are a key component for a lush palette, but can also serve as the perfect foil for more grounded colours. These shades support our wanderlust for the great outdoors, and can be used across all other colour palettes. 

Image: @after_the_fire_2018 on Instagram

home interiors trends

8. Plants Everywhere

This is one of those home interiors trends for 2022 that’s a bit related to the biophilia element, mentioned above. The idea is: since we were locked in to our homes, we realised how much we missed the great outdoors. And the best way to bring the outdoors indoors is through plants! If you have a balcony or garden, lucky you. Cultivate that space and make it as lush as possible! And if you don’t, never fear. Spider plants, snake plants and succulents are super easy to grow, no matter how ‘green’ your fingers are – or not!

Image: @home_style_smile on Instagram

marigold walls

9. Velvety Browns 

It’s all about the chocolatey, latte-like browns for home interiors trends for 2022. Brown that’s richer, smoother and more vibrant. It’s warm, it’s comforting, and it’s no wonder that this colour will continue to shine into 2022.  

Image: @kevin__omeonga on Instagram

home interiors trends.

10. Big Blue 

Muted blues are the new black. This season, the colour of popularity is much deeper and more muted. The variety of blues is impressive – from light to dark – and can be used to create cool depths in any space.  

Image: @mtt.designs on Instagram

home interiors trends for 2022

BoConcept can help you find inspiration for home interiors trends for 2022 here. Allow their interior designers to work with you in creating a space that is as extraordinary as you are.  

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