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Ok, we have to admit it: Kasia Dietz is not a green blogger. She is very green, however–she founded an eponymous handbag business, which is strictly committed to sustainabilty. But because Kasia’s blog,  is so romantic and offers such gorgeous views of Eluxe’s home town, and because Kasia herself is a dedicated eco-ista, we couldn’t resist making her as our Blogger of the Week.

Why do you think bloggers are becoming increasingly important in the publishing world?

Reading a blog is much like reading a magazine as it’s being written, with constant live updates. Plus it’s interactive, you can actually get to know the author and what they stand for, on a much more personal level. There’s also a certain level of trust that readers gain from respected bloggers.

Which green fashion labels are currently in your lust-list?

I’m most impressed with Stella McCartney for abstaining from using leather and fur in her designs and remaining such a top figure in the fashion world. About a third of her denim and jersey is sourced from organic cotton and all of her UK offices and stores are powered by wind energy. Hopefully this will set a trend in the eco-fashion world!

Kasia Dietz-Untitled Bag

How do you merge ethical and non-ethical brands in you wardrobe?

I try to maintain an awareness of where designers manufacture their brands, and am much more likely to buy something made locally. This is one of the reasons I design and produce my handbags locally, in Paris.

Do you use any green beauty products?

Several years ago my friend Kim D’Amato started the first ever organic nail polish company, Priti NYC, and ever since I have been a loyal supporter of her eco-friendly nail polish and skincare products.

Which new green labels do you see as up and coming?

I’m always impressed with companies who creatively create sustainable products that are both stylish and practical. One such company is Shwood who teamed up with Huf to create sunglasses out of old skateboards. I’m also a great fan of Square Modern who uses designer reclaimed fabric remnants to create Mid-Century Modern cushions for the home. I own quite a few!

Which is better: buying green, or buying vintage?

Neither is necessarily ‘better’ to me, though I have an affinity to buying vintage, seeing it as sustainable shopping. These goods are being recycled and valued for their history, whether they be clothing, furniture or housewares.

Kasia Dietz-rive gauche bagWhat’s your position on leather? Fur?

I do wear leather shoes and an occasional jacket bought locally, though I’m not a fan of fur in any form.

Which shopping habits do you think are the most important ones consumers need to change?

I come from a culture of consumerism, where to shop for clothes is much like going to buy groceries, when in fact there is no need for consumption on such a frequent and massive scale. Now, living in Europe, I have begun to appreciate that less is more, and that quality counts over quantity, something that countries like America have yet to instill.

How are you adding to a ‘greener’ world?

One of the reasons I began designing my limited edition & reversible handbags is the lack of unique & stylish (non-leather) bags on the market, an ideal sustainable substitute for paper or plastic. In France there’s a large fresh market culture in which my totes fill a gap, yet they are fashion forward enough for day to night.


To see more of Kasia’s bags:

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