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EKYOG: Gorgeous, Green & Gallic

By Diane Small

With numerous nuclear power plants; myriad menus listing foie gras and frog legs, and fur clad fashionistas puffing away on cigarettes, France is clearly behind in the eco-friendliness field. There is at least one happy  exception to this rule, however: the fashion brand  EKYOG. From the sourcing of its raw materials to its production process, EKYOG is dedicated to making the planet a better place, and it certainly does so with panache.


Each EKYOG collection presents at least a few classics–button down shirts, roll necks and T-shirts made from organic cotton and other environmental friendly materials feature, as well as stylishly cut coats and trousers, all of which can be worn season after season.

French flare is always present in all EKYOG pieces, from the ladylike lengths to the finesse of the fabrics.


But EKYOG has yet another unique feature: is its multi-use “metamorphose” collection, as shown in our final image. This consists of a multi-use garment that can be worn as a cardigan, then transformed into a dress, or for colder days, made into a scarf. One item that replaces three pieces? Pure eco-genius.


But there’s even more eco-credit to give this brand! Thanks to its philanthropic project EKYOG Terre, money is going back to the location of production to support communities. Especially impressive is the initiative taken in India, where EKYOG helped local farmers produce organic cotton;  11,000 farmers have signed up to participate so far.


The company provides the tools and materials the farmers need, and pays a descent salary to the families of the workers. Importantly, the brand also signs a  long term contract with farmers, ensuring EKYOG’s supply of organic cotton, and income stability for the farmers.


To further spread information about sustainable fashion, materials used in the collection and projects to help communities in the countries of production, EKYOG publishes a blog  called  Il est temps  (it is time). Unfortunately, this is only in French, but we hope that as the brand expands, so does its language use.


Indeed, sadly, EKYOG is still only available in France, and there are several boutiques dotted throughout the chicest arrondissements, including St Germain and the Marais, as well as in the gorgeous Galeries Lafayette.

Not planning to be in France anytime soon? Pas soussi! You can shop on line here. But really….wouldn’t your rather be in Paris?

001_ekyog_73824_15171418_north_607x EKYOG-Ethical-fashion-from-France

Diane Small

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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7 years ago

I love this article!! they really have gorgeous clothes !