Nikki Reed’s Bayou With Love Will Blow Up Ethical Fashion

The latest sustainable fashion brand we’re excited about? Bayou With Love!

By Chere Di Boscio

She’s beautiful. She’s a conservationist who totally wants to stop climate change. She loves animals. She has really good hair. She’s in an insanely happy marriage. It seems you’d never imagine actress/writer/musician/designer Nikki Reed could have anything in common with Donald Trump. But the two do share a common passion: bringing jobs back to America.

Whilst Mr Trump may have political motivations, Nikki’s are more sustainable – she believes that we don’t need to have production chains that stretch all around the globe to create quality fashion; locally produced clothing means a lower CO2 footprint for each garment, plus more jobs for those in her home nation. Win, win! So, how is Nikki Reed bringing jobs back to Americans, you may ask?

Bayou With Love

Bitten by the fashion bug

After a simply awesome handbag creation collaboration with Morgan Bogle, founder of vegan bag brand Freedom of Animals, Reed was bitten by the fashion bug big time and drew upon that partnership to start developing a fashion label called Bayou with Love. Nikki’s love for sustainability was paired with  Morgan’s years of working with vegan friendly  and ethical fashion, and resulted in a casually chic lifestyle brand that’s sure to set the world on fire.

Bayou With Love combines eco-friendly materials like tencel, cupro, organic cotton, recycled cotton canvas, post consumer plastic waste, low chemical content chambrays and dying techniques, all stitched together with ethical, ‘made-in-America’ labour practices to show how, as Bayou with Love puts it: “sustainable fashion is now, not later, and conscious consumption is an everyday opportunity to make a better world.”


Our faves? The floaty pajama petal shorts, made from  from sustainable,  chemical-free cupro with natural tie-dye; the loose and comfy tencel Nikki dress, and the sustainable backpack made from recycled plastic, organic cotton and faux suede.

What’s that, you say? There are bags? Well, yes! And other stuff, too. Bayou With Love intends to be a full on lifestyle brand, and has already introduced a tea blanket and tiny organic beauty range – but much more to come. We can’t wait!

Bayou With Love

For more info on Bayou with Love, please click here.

Chere Di Boscio

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