Ma Vie en Verte: Parisian It Girl Andrea Feick

She’s the undisputed Queen of Paris and Gossip Girl could well have been her biography. Meet Andrea Feick

By Chere Di Boscio

Blonde and leggy, ‘The Queen of Paris,’ a.k.a. Andrea Feick, has earned her title: her huge personality, flamboyant style and pretty face have made her a firm favourite in social circles around the City of Light.

More than just an ‘it’ girl, she’s got a perfectly manicured finger in many pies, from helping solidify relations between Mexico and France via Pro Mexico to doing freelance PR for high profile clients (including Eluxe!).

It’s a job she seems born to do: being in this transplanted American beauty’s gang means you’re always on the list, any list, be it P. Diddy‘s celebration of hip hop or one of Elie Saab‘s intimate dinners.

Here, she tells Eluxe about her vie en verte.

Andrea Feick

Which natural beauty products do you use?

Huile Divine by Caudalie but not much of a fan. And Nuxe facial rose mask every night before bed. I also love Josie Maran‘s entire colour cosmetics range, too.

What’s your favourite place to be in nature?

Yellowstone National Park— I once went with my dad. Or snorkeling in the caves in Tulum. BE Tulum is my go-to hotel there.

Which celeb eco-advocate do you most admire and why?

There are lots of celebrities I admire, but I think Leonardo Di Caprio is probably the most adamantly active one. He’s done great things to raise awareness of global warming and energy saving. Adrian Grenier also surprised me with his dedication to the environment.

What’s the biggest gesture you’ve ever made to be ‘greener’?

I don’t own a car – living in the city, I usually walk to my office every day. I also recycle clothing by giving away a large percentage of my wardrobe to charities.

Andrea Feick

What’s your biggest eco ‘sin’?

I consume a lot of water from plastic bottles daily, and fly a lot more than I probably should.

What’s your favourite eco-travel destination?

Tulum, Mexico. We stayed at the most incredible eco resort there, called BE. They use only local materials, recycle everything, and have an ethical employment policy in place with their staff. I also love San Miguel de Allende, where life is simple: no cars are needed, we just walk everywhere; eat locally produced food and dry our clothes in the sun.

Which sustainable-fashion brands do you like?

Stella McCartney, Sakina M’Sa, and I love that Valentino and the Kering group have made important steps in making their brands more sustainable.

What do you think governments need to prioritise to help save the environment?

Forget the government. It must start at home. Educate, inform, and practice; that is the only way it can be inculcated into the subconscious of people. We all have to contribute to it, not only the government.

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