6 Super Chic Sustainable French Fashion Brands

Sustainable French fashion brands are rising in popularity! Here are some of our faves

By Chere Di Boscio

Sustainable French fashion brands don’t seem to be all that common. In fact, the most iconic French clothing labels are pretty damn far from that.

Louis Vuitton, for example, has been accused of paying workers ‘near sweatshop labour‘ rates. They’re also skinning alligators alive for their leather. Whoa!

Dior may claim to be all ‘woke’ with its feminist slogan tees, but it uses so many exotic leathers, feathers and fur it’s hard to keep track of how many animals they kill for their collections. And Chloe was given an E rating (the lowest score) by RankABrand for its utter lack of transparency. (Though…maybe the recent presence of Gabriela Hearst there might change that).

But there’s good news, too! There are now a handful of sustainable French fashion brands. They’re found mainly in Paris, and they are trying to make their businesses as sustainable as can be.

They’re doing so through fair labour practices, and by using upcycled, recycled or natural materials. These labels are mainly led by young women, and of course, they come complete with French girl cool!

Here, I’ve found some trés chic, totally sustainable French fashion brands I think you’ll love. I learned about most of them when I lived in Paris. And boy, do I miss checking these shops out myself! But luckily, you can buy these brands online now, too.

Ethical French Fashion Brands To Try

Sustainable French Fashion Brands

1. Sézane

One of our favourite sustainable french fashion brands by far is Sezane. This brand not only oozes French Girl Cool, but it’s super sustainable, too!

They manufacture all their goods in a fully audited facility, ensuring workers are well provided for. They also use OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, and recycled materials for the packaging, too.

You’ll find everything from stunning sweaters, classic trousers and handbags to jewellery and even shoes here. But our favourite pieces? The gorgeous, intricately crafted blouses!

Vegan friendly? No, unfortunately.

Deliver internationally? Yes!

Sustainable French Fashion Brands

2. Les Sublimes

‘French wardrobe essentials for cool girls who care.’ That’s the slogan of Les Sublimes, a label launched by Alexis Assoignon and Kachen Hong.

The brand uses only “natural, recycled and innovative, botanical fibres,” which consume fewer natural resources, such as water and energy, discourage mass deforestation, and cause less air, water and soil pollution. And they’re pretty strict about that, too, ensuring their textiles have limited or no use of “hazardous substances, such as herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs, and are free of harsh chemicals, dyes, toxins and processing agents that could be absorbed by your skin.”

We love the basic French staples they create: Breton tops, white blouses and tees, oversized scarves and pencil skirts, for example. They only create limited numbers of each item and they frequently sell out fast, so if you see something you like, be sure to snap it up fast!

Vegan friendly? No – ethically sourced Merino wool is used.

Deliver internationally? Yes, with free carbon neutral delivery for orders over €150

Sustainable French Fashion Brands

les sublimes fashion

3. Andrea Crews

This is one of the most avant-garde sustainable French fashion brands. Fashion, art and activism define this cutting-edge, sustainable Parisian clothing brand, which has made a name for itself by creating innovative and often unisex garments and accessories from recycled and upcycled fabrics and even objects, all designed and assembled by their team in Paris.

In addition, the label is behind the LeCoeur space in the City of Lights, which combines an art gallery, restaurant, photo studio and concept store under one bohemian, artistic roof, attracting the best of Paris’ young and hip fashion crowd. And if you don’t catch Andrea Crews there, you can always try to get a seat at their runway shows, which take place during Paris Fashion Week.

Vegan friendly? No – recycled leather is used.

Deliver internationally? Yes

sustainable french fashion brands

4. Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

The name may be English, but this is definitely one of the best sustainable French fashion brands! Of course, gathering from the name, you must have figured out this is a vegan label. And buy ‘guys’ – they mean men and women!

Whether you’re looking for a cruelty-free pair of Chelsea or cowboy boots, or just want to find yourself a fine pair of vegan sneakers, look no further.

Owner and designer Marion Hanania was once a shoe designer working for many Parisian brands (Isabel Marant, Dévastée, and Feiyue, amongst others). She studied Fashion Design in Paris at l’Ecole Duperré where the iconic shoe designer Pierre Hardy was her teacher. After she became vegetarian and stopped wearing leather in 2006, she decided to start researching for eco-friendly materials, and launched her brand.

Today, it’s one of the best known ethical French fashion brands around the world.

Vegan friendly? Of course!

Deliver internationally? Yes

Sustainable French Fashion Brands

5. Ekyog

Founded all the way back in 2003, Ekyog is undoubtedly a pioneer when it comes to sustainable French fashion. The label only uses the best natural, organic (GOTS-approved) or recycled fibers with a focus on materials that have a low carbon footprint. Of course, the brand goes above and beyond current EU labour legislation with their own ethical charter that guarantees respect for the people involved in every step of production, and they based their choice of partners on this.

For example, they don’t allow the use of any toxic or harmful substance in the making of their garments, and they require their partners to guarantee the traceability of their garments from fabric supply and dye to packaging.

Their styles are simple, classic and feminine, with the ‘Frenchness’ of each piece determined once again by close attention to details: beautiful draping on a sleeve; deep, convenient pockets, or perfectly sewn pleating on a skirt, for example.

Vegan friendly? Seems that way.

Deliver internationally? Yes

ekyog fashion


6. Bombón de Algodón

Looking for cute, casual womenswear that’s made from GOTS certified Peruvian cotton? Look no further than this fun French brand! Their name means ‘cotton candy’ and yep – their clothes are as sweet as their ethical policies – the  brand has pledged to adopt the GOTS Code of Conduct to take care of the workers in their supply chain.

What makes these cotton staples different – if not downright French – is the attention to detail here: the use of tiny beads on a seam; a decorative strip of gorgeous fabric, or a strategic cutout, for example. But the best thing about this brand is its affordability: tees start at around €35.

Vegan friendly? Yes.

Deliver internationally? Yes

Sustainable French Fashion Brands: Main image: Les Sublimes Second Image: Andrea Crews

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