10+ Tips For A More Eco Friendly Office

By Arwa Lodhi

Every little thing you can do for the environment makes a difference, and this applies to work as well as at home. Whether you own a company and want to create an eco-friendlier environment for your employees, or you work in an office and think things could be improved, we’ve come up with ten tips for a more eco-friendly office that will not only help reduce your negative impact on the environment, but could also save your some money too!

Tips For A More Eco Friendly Office

Use Reusable Cups

Does everyone have their own mug in the office? Make sure they do! Cutting out plastic, paper and polystyrene cups can make a huge difference to the amount going to landfill. 

Turn Everything Off

Cutting down your energy consumption is important in an office. Make sure you turn your computer off after a day’s work and make sure the electricity and heating are off too if you can. If you can unplug your computer or other appliances like heaters and fans, that’s even better.

Go Paperless

This is a really easy option for companies who are looking to reduce how much paper they waste in the office. Companies like property investment specialists RW Invest have gone paperless in some ways, from sending electronic payslips to giving clients the option of paperless contracts through an online document and electronic signatures. File sharing platforms like Dropbox and Google Sheets also cut down on how much paper is used in the office.

Tips For A More Eco Friendly Office

Let Natural Light In

Another way many offices could be better for the environment is if they cut down the electricity they used to light the space. Opening curtains or blinds in the summertime and turning off the lights is a great way to cut down your consumption.

Encourage Cycling

Commuting is something that most workers are familiar with, and the impact of so many of us travelling to work adds up. Cycling is a great way to get to work and is far more environmentally friendly. Your office can encourage cycling by providing bike racks or offering incentives for those who cycle to work.

Bring Some Green In

Plants are a great way to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions. They are also beautiful and create an ideal working space. Look for plants with proven beneficial properties like English Ivy, Aloe Vera and Gerberas.  

Tips For A More Eco Friendly Office

Recycle Old Electronics

With technology moving so fast, businesses are finding that they need to replace and update their electronics far more frequently. Instead of throwing them away, try and recycle your old electronics as they have many valuable parts which can be reused.

Use Reusable Cutlery

Disposable cutlery, though convenient, can add up over time regarding both cost and environmental impact. Buying standard cutlery for the office is a great way to cut down on the amount of plastic wasted. And of course, the same goes for straws, cups, coffee sticks and so on.

Tips For A More Eco Friendly Office

Buy Recycled Stationery

Buying recycled stationery supplies is a small but effective way to make sure your office is better for the environment. Not only does purchasing these products reduce the number of waste materials going to landfill, they often provide useful reminders to recycle for your staff.

Ditch the Coffee Pods

Nespresso machines and other pod-eating coffee makers have become trendy these days – but they create a LOT of unnecessary waste. Instead of using pods of any kind (even ‘recyclable’ ones), use a traditional coffee maker with a permanent filter, or even better yet, buy a French press.

Tips For A More Eco Friendly Office

Use Energy-Efficient Products

If you are updating your office, make sure you choose energy-efficient computers, light bulbs, electronics and supplies wherever possible. Choosing energy efficient-products will not just cut down energy waste; it will also reduce your bills, which is always a good thing!

Do you have any other tips or office practices that are super green? Leave them in the comments below!

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